New Feature – Get reminded about your favorite Products whenever you want

Next time you come across a listing on Gadget Flow that you want to purchase later in the year, you will not have to manually set a reminder anymore. With Gadget Flow's Notify Me feature, you can now have it done within seconds. Just select your specific date of choice and let us notify you on time.

New Feature – Get reminded about your favorite Products whenever you want

It’s been eight years since we first launched Gadget Flow. In these eight years, if there’s one feature we’ve always longed for, it’s got to be Notify Me. This new feature will not only change the way you explore listings on Gadget Flow but also help you plan your shopping efficiently. No longer will you have to set your own calendar reminders for any listing. We know it’s complicated, and that’s exactly why we are launching Notify Me today.

What is Notify Me?

To put it in simple words, Notify Me is our built-in notification system that will allow you to set reminders for every product you explore on Gadget Flow. So, if you come across a listing about a smart headset you would like to purchase later in the summer, you can use Notify Me to receive a notification about the product. The feature ensures that you can organize your product discovery on Gadget Flow and get notifications based on your personal preference.

Gadget Flow Notify Me Feature

Why are we launching Notify Me?

The main reason for launching this feature is to eliminate the time it takes to create a notification for any listing on your personal calendar. It’s time-consuming and inefficient. We wanted to continue to give you a seamless browsing experience on Gadget Flow , which is why we went ahead and worked on this new feature for months. There are countless times when we come across things on the web and want to save it for later. Notify Me will help you organize those items with proper dates and timing so that you don’t have to spend hours looking for the same listing again!

What are the Notify Me features?

When we decided to work on this feature, we wanted to make sure we made it as detailed and nuanced as possible. So, with Notify Me, you will be able to set a custom date for the listing and have access to customized options for reminders. You can choose to receive reminders:

– Over the weekend

– When the product is on sale

– The following week

– During a specific season (summer, winter, fall, spring)

– During Black Friday or the Holidays

– Once a project is funded (for crowdfunding campaigns)

The notification reminder options you see for every listing will be customized and can be changed based on the day and time of the year.

Who can use it?

We wanted to make this experience exclusive to our users. You can access it from the homepage when you hover over a listing. Once you click Notify Me, you’ll be asked to set a date for the reminder. After that’s done, your reminder gets added to the system, and we will send you an email on that specific day. You can also access all of your reminders from the user dashboard, and change/remove them as you wish. This feature is currently available on our web platform, as well as our mobile apps.

Launching today, the Notify Me feature will be one of our biggest updates of the year. We have been working on this for months and hope you’ll enjoy using it. If you experience any issues or would like to suggest even better enhancements, please feel free to contact our 24/7 support team.

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