Chameleon Fineliners might be the best coloring pens ever made

Even if you own a hundred coloring pens, you might not always find the perfect color. Chameleon Fineliners solve this problem by letting you blend different hues to create over 1000 color combinations.

  • What is the best new technology for artists? We love specialist tablets, smart pencils, and digital canvas displays.
  • How can you blend different colors of ink? Most fineliners do not blend well, unfortunately. To blend different hues, you will need to invest in special coloring pens.
  • Which coloring pens are the best for blending? With 1,128 potential color combinations and a patented dual-ink system, the Chameleon Fineliners are tough to beat.

For anyone with an artistic streak, fineliners provide a very appealing mix of attributes. They are much easier to use and more precise than paint, but they offer the physical feedback that digital artists miss. In addition, the ink delivers bold color against any paper backdrop. It’s obvious why fineliners are often used as coloring pens.

In fact, the only downside of using fineliners is that you can’t blend colors. That is, unless you’re using Chameleon Fineliners. These revolutionary coloring pens have special dual-ink technology, allowing you to produce over 1000 different shades from 48 base colors.

What is a dual-ink fineliner?

In regular fineliners, the ink comes only from the pen. The colorful fluid is held in a cartridge and syphoned through a delicate nib onto the paper.

But with Chameleon Fineliners, the pen caps also hold ink. When a cap holding one color meets a pen that holds the other, the fusion process begins.

This blending process only takes a few seconds, after which you can start writing. The longer you blend the two colors, however, the longer the fusion will last. After so long, both the cap and the pen will return to their original hues.

different hues - Chameleon Fineliners might be the best coloring pens ever made

Explore a world of color with Chameleon Fineliners

With a full set of 48 coloring pens, you can create 1,128 different color combinations. That should be enough for even the most talented professional artist.

Exceptional fineliners

different hues - Chameleon Fineliners might be the best coloring pens ever made

Chameleon Fineliners offer precision

Aside from their patented party trick, the Chameleon Fineliners are just great pens.

At the point of each pen, you will find a precision Japanese-made 0.3mm metal clad tip that provides a smooth flow across the page. The washable water-based ink won’t soak through paper, and you can leave the cap off for two days without drying the tip.

different hues - Chameleon Fineliners might be the best coloring pens ever made

Chameleon Fineliners are versatile and easy to work with

Along with illustration, you can use Chameleon Fineliners in coloring books and even as everyday writing pens. They are particularly good for folks who like to complement their journal entries with doodles and small sketches.

“Chameleon Fineliners were elegantly crafted to incorporate the same color-blending technology but in the form of an ergonomic, fine-point Japanese precision 0.3mm metal-clad tip filled with water-based, dry-safe ink. Its 48 brilliant colors have the ability to make up to 1,128 color-blending combinations.” — Chameleon

We ❤️ color

different hues - Chameleon Fineliners might be the best coloring pens ever made

Perfect for illustration, doodling and journaling

Thanks to their clever cap-and-tip system, the Chameleon Fineliners have fixed the biggest problem with ink. We can’t wait to try the color fusion.

Only the finest

As the name suggests, Chameleon Fineliners have a fine tip. You may have to wait a little longer to see the same fusion technology in larger nibs.


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