The most minimalist products we’ve seen in 2020 so far

If you ever look around your home and feel like you have a lot of stuff, we feel you. There are things you collected when you were younger and gadgets you bought years ago and never use now. And that's not to mention all the devices you own and love. You may not be a full-blown minimalist who has nothing but a capsule wardrobe, but simplifying your belongings can be a good practice. That's why we've compiled this list of the most minimalist products we've seen in 2020.

The most minimalist products we’ve seen in 2020 so far
ARTIFOX RACK Vertical Bike Storage Installed Inside the House

Looking around your home and noticing all the clutter even though you just cleaned? It may be time to consider slimming down the number of belongings you have. The way technology is going, there are so many multipurpose gadgets that could replace two or three devices you already own. To help you in your quest to simplify your life, we put together this list of the most minimalist products we’ve seen so far this year.

From work desks that double as tables to gorgeous bike racks, we have all the best tools you can use to develop a minimalist lifestyle. No, minimalism is not about purchasing more things. But organizing all the stuff you own can help you simplify and declutter. On its own, that may be all you need to do to feel like you’ve accomplished your minimalist goals.

So if you’re looking for the best minimalist gear to replace items that no longer spark joy, keep reading.

Floyd Table/Desk Anywhere Surface

Replace your dining table and desk with the Floyd Table/Desk Anywhere Surface. This gorgeous piece of furniture assembles super quickly—you may even have it up in just five minutes. Additionally, this real birch plywood desk has a birch veneer and steel legs that hold up to 150 pounds of weight. And it’s smooth and easy to clean. Measuring 59 inches long and 29 inches wide, this multipurpose furniture provides enough space for up to six people to sit down to dinner.

UNIQ PocketSlim™ USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank

Your minimalist lifestyle follows you out of the house. And the UNIQ PocketSlim™ USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank is just 14 mm thick to easily fit in your pocket, folio, or bag. This 8,000 mAh power bank holds over two full charges for the average smartphone, supporting simultaneous charging of up to two devices. Plus, this everyday carry item has a premium soft exterior finishing designed for a comfortable grip in minimalist Scandinavian colors of pink, gray, blue, and beige.

ARTIFOX RACK Vertical Bike Storage

Add a piece of minimal decor with the ARTIFOX RACK Vertical Bike Storage. Featuring a unique hidden mounting system, this bicycle rack self-levels along any flat surface. Made from powder-coated steel and solid hardwood, the bike rack works with most styles and sizes of bikes. Thanks to its minimal design, it’s ideal for tight spots. Simply position the bike rack on a wall of your choice to do more with small spaces.

22STUDIO 4D Concrete Watch Brass Minimalist Timepiece

Leave your devices at home and go back to a minimal, analog way of telling time with the 22STUDIO 4D Concrete Watch Brass Minimalist Timepiece. With a concrete face that looks like a physical structure, the watch has lines spreading out from the center like a staircase. This minimal timepiece marks the passing of time, and the three-dimensional hands display a shadow. Built with a vegetable-tanned leather strap, this watch has a brushed brass case to go with the uniquely modern face.

Bone Daddy Axxis Pocket Hand Axe

The Bone Daddy Axxis Pocket Hand Axe makes sure you can camp minimally, too. With 11 features, this 14.6-ounce versatile hand axe can take care of anything you need to chop or slice with its pistol-whip style swing. Featuring nearly 5.5” of blade length, it’s just seven inches overall. However, attach it to a tree branch, and you’ve got a full-size axe. And with eight different finger holds, it provides more than 10 grip options. Coated with titanium nitride, this durable pocket axe requires minimal maintenance.

Ag+CUP Handmade Silver Cup

Replace your old mugs and worn-out thermos with a single cup: the Ag+CUP Handmade Silver Cup. This mug revives ancient eastern craftsmanship by combining western art and Asian ceramic style. With this combination, the Ag+CUP maintains a minimal, sleek design. Along with its inspiring design, this ceramic drinkware has a 99.9% silver inner lining that purifies your water to keep you healthy without any complicated processes.

HMM 2-in-1 Minimal Scissors

Your simple desk setup is missing the HMM 2-in-1 Minimal Scissors. With a magnetic base, they’ll stay in place on their stand whenever you’re not using them. Available in raw and black color options, each of these 2-in-1 Scissors also functions as a letter opener and box cutter when you flip them over. So they’re really a three-in-one desk tool, helping you maximize your workspace. While they’re lightweight, they have the right amount of heft to feel great in the palm of your hand.

Mattel UNO Minimalista Simple Card Game

Who knew your minimalist lifestyle could extend to card games? It can with the Mattel UNO Minimalista Simple Card Game. Joining the family of UNO games, this simple version uses a new form of typography designed by Brazilian Warleson Oliveira. While the rules are the same as the beloved card game you’re familiar with, the look is entirely different. Using the well-known red, yellow, blue, and green color scheme, the sleek cards have black backs, modern typography, and bright colors for a striking juxtaposition. It’s like the card game grew up.

These gadgets are sure to simplify your living space, work desk, kitchen, and more. Which ones sparked the most joy for you? Let us know in the comments!

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