Sabrent 7 USB Port Hub Gives You Total Control Over Your Devices

Sabrent 7 USB Port Hub Gives You Total Control Over Your Devices

In this day and age, I think there’s something we all can agree we need more of: USB ports. Most computers and laptops come with 8 or so but it doesn’t take long to use all of them up with absolutely necessary devices and peripherals. What to do then when you add a new device and you don’t have any ports left? Well, a USB hub will do you nicely and really, you can buy a USB hub from any company and generally be satisfied, just remember to get a USB 3.0 hub. Sabrent makes an excellent USB 3.0 hub with a little twist which allows a bit more control over your devices. Let’s talk about it!

– Sleek design

– Fun lights

– Individual control over devices

Sabrent 7 USB Port Hub Gives You Total Control Over Your Devices

Minimalist Design

The Sabrent 7 Port USB Hub is made from a brushed black plastic to give the appearance of aluminum but without the added weight or premium price tag. The result is a solid feeling device for less. On the front are 7 USB 3.0 ports while on the rear is a port for a power supply and a port for Micro-B.

The top side of the hub has a power switch for each USB port with a small LED light surrounding each that lights up blue when active and turns off when pressed. Overall, a very professional but vibrant look thanks to those bright lights.

Sabrent 7 USB Port Hub Gives You Total Control Over Your Devices


The idea behind the 7 ports with power switches is not exclusive to just expanding the amount of ports on your computer. USB powered devices are more and more common but they either require a wall adapter or take up one of the precious USB ports on your computer. With the power switches, you can have multiple USB powered devices plugged into one power outlet but retain individual control over each device without needing to physically unplug it. For example, I have a USB lamp and the Vobot clock on my desk. I don’t want to use the USB ports on my computer because I need them for my keyboard (which takes up two USB ports), my mouse, my wireless mouse, my card reader, and my USB hub. I’m left with one USB port which is used most often for charging my wireless mouse or transferring data from my smartphone. My lamp and clock have no place here because they are non essentials potentially taking function away from essentials.

With the Sabrent 7 Port USB Hub, I’m able to plug in the lamp and clock. Even better, I’m able to keep the hub in an easy to reach location so I can quickly turn off the lamp or cut the power to the Vobot because it can run on battery thus saving a little power without needing to reach around behind my setup to either activate the switch on the lamp or unplug the Vobot. I’m hoping to have even more devices added to the hub so I can continue making my life a little more simple.

Sabrent 7 USB Port Hub Gives You Total Control Over Your Devices

What We ❤️

The number of ports combined with a direct power control is a great feature addition to an otherwise drab market. The design is neat as well, I really like the blue lights!

Future Designs

Being able to use the ports without needing to have the wall adapter would be nice, maybe disable the power switches unless it’s plugged into the wall? This would allow for a little more flexibility.


Sabrent website

– Price: $39.99

– Delivery: 5-7 days

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