10 workspace gadgets for a futuristic home office

Working from home has been your dream for some time, and—although the circumstances are less than ideal—COVID-19 has made it a reality. You set-up your home office as best as you could on the short notice, but it’s not the modern work-from-home setup you imagined. No, it’s more like you transferred a cubicle to your living room. We all need to feel inspired and motivated when we work, especially when we need to tune out other distractions at home. And a cooler home office can help.

10 workspace gadgets for a futuristic home office
A typical home office setup / Credits: Michael Soledad via Unsplash

You’ve always wanted to try working from home, but you never thought it come about this way. With a few days’ notice, you’ve converted that corner in your living room into a full-time workstation. And while you did the best you could, it feels a bit makeshift. That’s because it is. You’re working from a tiny laptop with wires tangled around your desk. It’s not the professional, streamlined home office you were hoping for. What you need is something that will motivate you to do your best work every day. A more futuristic home office setup could help.

Futuristic designs could help you work better

Office design is important. Forbes says that while large corporations have access to the latest research about the best office designs for productivity, people working from home make do with what they have. But there are some proven elements you can add to your work-from-home set up to increase your effectiveness. The Forbes article recommends the following design elements. Many of them fit a futuristic home office set up, such as:

A window on nature or water

Looking out a window at trees or water helps us relax and rejuvenates our mental energy. This is something we lose as we go about our workday. Whenever possible, set up your workspace near a window.

Using unpainted wood

Unpainted wood adds a calming element to your office since it brings a bit of nature inside. Also, it’s warm color is pleasing to the eye.

Reconfigurable furnishings

Furniture that you can adjust and use for more than one purpose is a hallmark of futuristic design. And this type of furniture is a great way to make the most of a space—your home—whose original purpose probably wasn’t your work. Reconfigurable furnishings also give you more control of your environment, which has been linked to professional performance.

Built-in, streamlined accessories

Any design element that allows you to gain physical control over your environment will give you mental power. Luckily, modern office equipment features a ton of wireless products, built-in lights, shelves etc. to organize clutter and provide you with space.

So, with that in mind, here are ten gadgets for a futuristic home office.

A statement desk brings nature indoors

Every futuristic home office needs a statement desk. And, as our Forbes article pointed out, the most effective home office setup includes some natural wood elements. Why not include it as a luxury, natural wood desk? The Mario Tsai Pure Desk Handcrafted Wooden Workspace is an excellent fit for your home office. It contains four types of storage: bag, bookcase, drawer, and patch panel. This is to ensure that the surface of the desk remains clean. It’s perfect for creatives of all kinds and helps you stay as organized as possible while still keeping an aesthetic charm. A natural wood desk with a sleek, minimal design can be quite futuristic, especially if you pair it with white monitors and other tech.

A statement desk brings nature indoors

The Mario Tsai Pure Desk Handcrafted Wooden Workspace Design

Glass keyboards are cool work gadgets

A great gadget for a futuristic home office is a glass keyboard. The material would certainly mimic those window views of nature that Forbes recommends. Currently, there are a bunch of glass keyboards on the market, but probably the most well-known is the Bastron Glass Touch smart keyboard. It’s wired and is just 0.28 inches in height. The base is aluminum, and the rest of the body is tempered glass with a printed key layout. If you find it difficult to do much typing with a touch-screen keyboard, The Bastron has built-in vibration and chiming audio feedback every time you type. However, Yanko Design notes that the Bastron, like other glass keyboards, lacks that satisfying clacky sound and the tactile feeling of key travel. The Bastron does offer a number pad that can transform into a touch-sensitive trackpad. What’s more, it’s splash resistant, dust-proof, and you can clean it by just wiping it with a microfiber cloth. In all, these keyboards are great for people seeking a stylish, easy-to-clean home office who do minimal typing.

A 3-monitor display lets you see all of your work

By now, the dual-monitor display has become commonplace. Working with two large screens just makes sense for most people since we all want to have a better, larger view of whatever it is we’re working on. But why stop there? The most futuristic home offices feature 3-monitor+ displays for ultimate viewability. You could use your extra monitors for several useful tasks such as writing articles while also doing research, comparing spreadsheets, keeping tabs on your Microsoft Teams or Slack platforms, and staying in touch with your social media feeds. For gamers, a 3-monitor display is ideal for obvious reasons. Overall, a 3-monitor display is a great way to multi-task, and one you might not have the luxury of setting up at an office that’s not yours. Using a 3-monitor+ display may even make you more productive at home than you are at work. That’s something everyone can get behind.

A 3-monitor display lets you see all of your work

A 3-monitor display lets you see all of your work

Minimalist wireless chargers make your desk tidier

Other gadgets you’ll want to consider for a futuristic home office set up are minimalist wireless chargers. Futuristic offices have zero clutter, the better for focusing on the task at hand. One of the biggest clutter makers in the typical home and regular office are the wires we need to charge and power our devices. For this reason, if you’re looking to make your office more streamlined and modern, you’ll want to look into minimalist wireless chargers. Currently, there are a plethora of wireless chargers on the market. For the most futuristic look and practical use, you’ll want one that can charge a few devices at once. Perhaps one that can charge your Macbook Pro, Apple Watch, and Airpods all at once. The Lexcon Wireless charger looks like a modern-art vase and can also sanitize your smartphone.

Minimalist wireless chargers make your desk tidier

The Lexcon Wireless charger in Use

Transparent TVs are cutting edge design

If you really want to make your home office look space-agey and you have plenty of space, you’ll want to consider getting a transparent TV. Michael Friebe’s impressive design combines LCD and TOLED technology to create a screen that can display solid images. The colors are vibrant, and there is a full contrast range from solid black to clean white. You could use it as a large monitor for displaying work or just to enjoy your favorite Netflix shows. Best of all, it’s way more beautiful to look at than your typical black 4K TV. 

Adjustable sit/stand desks make your workspace active

The office of the future has furniture that you can expand, contract, and otherwise alter to fit your needs. That’s why your futuristic home office setup should include an adjustable sit/stand desk. Unfortunately, when you work from home, you don’t have the opportunity to change the scenery as much as you would at a traditional office workspace. Many work-from-homers fall into the trap of sitting at their desk all day and move to the sofa or bed once they need to sit in a different position. Don’t let this happen to you. A sit/stand desk is the home office solution to walking to the watercooler. If your back starts to ache after you’ve been typing for a few hours, simply adjust your desk to standing mode. This way, you can do your work while standing, which may reduce back and general body pain. If your feet start to hurt, you can always move the desk back to sitting position.

Uhuru Design Frame Rise Sit-Stand Desk

Uhuru Design Frame Rise Sit-Stand Desk in Use

An ergonomic mouse reduces hand strain

Whatever you’re doing in the future, we’re sure hand pain from carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t part of your plan. However, most people who work from home use their fingers repetitively to click, drag, and scroll with their mouse. These repetitive motions, over time, can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition where nerves become squeezed as they pass through the wrist. One way to protect your hands is to buy a good ergonomic mouse. Ergonomic mouses can look quite futuristic, like the Logitech MX Advanced Vertical mouse. Its vertical design is one you’ve probably not seen at most traditional offices. Its unique shape minimizes wrist pressure, reduces muscle strain, and improves your posture. 

An ergonomic desk chair helps avoid back pain

Also, we’re sure you’d like to avoid back pain in the future while you’re working from home. One of the best ways to ensure that your back stays healthy while you work is to invest in an ergonomic chair. Like the other futuristic office gadgets, there are so many you can choose from here. But at the end of the day, you’ll want to find a chair with adjustable height so that your two feet are firmly touching the floor when you sit while your knees form a 90-degree angle. And just because these chairs are good for your back, doesn’t mean they lack on design. The W chair offers a truly unique way to sit at your desk and looks incredibly futuristic.

W Chair – the Truly Ergonomic Desk Chair

W Chair – the Truly Ergonomic Desk Chair Design

A personal assistant robot will make your home office rock

Of course, a futuristic home office has its own personal assistant robot. Several of these have come out in the last few years. These nifty AI gadgets act like your personal butlers. One, the Alfred A.I. Personal Robot can follow you is Alexa compatible, keeps an eye on the kids while you work in another room, functions as a scanner, and much, much more. They always said robots would revolutionize the future. Now you can have one in your home office to help you as you combine home with work.

One curved monitor might be better than three

Now that curved monitors are a reality, your futuristic home office should have one. The HP S430C Curved Ultrawide Monitor 43.4″ Displayshows that one monitor might just be better than two. Flipping the tradition of controlling two monitors with one computer, the HP S430C allows you to control two computers with one monitor. This is possible through a new technology called HP Device Bridge18. Using just one keyboard and mouse, you’ll be able to edit projects on two computers, even dragging and dropping between them. And, in case all these features aren’t techy enough, the webcam pops up with its built-in microphone when you need it.

These are our ten choices for gadgets to create a futuristic home office. We also found out a really useful guide from Digital Trends on remote work. We hope these ideas will help you create an organized, streamlined home-office so that you can be productive as you combine your home life with your profession.

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