Vority 6-Port USB Wall Charger Constitutes an Excellent One-Stop Portable Charging Hub

Vority 6-Port USB Wall Charger Constitutes an Excellent One-Stop Portable Charging Hub

If you’re an avid gadget shopper like me, you’ll know how pathetic it is to have a single charging port for all your devices. So when you’re running out of power on both your smartphone and tablet, you’re always left with a single option – either charge the smartphone first and then the tablet or vice versa. But why so? The whole purpose of digital connectivity across devices is to use them all simultaneously. Queuing your gadgets and waiting for their turn to charge up one by one isn’t an experience a tech nerd like me enjoys everyday.

I would be happy if there was a charger that could charge all of them together while I take my power nap, only to wake up and see all my devices ready for use. Multi-port wall chargers isn’t a new concept and there are a lot of solutions already available in the market. But how many of them guarantee you with a super charge speed and a portable form factor? I don’t think my answer would have been quite pleasing if I hadn’t come across the Vority 6-Port USB Wall Charger. It’s compact, universally compatible, durable and comes with high charging efficiency. Wow, that’s everything we need from our multi-port charging stations today. After all, we are a part of the smart living generation.

Vority 6-Port USB Wall Charging station

Super Charger With a Portable Form Factor

Vority is a passionate team of individuals who have always considered the ever changing demands of the consumer world while developing their products. Be it their car chargers or power banks, you can’t deny the quality of every accessory they design. The same goes for the 6-Port USB Wall Charger. What makes this charger unique is the fact that it can accommodate 6 devices at the same time without compromising on speed and technology. You can consider it to be reliable for delivering quick power to all your devices. Most importantly, the charger has been designed for both home and outdoor use. So you can carry it anywhere and never face those horrible moments of losing out on device charge when you need it the most.

Vority 6-Port USB portable Wall Charging station

To be exact, the charger measures 10.3 * 2.8 * 7cm and weighs 250g which is small enough to fit in your bag or backpack. There are two basic built-in AC power adapters ranging from 100V to 240V making it comfortable for use by international travelers and road warriors. But the small size will never sacrifice quality or performance of the charger. In fact, the materials are made to be fireproof and water-resistant as well.

Charge Any Gadget You Want To

It’s also a universally compatible device. Be it your smartphones (Android or iOS), digital cameras, tablets, power banks or any power hungry gadget you own, the three 1.0A ports and 2.4A ports will always come handy for charging six of them simultaneously at one time. Even if it is working at full output, the charger does not heat up excessively. You can also consider it to be an energy saver as the charging of a gadget automatically stops once it’s fully charged. There’s a convenient switch with a power on-off button too which will allow you to save power without unplugging the charger from the wall.

Vority 6-Port USB portable Wall Charging station review

Available at a price of $47, this charger is a must-buy for those who own multiple gadgets like me. It’s a long time purchase you’ll make once and live many years free of those painful queuing hours in front of the wall charging unit, waiting your gadgets to charge one by one. Now is the age of multi-port chargers, of Vority 6-Port USB Wall Charger. Are you getting one for yourself? Share the experience in the comments below. Happy Gadgeting!

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