This new polymer mask is how to stay comfortable and safe

Do you wish your mask was more breathable but still offered quality protection? The One Air Plus reusable mask lets you breathe comfortably and provides five layers of filtration. Check out this polymer mask for an ideal new normal solution.

This new polymer mask is how to stay comfortable and safe
One Air Plus reusable mask in use

When it comes to face mask hangups, you’ve been there. There was that time at the grocery store checkout line when the straps of your disposable mask kept sliding off your ears. And then there was the walk you took when your cloth mask seemed intent on sitting directly on top of your nostrils. While masks may keep you safe, they aren’t the most comfortable of wearables. Thankfully, product designers are working hard to improve them. And the One Air Plus reusable mask is a comfortable, effective option. It’s a polymer mask that helps you breathe more comfortably and keeps you healthy.

The first thing you’ll notice about the One Air Plus reusable mask is its large front grill. This design element helps you breathe more comfortably. In fact, according to the project’s Indiegogo page, the mask passes the super breathability test. It also comes with all-natural, organic fragrances that keep you calm when you venture outdoors. So this is a face mask that definitely solves the comfort issue.

Breathe safely with four filter layers

This polymer mask keeps you safe with filter layers made of SSMMS (Spunbond Spunbond Meltblown Meltblown Spunbound), a five-layer material that filters particulates larger than 2.5 μm. Two 100% polyester layers offer complete breathability and help filter large particles. These filters have a 99.67% bacterial and viral filtration efficiency and remove 95% of particulate matter.

Wash this reusable mask easily

You’ll love that this mask is easy to clean. In fact, you can wash the filters gently by hand, so you won’t have to replace them after wearing them a few times. Since the One Air Plus reusable mask is made of antibacterial polymer, it is easy to keep clean. Simply remove the filter and wash the mask with warm soapy water. Otherwise, you could sanitize this polymer mask with a 70% alcohol-based sanitizer.

One Air Plus reusable mask

One Air Plus reusable mask side view

Get a great fit with this adjustable mask

An important element of any quality mask is its fit. This is because a good fit directly impacts the mask’s effectiveness and comfort. Thankfully, the One Air Plus reusable mask gives you a great fit with its connector strap. This unique strap reaches over the top of your head and is adjustable. This allows you to wear the mask comfortably for hours.

One Air Plus reusable mask

One Air Plus reusable mask in Military Green

Stay safe with a good seal

Another component to a good fit is a mask’s seal. And this polymer mask has a superior one along its edges. This gives you an airtight fit, so you can be sure that no pesky microbes enter your mouth or nose due to a lack of coverage. Also, a stainless steel nose clip gives you a tight fit around the nose.

One Air Plus reusable mask

One Air Plus reusable mask on a man and a woman

Bid your foggy glasses goodbye

And speaking of the nose clip, this feature gives you the best air sealing possible and ensures that your eyewear won’t fog while you wear your mask. A mask that lets you wear your glasses without any fog? Sign us up. Really, we’re tired of bumping into things when we’re out.

One Air Plus reusable mask

One Air Plus reusable mask on a man and a woman outdoors

Support a mask that’s 100% recyclable

Yes, you read that right. This polymer mask is 100% recyclable due to its unique polymer material. This means that these masks cause no more damage to our already overburdened environment. The company’s Indiegogo page also notes that their filter generates about 1/6th of the biowaste that’s produced by the typical N-95 mask. So it’s a mask that supports sustainable living.

One Air Plus reusable mask

One Air Plus reusable mask on friends

This mask is affordable

It’s also worth noting that this company believes that a quality mask that provides protection and comfort isn’t a privilege but a basic human right. That’s why they’ve priced the One Air Plus reusable face mask at just $33, shipping included. This company also makes an effort to employ women and provides daycare at their factory.

Choose a comfortable face mask in a variety of colors

Color options are important; ask anyone. So you’ll be happy to know you’ve got a choice of them with the One Air Plus reusable mask. Available in Military Green, Gun Metal Gray, Pristine White, Alpha Black, and Galaxy Blue, your polymer mask is sure to suit your style.

The One Air Plus reusable mask ticks all the boxes of a great face mask. It ensures breathability with its large front grill. It’s also effective with high-quality filters and a superb seal. If you’ve been looking for a better mask, this polymer mask is worth considering.

The One Air Plus reusable mask costs $33, and you can preorder it at Indiegogo.

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