Best smart gadgets for your patio or yard

Summer is nearly here, and we're ready to bring out our lawn furniture and open up the pool. But everyone can use a little help getting their garden into top condition for the season. And we're here to help. That's why we're sharing our list of the best smart gadgets for your yard and patio. These gadgets will help you create a tidy, welcoming outdoor space that you'll have to leave only if you want to.

Best smart gadgets for your patio or yard
Samsung The Terrace QLED 4K Outdoor Smart TV in an Outdoor Space

June is finally here, and you know what that means: it’s time to get your outdoor area spruced up for summer barbecues and evening drinks al fresco. Because with all the time we’ve spent indoors this spring, we’re all looking for ways to enjoy fresh air, safely. And one of the best ways to do that is to create a welcoming outdoor space at home with some outdoor smart gadgets.

While the news gets crazier every day, there’s no denying that summer weather brings good vibes. Warmer temperatures and longer days give us more opportunities to exercise and experience nature. Psychology Today cites a study showing that urban residents who spent 90 minutes walking in a park exhibited healthier brain activity and less ruminative thinking. So a walk outdoors can keep those positive thoughts flowing.

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And if you’re like me, those thoughts include summer afternoons spent lounging in front of the pool with an icy drink. Or afternoon naps on a comfy hammock in the shade of an oak tree.

No matter how you plan on spending your time outdoors this summer, we’ve got the gadgets you’ll need to keep your yard or patio in top condition for them. These outdoor smart gadgets will help you create an outdoor space that will rival your indoor setup. Because summer is here, and we shouldn’t let it pass us by.

Samsung The Terrace QLED 4K Outdoor Smart TV

This outdoor gadget will give your friends something to talk about. A beautiful 4K smart TV that you can watch outside, the Samsung The Terrace QLED 4K Outdoor Smart TV will let you enjoy the outdoors while staying up to date with your favorite shows and sports. Best of all, this all-weather TV is waterproof and dustproof and can withstand temperature fluctuation.

OYOCO Umbrella Light Hanging Outdoor Lamp

One of our smart outdoor gadgets that help light up your yard at night is the OYOCO Umbrella Light Hanging Outdoor Lamp. This light attaches to your outdoor umbrella, providing light for those late summer dinners with friends. The conversations can keep going with this useful gadget.

Weber SmokeFire Series Smart Pellet Grills

Everyone will rave about your next barbecue when you have one of the Weber SmokeFire Series Smart Pellet Grills. You can feed this smart grill’s hopper with wood pellets that fall directly into the fire to distribute even heat through the Weber Flavorizer bars. The LCD screen displays the temperature from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Every good pool party needs music, and the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker is up to the job. This waterproof outdoor speaker has an intense bass effect and an increased size that’s perfect for playing music in an outdoor area. Highly durable, this speaker can stand up to drops and spilled drinks.

Rapidx Moodx Wireless Ambiance Light

Another outdoor smart gadget that will help you light your outside space is the Rapidx Moodx Wireless Ambiance Light. Portable and with 16 million colors to choose from, it will ensure your patio always match your mood. But this light isn’t just for outdoors. Extremely compact, the Rapidx Moodx can go anywhere you want. The frosted ice or matte finish diffuses the light perfectly.

Philips Hue Appear Outdoor Wall Light

The Philips Hue Appear Outdoor Wall Light always lets you get the mood lighting just right on your exterior walls. With 16 million LED colors to choose from, your outdoor space can have a red, white, and blue theme for a festive 4th of July or a colorful mix for a birthday party. Set it up with your Philips Hue Bridge, and your house will be the best-lit on the block.

Philips Hue Appear Outdoor Wall Light

Philips Hue Appear Outdoor Wall Light on a Garden Wall

Black and Decker Max Power Boost Blower

One of our outdoor smart gadgets that will keep your garden brush-free is the Black and Decker Max Power Boost Blower. This sturdy outdoor gadget will help you blast through leaves and twigs in no time. The metal scraper even helps loosen stubborn debris in small spaces. You’ll always have a tidy garden with the Power Boost Blower.

Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller

Keep your lawn looking lush with the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller. You can set watering schedules and operate this gadget via your voice, touch, or device. The Eve Aqua’s water controller shuts the water off exactly when it needs to, preventing overwatering. Best of all, you can operate this smart water controller from anywhere. This means you can water your garden even while you’re on vacation.

Ring Smart Lighting Solar

Illuminate your garden the smart way with another of our outdoor smart gadgets, the Ring Smart Lighting Solar. Just a few hours of sunlight each day keeps these lights charged and ready to brighten up your patio. You can even customize your timings from the app, and the motion-activated settings help detect anyone who shouldn’t be there.

GARDENA Smart SILENO City Robotic Lawnmower Set

It’s never been easier to have the perfect city lawn with the GARDENA Smart SILENO City Robotic Lawnmower Set. This robotic lawnmower will keep urban gardens up to 500 meters squared neat and tidy all by itself since you can program it with mowing plans and times. Best of all, it’s quiet, so you won’t have to worry about waking up your neighbors.

I’m not sure about you, but a brand new smart Weber is looking pretty good right about now. I’m already thinking about some tasty rib recipes. Yum! How are you planning on getting your garden ready for summer? Let us know!

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