4 Gesture control devices you never knew you needed

Want to be on the cusp of new and exciting technology? Look no further than gesture control devices. Interpreting movements into action, it's a new way of interacting with devices.

4 Gesture control devices you never knew you needed
Palmplug gesture control wearable

The world’s gesture recognition market is projected to reach approximately $116.79 billion by 2032. The increasing demand for touchless and contactless interfaces is a key driver of the industry.

At their most basic level, digital control devices offer operation without physical contact, making them particularly valuable when accessibility, convenience, and hygiene are essential. In healthcare, for example, gesture recognition technology aids patient monitoring, rehabilitation, and surgery. However, gesture recognition is used in various fields, with new applications on the horizon. Here’s your guide to the basics of gesture control technology, plus 4 best gesture control devices that can come in handy.

What is gesture control?

Gesture recognition technology, the foundation of gesture control, offers many benefits over traditional methods. You don’t need to learn how to use new devices because they rely on your natural movements. You can also use different gestures for various tasks, making interaction more flexible and intuitive in gaming, healthcare, education, and beyond.

Gesture recognition enables virtual gesture control, allowing users to manipulate virtual environments using their real-world gestures. Take, for example, VR games, where you can swing a sword with a flick of your wrist for an immersive and enjoyable experience.

Traditional ways we interact with computers, like typing on a keyboard or clicking a mouse, can feel restrictive because they’re tied to specific actions. However, with gesture recognition and motion control, you can interact more naturally by using hand movements or body gestures. This makes the whole experience more intuitive and enjoyable for users. Let’s explore the ins and outs of how gesture control functions.

How does gesture control work?

Almost all gesture recognition technologies depend on machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithms to interpret gestures. Deep learning, a subset of machine learning, has a variety of applications in gesture recognition and motion control. Via deep learning models, computers become adept at recognizing human gestures and controlling devices or systems. Gesture control systems employ deep learning models like convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and recurrent neural networks (RNNs) to learn features from gesture data and accurately recognize actions, thus achieving more efficient and precise gesture control.

One noteworthy example of Machine Learning in gesture control devices is Microsoft’s Kinect. Before its recent discontinuation, the sensor used a webcam-style peripheral for gesture and voice control, eliminating the need for a traditional game controller.

As gesture control technology advances, new products hit the market, promising convenience and fun. Will you find a gesture control device that fits your needs?

1) Tiny 2: a quirky 4K webcam for seamless virtual experiences

Whether you’re video conferencing, live streaming, or attending online meetings, your laptop’s built-in webcam is probably just average, leaving you behind in delivering the professional image and clarity that sets you apart. Our demand for thinner screens leaves less room for high-quality webcam hardware. As a result, laptop manufacturers must choose between making bulkier laptops or using smaller, less capable camera hardware. With today’s laptops being some of the slimmest models ever created, it’s clear why your built-in webcam isn’t great. But here’s a solution: the OBSBOT Tiny 2, which not only provides sharper detail but also supports gesture control.

Tiny 2: a quirky 4K webcam in black

Are you ready to say goodbye to the never-ending frustration of manually tweaking your webcam settings? What makes Tiny 2 stand out is its hand gesture control. When you hold your hand up, the camera locks onto you, and as you move, it follows, making it ideal for virtual presentations.

Another useful feature is the Whiteboard Mode, which is great for educators. Tiny 2 will automatically detect and locate your whiteboard, then zoom in with adjusted focus. In addition, OBSBOT’s deep learning neural algorithm can now directly track your hand, helping you showcase whiteboard information without the hassle.

To activate the Whiteboard Mode, simply press the Laser-Whiteboard Mode button on the remote controller twice. No additional accessories are required to locate your whiteboard or blackboard.

2) Ace & Ace Pro: action cameras to help you live in the moment

Are you seeking to capture stunning videos and photos of your adventures while remaining fully immersed in the experience?

One handy feature of the Insta360 Ace Pro is the gesture control. A simple lift of your hand, and there you go—you’re recording a video. If you show the ‘peace’ sign, the camera will take a photo after 3 seconds, allowing you to go hands-free. Plus, by showing your palm, you can start or stop video recording. However, make sure you’re within 1.6 – 5.2ft (0.5 – 1.6m) of the camera, with your face visible.

Insta360 Ace in a video

3) CLVX 1: a gesture control keyboard for more productivity

If you’re after gesture control technology to improve your professional development, the CLVX 1 keyboard can help you achieve more productivity.

Gesture controls are built-in, so you don’t need a mouse or trackpad, making your workspace cleaner. On top of that, CLVX 1 enhances has touch functionality. You can click, scroll, and use gestures right on the keyboard, just like on a touchpad.

Clevetura CLVX 1 productivity keyboard in black

Finally, the “type” button lets you switch between touch-and-type and typing-only modes. It helps avoid unintended gestures.

4) Palmplug: a wearable gaming glove that blends gameplay with stroke management

Did you know researchers use hand gesture recognition technology in healthcare to assist medical staff? At Taipei Medical University, a stroke rehabilitation model was developed, where 17 participants used 7 hand gestures (such as wrist extension-flexion and fingertip tapping). After extracting features from the gestures, they were fed into both Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Naïve Bayes (NB) classifiers to recognize patterns in data and make predictions, such as computer-aided surgical procedures. SVM and KNN achieved accuracies of 97.29% and 97.71%, respectively, evaluated using the k-fold cross-validation method. As a stroke patient, you no longer need to undergo experiments to track movements in your hand and fingers. Palmblug is a new wearable gaming glove that can help you take a step forward in stroke rehabilitation.

Palmplug in action/Image credits: Newsbytes

Among the features, TheraPlay stands out thanks to its use of advanced motion capture technology. Pairing the Palmplug’s hand tracking with a health tech game, TheraPlay helps stroke patients regain mobility. While you immerse yourself in gaming, your doctor receives metrics to monitor recovery progress.

Parting thoughts

We saw that the gesture control technology market is rapidly growing as more and more industries adopt gesture recognition. Whether you’re in the market to boost your productivity, capture moments, or help with healthcare recovery, gesture control technology offers innovative solutions that make interactions more natural and efficient. Feeling curious? Discover your favorite gesture control device today!

Grigor Baklajyan is a copywriter covering technology at Gadget Flow. His contributions include product reviews, buying guides, how-to articles, and more.
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