8 Sleep tech gadgets for the best rest of your life

Do you find yourself tossing and turning rather than blissfully dreaming? A lack of sleep leads to countless issues during the day, so getting adequate sleep every night is imperative. Instead of trying to count sheep, use the power of technology to help you easily nod off each night.

8 Sleep tech gadgets for the best rest of your life
Thim Sleep Tracking Ring in White

When it comes to sleep, there’s a lot of information (and misinformation!) out there. From those who swear by going screen-less in the evening to those who rely on melatonin, there are plenty of sleep tech gadgets that can also help you drift off to the land of nod.

You might be thinking that adding tech to your bedtime routine is counterintuitive. For those browsing social media into the wee hours of the morning, that might be true. However, with such advances in technology, these sleep gadgets are all about analysis and relaxation.

Here are the best of the best; the sleep devices that will actually help you get some shuteye and wake up feeling better than ever.

Casper Glow Smart Sleeping Light

When you think of falling asleep, light is probably counterintuitive. But the Casper Glow Light is all about sleeping smarter. This smart light is designed to encourage your body to wind down when it’s time to go to sleep. It does this by emitting a soft glow. As time ticks by, the glow gets dimmer and dimmer, alerting your body and mind when it’s time to rest. If you need more time awake, you can spin the light and the gyroscope inside will bright the light. And, if you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, you can pick the light up and carry it with you to light the way.

Thim Sleep-Tracking Ring

This wearable is exceptionally compact and slim so it won’t get in your way of a peaceful night’s rest. In fact, Thim is a sleep-tracking ring that will actually help you sleep better. It works by offering a sleep conditioning program. With continued use, you’ll improve your sleep over time. In addition, Thim offers sleep coaching and tracking. You can use the app to see just how restful your sleep is. And, you can follow the feedback from the app to make changes for even better sleep. When it’s time to wake up, Thim does so super gently. It sends faint yet effective vibrations to your finger for a slow and natural wake-up.

zLight Smart Lighting Sleep System

Developed from a concept by Mark Zuckerberg, the zLight is the ultimate bedtime light. It actually comes in four different versions but the all have the same main great feature in common. The base of this light glows when it’s time to get up. When it’s not time to be out of bed, the light is off. The genius in this is that you can toss and turn in the night and peek at the light without having to check your smartphone. The zLight Plus incorporates a wireless charger while the zLight Pro also has sensors for temperature, humidity, and more. And, finally, zLight Prime has an audio alarm system for easy waking.

bFan Air Cooling Bed Fan

Did you know that much of our sleep quality is tied to temperature? Even if we’re a little bit too hot, we can end up tossing and turning all night long. Enter bFan. This air cooling bed fan is precisely designed to keep you cool under the sheets. The unique design actually slides under your top sheet so you can feel the air directly. It works in a way that actually moves hot air away from your body, thus replacing it with cooler air. It’s also totally adjustable in height so it works with just about every bed setup.

Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband

If you’re really struggling to get some shuteye, it might be time to call in the big guns. The Philips SmartSleep Headband doesn’t just promote sleep, it helps you reach deep sleep. Simply pop on the headset and let it get to work. It’s made for those who get seven hours of sleep per night or less. And, it has 30 adhesive sensors that provide a drug-free solution to better sleep. Along with helping to induce deep sleep, you can use the companion app to track your sleep metrics to improve over time.

Dozzi Natural White Noise Machine

Do city sounds keeping you up? Noisy roommate? Or do you simply abhor silence? Dozzi is here to help. It’s a natural white noise machine that doesn’t have the same annoying digital buzz of other white noise machines. Instead, Dozzi employs a real fan. As a result, it produces a natural white noise. It’s a faint and naturally occurring hum that’ll help you drift off to sleep. And, there are three different fan settings so you can cater the hum to exactly what you need to fall asleep.

TUWAN Smart Anti-Snore Pillow Pad

Whether you snore yourself or have a partner who does, you know just how disruptive it can be. TUWAN is a snoring solution. It’s a smart system that rests below your pillow. When the sensor detects your snoring, the pillow pad gently moves your pillow by filling up airbags. This changes the direction of your head, opening your airways and eliminating the snores. Incredibly, TUWAN can accurately detect 90% of snoring. And conveniently, it runs totally silently so you can stay asleep.

TUWAN sleeping pad uses airbags to reduce snoring

TUWAN sleeping pad uses airbags to reduce snoring

Dodow Metronome Light Sleep System

You’ve probably heard all the tips and tricks for falling asleep, but you might not have heard of the Dodow Metronome. It can help you fall asleep 2.5 times faster than just trying to shut your eyes. Sitting on your nightstand, Dodow features a metronome to help regulate your breathing. It works by slowing your breathing down to a relaxing rate. This breathing exercise improves relaxation so you can more easily fall asleep. The device automatically turns off after the program has run its course.

What do you think; can these types of technology help you fall asleep? Or do you think the more traditional methods of counting sheep is best? Hopefully, these sleep tech gadgets can convince you to ditch the attempt of just shutting your eyes and actually get a good night’s rest.

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