PerchPen is the Swiss Army knife of luxury pens

Most luxury pens are just for show. But with the PerchPen in your top pocket, you have six different functions at your disposal. It’s the sleekest multi-tool you will ever encounter.

PerchPen is the Swiss Army knife of luxury pens
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When you’re trying to travel light, it’s easy to think about the large items. You may cast a suspicious eye at your aging laptop, or consider purchasing a lighter bag. However, small weight savings are just as important. In the name of emptying our pockets, many of us choose to leave behind little gadgets and gizmos.

Multi-tools and adapters are typical casualties of this ruthless cull. But such devices can’t be of much help if you leave them at home. PerchPen offers a neat compromise — this beautiful writer puts several other features in your pocket. It’s the Swiss Army knife of luxury pens.

What is a multi-tool pen?

In essence, a multi-tool pen is a writing implement that does more than put ink on paper. In the case of PerchPen, you get several smartphone accessories and a built-in driver.

[tweet_box]With the PerchPen in your top pocket, you have six different functions at your disposal.[/tweet_box]

This pen was actually born out of frustration, caused by the removal of the 3.5mm jack in many smartphones. The team behind PerchPen initially created an adapter that would clip onto their regular pen. Over time, the idea expanded into something far more impressive.

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Multi-tool pen

This stylish writer comes in two versions: Lite and Pro. Both models have a clip that doubles as a mini tripod. This allows you to watch videos and Facetime friends without having to hold your smartphone. It works both in portrait and landscape mode.

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Mini tripod

Both the Lite and Pro models also provide a mini flathead screwdriver. To make a repair, you simply remove the brass cap of the pen to reveal the head.

So, why purchase the Pro version? Well, you get two additional features. The pricier PerchPen includes that all-important headphone adapter. Furthermore, this version includes a tiny c-tip for cleaning your earbuds.

Luxury pens with a twist

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Luxury pen

Of course, PerchPen does also work as a pen.

The design is based on the classic Bauhaus Classic rOtring 600 Series fountain pen, complete with hexagonal body. There’s a grippy bit at the bottom for fine control, and the sleek black finish will look the part in any boardroom.

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Write and watch

It must be said, PerchPen isn’t a supermodel among luxury pens. The multi-functional clip somehow adds a rough, industrial edge to the overall look. While some people will prefer something more sophisticated in appearance, others will appreciate the rustic chic.

“The whole journey started when your favorite smartphone company started to kill the 3.5mm headphone jacks from your smartphones.”

“The PerchPen was born, including 6 smartphone multi-tool innovations all packed into ONE. ” — R K Sirpal on IndieGoGo

The best bits

The smartphone accessories on this pen should come in useful on a daily basis. Mobile photographers and regular video callers will particularly feel the benefits.

The rough edges

While the design isn’t ugly, it definitely has some rough edges. A little more refinement would elevate this pen into the real luxury market.


– Pre-order now: via IndieGoGo

– Pledge: $30 USD

– Delivery: December 2018

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