The fritzframe is the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Cases in a Sleek Aluminum Package

The fritzframe is the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Cases in a Sleek Aluminum Package

A smartphone purchase has become a huge investment these days and as such, a smartphone case has become a necessity. With all the different options, there are so many different possibilities that could influence a buying decision. Protection is one route, functionality is another, barebones coverage is yet another option. I personally don’t have a case for my HTC One (M8) because I can’t find something that fits all of my different desires. I want something functional and protective but also doesn’t add much bulk to my phone. Well, if you own an iPhone and you have the same interests in a phone case, I have the perfect solution for you.


Slim and Smart

The fritzframe is a brilliant idea, let me just make that clear. It promises so much and delivers on every promise. It’s not so much a case as it is a frame (thus the name) for your iPhone but the benefit of the frame is corner protection without losing the sensory input you get from the back of the iPhone. The frame will also provide just enough clearance so you won’t ever scratch your iPhone by sliding it across a surface.

Now to the promises. The promises include all sorts of varied functions that all involve the rotating hinge. The hinge allows for every sort of random placement from setting it up as a simple stand to hanging it from a wall hook. Plus, if you twist it properly, you can use the frame as a more solid and steady extension for taking photos and videos.


More Than a Case

The people behind the fritzframe have not only created a great case, they have developed an app for remote photo capture that makes it incredibly simple and easy to capture selfies or pictures of an entire group without sentencing someone to the imprisonment of photographer and never being in any of the pictures for an entire trip. My father knows that pain quite well. The app works pretty simply, you install it and when you’re ready to take a remote picture, you launch the app and then set your iPhone in the desired place. When you’re ready to take a picture, all you have to say is “photo” and the app takes the picture for you. So simple and yet, completely ingenious.

So you get a case plus a simply great app for all of the possible uses in your life. You don’t lose the feel of the phone that you bought because its a premium device with premium looks. They’ve already received all of their necessary funding but there are still over 400 early adopter package still available on Indiegogo, there’s still time!

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