This hygienic travel kit keeps you safe from germs while you travel

Do you love to travel but worry about picking up germs on the airplane, train, or in the hotel? Your fears are not unfounded; travel can land you in small spaces with lots of people. But the Safe Travels Kit can make your trip healthier. It comes with everything you need to have a healthier journey, including an antibacterial pillow and seat cover. Check out this blog post to see how these travel accessories really can help you sit back and enjoy your flight.

This hygienic travel kit keeps you safe from germs while you travel
Safe Travels Kit hygienic travel set and a woman on an airplane

Revolutionize your travel with the Safe Travels Kit clean traveling gear. This hygienic travel kit makes it easier to travel without coming into contact with nasty germs. Because if you love to travel, you’ll feel much better about crossing destinations off your bucket list when you don’t have to worry about catching an illness. Thankfully, this hygienic travel kit includes an antimicrobial, hypoallergenic seat cover, and pillowcase to keep you healthy along with other hygienic travel staples.

The Safe Travels Kit clean traveling gear comes in a mini-garment bag with a handle that’s easy to hook onto your rolling suitcase. Each kit includes an adjustable seat cover, a pillowcase, 10 sanitizing wipes, and a face mask. So it has pretty much everything you need to stay healthy while you’re away from home. The fabric on the pillow and seat covers is soft to the touch and is sure to keep you comfortable —and maybe even help you get a little shuteye—in transit. And the whole kit has a chic, modern look to it.

Stay clean with the adjustable seat cover

According to one study, most airplanes only receive a cursory cleaning after flights. These days, that’s not good enough. And it’s a good reason to invest in your own seat cover for flights. The cover included in this hygienic travel kit uses eco-friendly, washable, and reusable antimicrobial fabric. So it’s easy to clean and won’t pick up any germs no matter how many hours you’re on the plane. What’s more, it’s also water resistant and resistant to bed bugs. With many airlines reporting infestations on flights in recent years, it’s a pretty useful item to have in your carry-on.

Safe Travels Kit clean traveling gear
Safe Travels Kit clean traveling gear and the antimicrobial pillow

Keep yourself comfortable with the antimicrobial pillowcase

The Safe Travels Kit pillow features the same soft-touch fabric as the seat cover. It’s also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Can you imagine resting your head against a nice, soft pillow that you know won’t irritate your skin or contain germs that might make you sick? It’s time to kick those complimentary pillows from the airlines to the curb and go for something cleaner and healthier. And you’ll have a more relaxed trip since this pillow keeps you comfortable and can reduce your chances of getting sick from the pillows on the plane.

This hygienic travel kit keeps you safe from germs while you travel Safe Travels Kit clean traveling gear
Safe Travels Kit’s antimicrobial seat cover

Disinfect with the sanitizing wipes

But the seats aren’t the only thing you have to worry about on an airplane. Apparently, the seatback trays are the dirtiest place on the airplane, with 2,155 bacteria colony-forming units per square inch. That’s more than the toilet flush button. Luckily, this hygienic travel kit comes with 10 sanitizing wipes. You can use them to clean the seatback trays, seatbelt buckles, screens, and more. With disinfectant wipes handy in your travel kit, you can keep any surface spic and span whenever you want.

Limit the spread of airborne pathogens with the face mask

It’s easy to spread germs, especially airborne ones, in a small space like an airplane. However, wearing a face mask can keep you from spreading and contracting viruses. And the Safe Travels Kit makes it easier to do your part since it comes with a surgical face mask. Whenever you’re in a public space with lots of people, simply put on this mask. It limits your spread and intake of airborne germs. That way, the only things you’ll bring home after your trip are good memories (and maybe a cool souvenir or two).

The seat cover fits most transportation seats

You’ll be happy to know that the Safe Travels Kit seat cover can fit more than one size of seat. In fact, this antimicrobial cover suits most car, train, and airplane seats; and both economy and business class sizes. So no matter how you need to get around during your trip, you can do so healthfully. In fact, this seat cover might be just as important to your health as any of these health and fitness gadgets.

This clean traveling gear is eco-friendly

Another great reason to choose this hygienic travel kit is that the fabric is ecological and the packaging has been produced from recycled materials. You can use the fabric for up to 40 washes. Meanwhile, the recycled packaging is environmentally conscious. So it’s a purchase you can feel good about because you know that no new material was created to just to wrap this product.

Look your best while you travel

Everyone wants to look chic while they travel, even if it’s casual-chic. And the Safe Travels Kit helps you achieve that. This handy bag makes you look like a put-together traveler who doesn’t want to get sick on one of her (many) flights per year. And to customize this travel accessory, you can always monogram it. That’s right; you can have your seat cover and pillow stitched with your initials. This is a feature that’s great for families because it ensures everyone uses their travel kit.

The Safe Travels Kit is just what you need for getting back into travel. The seat cover and pillow are antimicrobial and won’t let you pick up germs from your seat. Meanwhile, the other items in the kit—the face mask and disinfectant wipes—help you keep the rest of your space clean and prevent the spread of viruses. Easy to carry in a compact bag, this is the ultimate travel necessity.

The Safe Travels Kit clean traveling gear costs just $39.95, and you can order it on the company’s official website. What are your favorite tips for healthy travel? Share them with us in the comment section.

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