Gadgets every developer needs to get through the day

While being a developer might come with perks like a bigger paycheck, it's not the job for everyone. However, when you surround yourself with the right gear and accessories, you can work better than ever.

Gadgets every developer needs to get through the day

Developers have always been in the limelight for having one of the highest paid jobs in the world. Nevertheless, they do have to go through a lot of developer stress at the same time. This is because it’s a skill that requires a lot of patience and dedication to commit long coding shifts every day. Although many have the misconception that only those who’ve been coding since childhood can land a successful career as a developer, it’s actually the dedication that determines who’s successful and who’s not.

Life of a developer is stressful.

Life of a developer is stressful.

Thanks to online courses and boot camps, accessing education to learn to code has become easier than ever. However, surviving the life of a developer is still tough. No matter how much coffee you consume, without the right gadgets and accessories, you might coder fatigue. So, here we are, with our list of favorite gadgets that every developer needs to make every day at work as easy as can be.

Developer workstation must-haves

Live by the laptop, die by the laptop. Or, at least, so it seems in the life of a developer. Having the best laptop you can buy is helpful but a MacBook alone won’t get you through your day. You need the right accessories get some motivation and enhance your productivity:

1. Apple Magic Mouse 2 – Thanks to the completely rechargeable design, it’s devoid of traditional batteries. The continuous bottom shell and the optimized foot design makes the entire mouse look way better than it used to. Don’t forget to pair it up with a proper mouse pad.

2. When it comes to keyboards, you can either go for the smarter versions to handle multiple devices or stick to a upgraded mechanical one. In fact, there’s one with programmable mechanical buttons if that makes you happy. Nevertheless, make sure to give your wrists a break from typing with a wrist pad.

3. ProBASE HD USB-C Aluminum Monitor Stand – It uses aluminum to offer a durable platform to securely hold your monitor. In addition, it can also work as a laptop stand. However, there’s so much more to it. The ProBASE is complete with a USB Type-C port as well as a 4K HDMI output and it also has USB ports. This design lets you cut the clutter by keeping your cables out of sight.

4. Fortigis Cybersecurity AI VPN Router – Having a secure network while coding is a must. Offering security and privacy, this incredible router actually uses self-learning AI to keep your connection safe. With hackers smart enough to access everything from your smartphone to your gaming console to your smart thermostat, Fortigis offers a seamless level of protection unlike any other.

5. Coders are always looking for the best network in and around the house. Opt for a signal booster or a smart Wi-Fi system at home to get the best connection.

6. Apollo Cloud 2 Duo – This system works with a companion app to help you organize everything from documents to videos and everything in between. In addition to your smartphone, you can also use the app to easily drag and drop files into the external storage device.

7. To make your desk look neat and tidy, you also need an organizer for accessories, a cool desk lamp, a clock, and definitely a smart notebook.

Desks and chairs to boost your brain

Productivity begins at your desk and the way you maintain your posture at work. With a job that requires you to be at your desk all day, comfort and support are key. Now, you might prefer working from the same place every day or move around the house or office. Whichever is best for you, the right setup makes all the difference:

Work Desks

  1. Artifox Standing Desk 01
  2. Tabula Sense Smart Desk
  3. FJU Multifunctional Storage Desk
  4. Tray Desk with Mouse Pad by iSkelter
  5. The LapPad


  1. RapidX Ferrino Ergonomic Desk Chair
  2. Ergonomic Desk Chair
  3. W Chair

And, just to ensure you are maintaining the right posture, here’s some extra support.

Relax and unwind

Given the stress you go through as a developer throughout the day, remember to take the time to relax your mind and body. Here are some gadgets to help you along the way:

Inspire [mac candle N°2] Relaxing Candle
As a non-tech addition to your desk, the scent will help to ease your stressed mind and allow you to focus. The Inspire Candle comes in a sleek white dish to instantly fit into your workspace.

Melomind Relaxation Headset
Using electroencephalographic technology, this headset is able to train your brain to relax so you can better cope with stress and reduce the chances of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more.

Dreem Smart Sleep Headband
This innovative wearable helps you to fall asleep faster and experience a fuller night’s rest. The Dreem Headband and app give you a selection of soothing sounds to help you drift off. In addition, for the active minds, you can use the Words module.

muse – The Brain Sensing Headband
The headband sits just above your ears and connects to the accompanying app. Using the earbuds, the app plays calming sounds, such as gently crashing waves on the beach or the soothing rhythm of the rainforest, to whisk you off to relaxation.

Geeky fun

Being a developer isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. Incorporating these fun accessories throughout your home or office lets you show off your geeky side even more.

    1. ThinkGeek Millennium Falcon Book Light – Because Star Wars merchandise is a staple.
    2. Quotes of the 5th Dimension Cosmic Posters – For some words to live by around the clock.
    3. Big Enter Button Nap Pillow – For those impromptu power naps between shifts.
Having inspirational posters beside your work desk boosts productivity.

Having inspirational posters beside your work desk boosts productivity.

And when you are done with your work and still need some tech-inspo to get you going, the DJI Mavic Drone might just be a great way to spend some fun time outdoors. What do you think, developers? Did we miss anything?

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