Are Rayz the best iPhone earphones ever made?

From Spotify to Siri, audio plays an important role in how you interact with your iPhone. These smart earphones provide an instant upgrade.

Are Rayz the best iPhone earphones ever made?
  • Can I use regular earphones with my iPhone? Not without an adapter. In general, it’s better to invest in Lightning or wireless earphones.
  • Can you talk to Siri via earphones? Yes, with any iPhone-compatible earphones with a built-in mic.
  • Which iPhone earphones should I buy? While AirPods are great, the new Rayz smart earphones by Pioneer offer some great extra features.

With each version of iOS, sound becomes a more important factor in the user experience. Once upon a time, you could only search Google by tapping. Now, you can change the lighting in your home with a quick voice command.

Given that this trend is set to continue, it only makes sense to upgrade your audio hardware. The new Rayz earphones from Pioneer are designed specifically for Apple products, meaning they seamlessly integrate with iOS and macOS. They are also packed with smart features for a superior sound experience.

What are the best iPhone earphones?

You could make a strong argument in favor of Apple’s own AirPods. They are wireless, after all. However, they can’t match the Rayz when it comes to features.

These stylish buds have been designed for both listening and talking. They deliver crystal-clear sound, with noise-cancellation technology to block out unwanted distractions. They also have a neat auto-pause feature, which stops the music when you remove the earphones from your ears.

[tweet_box]From Spotify to Siri, audio plays an important role in how you interact with your iPhone. These smart earphones provide an instant upgrade.[/tweet_box]

The companion app then brings a range of cool extras to the table. You can switch up the EQ, and even create smart audio profiles for different environments.

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Endless options

Making conversation

But Rayz aren’t just about listening. In fact, these earphones were made for talking.

The built-in mic allows you to take calls and use a variety of voice commands. It’s smart enough to separate your voice from background noise, meaning your words come through loud and clear. In addition, the mic can automatically mute when you’re not talking.

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Packed with features

To provide even quicker access to your apps, the earphones have a smart button control. Through the app, you can assign several different actions to this button. You can use it to trigger the mic, open your favorite app, answer the phone, and more.

Smart design

Without a dedicated audio jack, many iPhone users are reluctant to buy wired earphones. In particular, charging can be a problem.

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Made for talking

That’s why the Rayz earphones come with a special pass-through adapter. This means you can listen to your music and charge your iPhone at the same time. Mind-blowing, huh?

“Rayz headphones are the first of their kind – they have cutting-edge smart features that solve everyday pain points to deliver the iPhone’s perfect ‘App-cessory’.”

“Digital headsets require power. However, Rayz Earphones use the Lightning port to use a very small amount of power, instead of using an internal battery. Rayz Earphones are always ready – no charging required!” — Pioneer

What we ❤

These earphones really are a vision of the future. As voice commands become more ubiquitous, the noise-cancelling mic will help you get stuff done.

Future designs

Obviously, it would be nice if these earphones were wireless. But as that would add extra bulk in the form of batteries, we are happy with a cord for now.


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