Introducing Gadget Flow Watch: a new way to discover products through video

Do you prefer watching a video of a product more than reading about it? We have those days too. Video content is fast, easy to comprehend, and so simple to access when you are on the go or in a rush. That's exactly why we launched Gadget Flow Watch. If you have been following us over the last few years, you know how much we believe in faster product discovery. Well, with Watch, we want to take that discovery one step further.

Introducing Gadget Flow Watch: a new way to discover products through video
Introducing Watch

It’s been eight years since we launched Gadget Flow. As we move forward as a product discovery platform with tens of millions of viewers every month, we feel it’s our responsibility to make your experience even better. If you’ve been surfing Gadget Flow for a while, you’ll know how much we focus on design and updating our platform for enhanced user experience. And today we are taking another huge step forward with Gadget Flow Watch.

Just like the name suggests, this update will improve the way you watch content on our platform. Over the past couple of years, video has had a great impact on user experience across all major web platforms—and 2020 has boosted that experience even more. We prefer watching to reading content on the web. It’s quick and super engaging at the same time. So we thought we should leverage this aspect to give you a more engaging product discovery experience on Gadget Flow.

Introducing Gadget Flow Watch

With this new feature, we provide an autoplay product video experience that you can use to discover new products. More than just a video discovery platform, Gadget Flow Watch will highlight product demos and real-time user experiences.

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Watch on the web

As of now, these are the main features that you can explore.

  • Watch product videos on autoplay
  • Switch between videos with ease
  • Create your customized playlist by selecting your favorite product categories
  • Explore fresh content every day with new videos
  • Get access to an endless video feed with over 20,000 videos

We want to take Gadget Flow Watch to even better heights in the coming months, and this is just the beginning. Video content discovery has been growing massively over the years, and we can’t wait to explore this new feature with you.

Watch is now available in beta, and we’ll be adding more features in the coming weeks. Some of these include access to watched videos, a larger number of categories, custom feed integration, and more.

Meet Evan Varsamis

Evan Varsamis is an Entrepreneur, Founder / CEO at Gadget Flow Inc, Investor and Marketing Advisor at Qrator Ltd and Contributor at Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post and American Express Essentials.
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