The robot assistant that will make you better at life

Life can get hectic. If you’re a busy professional always off to the next meeting, a time-strapped parent, student or anyone with things to do each day, you’ll want to check out Alfred, the robot personal assistant from One Technologies Global, Inc.

The robot assistant that will make you better at life
ALFRED Personal AI Assistant Robot in Use in the Kitchen

It’s Monday again: time to review your to-do list as you sip steaming hot coffee. But wait—where’s your phone? You frantically search the house for it. When you find it, you’re running late and have to rush to get ready. Sound familiar? You wish there was someone who could help you manage tiny details like these. Well, that someone needn’t be human. A robot assistant is the way to get a handle on the small things, freeing up time for what’s important.

What sort of things could a robot assistant handle? Maybe in your rush to leave, you can’t remember if you locked the front door. Alfred’s smart home connectivity could activate your house alarm remotely, protecting your belongings even while you’re away.

The AI personal assistant that follows you

Using the latest software from the engineers at One Technologies Global, Inc. Alfred, an AI robot, features an artificial intelligence brain that recognizes you. He’ll scan and remember your body curvature so that he can follow you from the living room into the kitchen. And his universal wheels mean he’ll have no trouble moving across the carpet. Voice-activated, he’ll recite your to-do list while you make yourself a bowl of cereal.

Video cameras allow him to keep an eye on the dog while you’re at work, and an app will even let them play chase. The robot can also monitor the kids while they play or nap in another room, and a cry algorithm will notify you if a child wakes up. It can also lull her back to sleep with a lullaby or your voice.

Alfred helps you be everywhere at once and features:

Smart home connectivity

Wireless and with autonomous behavior, Alfred cares for your personal belongings while you’re away. His motion detector provides fire and security alarms and entry alert. If he detects an unauthorized movement, he’ll contact you or the police. Via the app, you’ll see his notification where you can tell him how to respond.

ALFRED Personal AI Assistant Robot

ALFRED Personal AI Assistant Robot on a Desk

Amazon Alexa compatibility

A built-in microphone recognizes your voice so that Alfred can hear and follow your commands. The microphone also allows you to operate Amazon’s Alexa, making Alfred a true personal assistant that can play your favorite music and videos, answer your questions, order food, send messages, get sports updates—whatever Alexa can do, so can Alfred.

A scanner, projector, and automatic surface finder

Alfred can also help with office work. It features a gesture-activated, 12 MP scanner that can copy A4 to A9 sizes at 25 pages per minute. You’ll never struggle with a temperamental printer/scanner again or worry about poor quality images. Alfred’s AI software automatically straightens curves so you can copy books, drawings, tickets, receipts, business cards, contracts, etc. wherever you are.

ALFRED Personal AI Assistant Robot

ALFRED Personal AI Assistant Robot on a Table

Another great feature of this robot assistant is its projector. Imagine presenting your work or school slideshow with just a gesture instead of having to set up a laptop and connect it to a projector. Or projecting a movie or YouTube video as portable entertainment for yourself or the kids? With an automatic surface finder, you won’t have to guess about suitable walls.

Superb camera and video

This AI assistant can also be your personal cameraman. With wide-angle 12MP cameras, Alfred takes stunning photos, selfies, panoramas, group photos, and videos. You’ll never have to hand your phone to a stranger or leave one friend out of a photo. A Smart Dashcam has 4k video recording, face recognition, and burglar detection. Size-wise, it’s a camera that will easily fit in your bag or pocket, allowing you to take quality photos and videos anywhere.

Universal connectivity and compatibility

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Alfred can connect to any device. Its software is the latest in artificial intelligence design and is compatible with Mac, PC, iOS, and Andriod. So no matter what operating system you use, Alfred will have you covered.

ALFRED Personal AI Assistant Robot

ALFRED Personal AI Assistant Robot by a Teddy Bear

What we love about Alfred

What’s not to love about a gadget that follows you, responds to voice commands and gestures, and learns from you? It’s the personal assistant that everyone dreams of having. We also love the quality scanner, projector, and smart home connectivity. Finally, Alfred is compatible with all devices and features wireless charging (Alfred even travels to its dock when it needs to be charged).

What we would like to see

It would be convenient if this robot assistant could climb stairs since many homes and offices are multi-level. Such a feature would truly keep the robot at your side at all times. The company says that it is working on a special stairway climb and get down systems, which would be an interesting feature in the future. The robot is also not waterproof, so customers must be careful when using it outdoors, in the kitchen, and near pet water bowls.


This AI robot assistant is something you’ll want to have with you all day long. It’s like a real personal assistant that follows you and your commands, assists with any kind of work, keeps your belongings safe, provides entertainment, and much more. It is currently available for pre-order from Indiegogo for $499 with a release date set for March 2020.

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