This healthy microgreens kit lets you easily grow sprouts at home

Do you love the texture and healthy taste of microgreens? Grow them yourself with the Hamama healthy microgreens kit. No, you won’t kill them. This seed kit is easy-to-use and adaptable to any home. Even dark ones. So check out this tray and always have healthy baby veggies ready on your countertop.

This healthy microgreens kit lets you easily grow sprouts at home
Hamama Healthy Microgreens Kit in a Bamboo Frame

You’re crazy about those crunchy sprouts that get heaped onto your veggie bagel sandwich at your neighborhood’s bagel shop. But that’s been closed for a while now. And, with the slim pickings at the grocery store these days, you think it might be worth your while to grow some of the tiny greens yourself in your kitchen. Or maybe these are just the musings of your editor. In any case, if you love microgreens, you should check out the Hamama healthy microgreens kit.

This convenient sprout growing kit contains a plastic (or ceramic) tray and three seed quilts that can be shipped to your doorstep every month. As an extra, you could also purchase a Hamama bamboo frame, which helps the whole kit blend in with your minimalist home décor. In a week, after only filling the tray with water once, the container will be full of lush microgreens so beautiful, you might not want to eat them. But that would be misguided since these greens are remarkably tasty and healthy.

These baby veggies are an easy way to get more nutrients

According to a USDA study cited on the company’s website, vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and cabbage are incredibly nutritious when they’re around 7-10 days old. In fact, they can contain four to 40 times more nutrients—including antioxidants like vitamin C and E—than their grown-up counterparts. Microgreens pack an antioxidant punch, which is something we all want more of. But since the baby greens themselves are delicate and stay fresh for a measly few days, you’ll probably only find them at restaurants.

Hamama Microgreens Kit

Hamama Microgreens Kit and a Liquid Measuring Cup

This kitchen garden is pretty much fool-proof

But eating out at restaurants gets expensive and, as I noted earlier, many of them are closed at the moment. If you have the Hamama healthy microgreens kit, however, you can have those delicious, nutritious greens anytime you want. Plus, growing greens is easy. Simply fill your tray with water, add your seed quilt, and wait a week to harvest the microgreens. Don’t worry if you have a habit of neglecting plants. Microgreens need little natural lighting. Just set your kit near a window or in a room with ceiling lighting. Your sprouts will proliferate in seven days. And since you only have to water once, there’s not much to mess up.

Hamama Healthy Microgreens Kit

Hamama Healthy Microgreens Kit in BPA-Free Plastic Tray

There’s a wide selection of flavors

The seed quilts have some pretty amazing flavors, and you’ll want to sample them all: Hearty Broccoli, Spicy Daikon Radish, Refreshing Cabbage, Super Salad Mix, Zesty Mix, Sweet Wheatgrass, Energizing Kale, Earthy Clover, and Fragrant Fenugreek. Interestingly, the company says that the microgreens have the same flavor as the veggies in their larger form. So the Hearty Broccoli greens really do add the taste of broccoli to your rice bowl.

Hamama Healthy Microgreens Kit

Hamama Healthy Microgreens Kit with Seed Quilts

The seeds are GMO-free

You’ll be happy to discover that the seeds are GMO-free, so there are no engineered ingredients in these greens. Also, most options are organic, including the Energizing Kale, Fragrant Fenugreek, Hearty Broccoli, Spicy Daikon Radish, Earthy Clover, and Sweet Wheatgrass. The company says it’s working towards switching to a certified-organic line, so more good things are on the way.

Hamama Healthy Microgreens Kit

Hamama Healthy Microgreens Kit with Greens

Delicious dishes to cook

What can you make with microgreens? Well, that veggie bagel sandwich, for starters. But you can also throw a handful into your smoothie or sprinkle some on top of a rice bowl or pasta dish. The possibilities are endless. Let your creativity be your muse.

Hamama Healthy Microgreens Kit

Hamama Healthy Microgreens Kit and Seed Quilts

A garden that practically takes care of itself

Another great thing about this healthy microgreens kit? For just $17.99, you can get three seed quilts shipped to you every month, automatically. And you can cancel or skip a shipment anytime via e-mail. This is the perfect garden for a busy professional or parent since it’s a garden requiring little effort. Just water it once and enjoy your greens.

I’d totally buy a Hamama healthy microgreens kit. I love the delicate texture and fresh taste of microgreens, and I’m all about anything that’s low-maintenance. Best of all are all the exciting flavors. I haven’t had a smoothie with Sweet Wheatgrass, but I’m looking forward to trying one.

Buy your Hamama healthy microgreens kit on the company’s official website for $35.

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