Elbee Gives You Total Hands-Free Control Over Your Phone

Elbee Gives You Total Hands-Free Control Over Your Phone

Traditional earphones are often impractical with our active lifestyles. We’re bound to our device by cords which end up in a tangled mess in our pockets. Elbee in-ear headphones resolve all of these issues and packs in some cool features, too.

The two earbud system pairs with an app for total control. You can customize your Elbee set for voice commands and gesture control, giving you 100% accessibility to use your phone with no hands. Elbee is unlike any other headphones or earphones on the market.

Elbee in ear

You can set your custom controls in the intuitive Elbee app. For instance, you can crank the volume on your favorite song by dropping your head to one shoulder and slowly raising it. Or, you can simply shake your head to ignore a call. By saying “OK Elbee,” you initiate the voice command feature. Just follow up with any action you’d like, such as “text mom.” Elbee even links with automation systems and smart devices so you can bring hands-free control into you home or wherever you go.

Elbee and app

In the event that head gesture and voice commands aren’t feasible (at the dentist, perhaps?), you can control Elbee with subtle yet intuitive hand motions right on the device. Elbee works with your smartphone, a variety of apps including Maps and Mail, music, home automation, and more. You can even adjust the sound quality produced by Elbee depending on your environment. The clever device will let you know when you’ve left your pair behind and can even provide noise cancellation for when you need some peace.

Elbee woman

The Elbee team will release a development kit enabling integration with just about any app you can think of. The earphones feature balanced armature speakers and a 9-axis accelerometer that makes possible the head gesture control. Elbee earphones are just 36mm tall and less than 29mm across so they’re inconspicuous when in your ear. At only ten grams, you can enjoy Elbee’s three-hour battery life on the go.

Elbee on the go

Currently on Kickstarter, Elbee has raised over $60,000. The kit includes three sets of earbuds in three different sizes and a storing and charging case. You can purchase your own Elbee set for a super early bird price of $149 before they retail for $269.

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