These high-tech earbuds are just the thing for your creative work

Create immersive audio wherever you go with the FinaLace wireless 3D audio earbuds. This wearable recording setup records 3D sound thanks to binaural microphones. They're great for recording and so much more. Read this blog post to learn about them.

These high-tech earbuds are just the thing for your creative work
FinaLace wireless 3D audio earbuds and a content creator

The way you work has changed a lot in a year. Whereas once you booked space at your local coffee shop to meet and brainstorm with colleagues, now you do so remotely. And if you work in a creative profession, renting a recording studio just isn’t as convenient as producing the audio yourself. To adapt to changing times, you need to use new tools to get your work done. And if you’re a work-from-homer, content creator, or student, something like the FinaLace wireless 3D audio earbuds can help. These high-tech earbuds enhance your content and save you time.

The FinaLace earbuds are essentially a wearable recording studio. The earbuds each have a 3D microphone and are attached to a cord with a vocal microphone. They record immersive 3D sound over these three different channels and provide in-ear monitoring for conference calls. They’re just what you need to create music on the go or at home and replace bulky audio equipment. It’s a setup that’s so impressive; it won a CES 2021 innovation award. So let’s take a closer look at this cool gadget.

3D binaural microphones record natural sound

The most impressive feature about these high-tech earbuds is hands-down its 3D binaural microphone setup built right into the earbuds. They allow you to record or share audio around you as your listeners would hear it if they were right there next to you. The company’s Kickstarter page shares a demo of binaural audio and, if you haven’t experienced it before, it’s something to try. But that’s not all. FinaLace earbuds also have a third microphone on the cord that’s dedicated to voice pickup. The three-channel setup lets you create immersive content with a clear voice track, which you can either turn on or off.

You decide what to hear with the transparency mode

Another notable feature of these high-tech earbuds is their transparency mode. It lets you decide how much outside sound you want to let in. So if you’re making your music and you want to tune out the world, just activate the background noise suppression feature. But when you need to hear ambient noise, like traffic and people talking, the binaural mics let sound come through the earbuds. Unlike typical transparency modes, though, this technology uses real-time monitoring of the microphone and built-in digital sound effects. These allow you to change the volume of ambient sound and add three levels of noise suppression.

FinaLace wireless 3D audio earbuds

FinaLace wireless 3D audio earbuds in use

Cut down on post-production edits

As the product’s Kickstarter campaign rightfully points out, traditional processes of audio creation may take up to 10 hours to edit in the post-production process. However, no editing is needed with the FinaLace earbuds’ app unless you want to. And the edits you do make take just 10 minutes. That’s it; then your content is ready to share.

Get crystal-clear calls

These high-tech earbuds also help you work professionally from anywhere. With the FinaLace earbuds, you don’t have to be that person who needs to mute their calls due to background noise. That’s because FinaLace earbuds have an innovative noise-suppression algorithm that uses all three microphones to give you crystal-clear calls, anytime. What’s more, there’s even an option for phone call transcribing so that you never miss a piece of information.

Reduce your audio equipment

Content creators typically need an extensive setup for creating professional quality audio. But not anymore with these cutting-edge earbuds. They replace things like a voice-over mic, mixing panel, and high-fidelity headphones, because it’s always nice to get more done with fewer pieces of equipment.

Add these recording earbuds to your online learning setup

Students and teachers alike will love FinaLace earbuds. Whether you take online classes or are a teacher, these earbuds make online learning easier and more fun. Teachers can be sure that their students hear every word. And during interactive lessons like workout classes, you can even switch on the binaural microphones to immerse your students in the surroundings. Students will appreciate the FinaLace app that automatically transcribes classes. It also allows you to easily send out class notes when you record a video or audio class.

Check out these other cool features

You can expect other cool capabilities from these high-tech earbuds like vocal removal and digital sound FXs. You’ll also get wireless mixing and lip sync. And best of all, they’re compatible with any music app. The FinaLace earbuds really are a complete audio studio, and the best part is, you can use them anytime, anywhere to record podcasts, music videos, and take calls.

The FinaLace wireless 3D audio earbuds are the ideal gadget for anyone who interacts online for work or learning. The 3D binaural microphone setup produces a powerful, immersive sound that captivates audiences. It also reduces the need for post-production edits, letting you share your work faster. If you’re a content creator, student, or teacher, this is the gadget you want to have in your bag of tricks.

The FinaLace wireless 3D audio earbuds cost $89, and you can preorder yours on Kickstarter. What other gadgets have made working or learning from home easier for you? Let us know in the comments section.

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