This high-tech jump rope will make your workouts more effective

Looking for a way to amp up your at-home workouts in the New Year? The Velites Earth 2.0 jump rope fitness system lets you jump rope—with weights. Check out this updated jump rope to add fun to your workouts to increase your endurance.

This high-tech jump rope will make your workouts more effective
Velites Earth 2.0 jump rope fitness system on a black background

You know how great jumping rope is for your cardio and overall health. But to get a complete workout, you need to combine jumping rope with strength training to get the most benefits. Or do you? With the Velites Earth 2.0 jump rope fitness system, you get a jump rope with a reinvented design and weights that connect right to the cable. So with this high-tech jump rope, you can check both cardio and weight training off your list with one effective workout gadget.

The Velites Earth 2.0 features an updated design that makes jumping rope more enjoyable, accessible, and effective. Remember when you were a kid and exercise just seemed like playing? This gadget puts the fun back into physical activity. It comes with a connected training app, the Earth 2.0 jump rope, a workout mat, three cables, and three weights. This gadget will help you blast through your fitness goals with a workout that’s enjoyable yet challenging.

Enjoy an updated jump rope design

According to the company’s Indiegogo page, some of the earliest versions of the jump rope date back to Egypt in 1600 AD. Since then, athletes have used the classic jump rope to improve endurance, coordination, balance, and more. The makers of this high-tech jump rope thought it was time to improve on the traditional jump rope design, so they’ve optimized their product for ease-of-use accessibility and enjoyment.

Change up your workout with this jump rope system

It’s natural to stick with exercises that work in the time that you have. But doing the same routine every day can get a bit dull and doesn’t give your body much of a challenge. Luckily, with the Velites Earth 2.0, you’ll always have the option to mix up your workout. This jump rope comes with three different cables: 2.5 mm Speed Cable, the Standard 4 mm cable, and the 8 mm Monster cable. Each connects to the rope easily and increases the intensity of your workout as needed.

Velites Earth 2.0 jump rope fitness system

Velites Earth 2.0 jump rope fitness system close up

Add weights to your routine

If heavier cables aren’t enough for you, you can add weights to your jump rope routine. Yes, it’s possible. The Velites Earth 2.0 comes with handle weights to help you build strength and maximize muscle gain. The company’s Indiegogo page writes that you can increase the total weight up to five times in just seconds when you adjust the cord and add weight. The weights take the rope from 200 grams up to 1 kg—a sizeable difference.

Choose a smart rope that’s durable

You won’t have to worry about this high-tech jump rope breaking after just a few workouts. The Velites Earth 2.0 is super durable. The handles, weights, connectors, and cable interiors feature rocket-grade aluminum and stainless steel. So it’s a serious piece of workout equipment. The company is proud of its product’s construction and offers a two-year guarantee for all handles and weights. What’s more, the extra-durable PVC cover keeps your cables strong and resistant to wear.

Get a jump rope that works for any height

The Velites Earth 2.0 adapts to any height. And it’s easy to adjust. Simply step on the cable, calculate the correct length, cut the cable to your size, screw on the cable metal caps, and then attach both cables’ ends to the jump rope connector. Then you’re ready to jump with a rope that’s custom-fit to your size.

Have a jump rope fitness coach

You love the personalization you get from one-on-one sessions with a trainer. Luckily, this high-tech jump rope comes with an iOS/Android training app that acts as your own coach. This way, you aren’t left alone to design the best workout for you; this product comes with tools that can keep you motivated and interested in your routines. The on-demand training programs let you set a schedule. What’s more, backers of this crowdfunding campaign have access to features like Coach Mode, 1,000+ workouts, complete personalization, and progress tracking. A smart gadget like this one can really help you get the most from your training sessions.

Add a high-spin to your routine

This updated jump rope even has a double ball bearing system that ensures fast, smooth rotations. The company’s Indiegogo page writes that months of engineering and testing went into this particular feature, which resulted in a high-tech ball bearing system to eliminate bumpy connections.

Take basic and advanced jumping courses

Whether you’ve been jumping rope for years or have never picked up a jump rope, the Velites Step-By-Step Jump Rope course by World Champion Jump Roper Adrienn Banhegyi will help you get results. The company’s Indiegogo page writes that you can go from zero experience to double unders in 14 days with this course. Best of all, you’ll discover how to improve your technique, avoid injury, and progress faster.

You really can get a complete workout at home when you have this high tech jump rope. This fitness gear comes with three cables, three handle weights, a workout mat, and more. The connected app guides you on using the product and helps you get the most out of your jumping sessions. It’s a great, portable piece of exercise equipment that you can use pretty much anywhere.

The Velites Earth 2.0 jump rope fitness system costs $151.95, and you can preorder it from Indiegogo. What workout gadgets do you use to stay fit at home? Let us know about them in the comments.

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