This smart ear cleaner lets you see every crevice of your ear

Ear care should be part of your regular hygiene regimen. But doctors say you shouldn’t clean your ears with cotton swabs. You wish there was a safe, effective way to remove ear wax without visiting the doctor’s office a few times a year. If you want to take care of your ears on your own, you’ll need the right tools. The Bebird High-Tech Otoscope Smart Ear Cleaner is the answer.

This smart ear cleaner lets you see every crevice of your ear
Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner With a Woman and Boy

You know that cleaning your ear canal with a cotton swab isn’t recommended. According to doctors, it can push wax further back into your ear and even damage your eardrum. Since you value your hearing, you avoid it. Yet wax can still build up, and you’d like to be sure you’re paying attention to your ear hygiene. Take care of it with the Bebird High-Tech Otoscope Smart Ear Cleaner. This high-tech ear cleaner allows you to see inside your ear, reducing your risk of injury and keeping your ears cleaner than ever.

Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner

Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner in a man’s hand

An HD camera helps you see inside your ear

Tired of fishing around your ear without being able to see inside, hoping to both clean it and avoid hurting yourself? Stop doing that and start cleaning with your eyes open, so to speak. The Bebird X17 high-tech Otoscope smart ear cleaner has a 1080p HD camera that allows you to see real-time images of your ear canal. You’ll spot areas that need to be cleaned and avoid your eardrum. Just connect the cleaner via its app through your smartphone’s Bluetooth. The device connects instantly, and you’ll see the inside of your ear on your phone.

Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner

Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner in a man’s ear in a bathroom

Soft ear spoons aid wax removal

Do metallic medical instruments make you shiver? You’re not the only one. That’s why the makers of this smart ear cleaner chose polycarbonate and silica gel as the material for their ear spoons. It’s the highest grade of silica on the market, making these tools super soft for your ears and helping you avoid damage. The cleaner also comes with a protective plug that you can adjust to fit your ear. Its 360-degree angle recognition lets you clean your ear in all directions, and the Smart Gyroscope will stop the rod from entering too deep into your ear.

Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner

Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner in a Man’s Ear

11 different accessories give you options

You won’t be at a loss for a way to clean your ears with this gadget. The Bebird X17 includes 11 different accessories that offer 72 ways to keep your ears clean. It has three different sizes of soft ear spoons, four types of relaxation, three types of ear massage, and six types of stimulation. Your ears will feel healthy, and your hearing will be ultra clear after taking advantage of these tools.

Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner

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The temperature control and fast charging are convenient

Unlike ear candles, the Bebird X17 operates at a similar temperature to your body. This feature helps avoid damage or a severe burn to your ear canal. That would be kind of counter-productive to ear cleaning, wouldn’t it? What’s more, this smart ear cleaner has a long battery life and is easy to recharge. Just place the body of the ear cleaner rod onto the magnetic base. In 1.5 hours, you’ll have enough charge to use the Bebird X17 for up to two months.

Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner

Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner in a Man’s Hand

Clean your kids’ ears

Most kids don’t like ear-cleaning time, but this smart ear cleaner might change their minds. The Bebird X17 is comfortable during use and ideal for children who are at least three years old. They won’t be afraid of the instruments because they’re soft. Best of all, they might even look forward to the process since they’ll be able to watch from your smartphone while you clean. It’s kind of like those mirrors pediatric dentists give to kids during teeth cleaning.

Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner

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You’ll love the design

This smart ear cleaner features a sleek, modern design that you’ll enjoy using. In fact, the body is constructed from an anti-scratch aluminum alloy and looks like an elegant pen. At first glance, you’d never know it was a medical instrument. It also comes with a portable storage case, making it easy to take the Bebird X17 with you everywhere. So even if you’re on a trip, you can still keep your ears clean.

Don’t worry about slow app performance

Worried about slow app performance? Don’t be. This smart ear cleaner features a super-fast Wi-Fi chip. So it will have a very smooth transition. In fact, it provides the highest speed for a camera app to function. This means you won’t have to worry about moving the instrument faster than the app can run.

What we love about the Bebird High-Tech Otoscope

We love that this smart ear cleaner has a high-pixel HD camera built in. This lets you see deeper into your ear than you ever have before and clean any spot of wax effectively. We also love that the silica ear spoons are soft and comfortable. No one likes putting metal in their ears. This material makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

What we would love to see

It would be great if the Bebird X17 also allowed you to snap a photo of the inside of your ears. This could be helpful in the case of an ear infection. This way, you could send the picture to your doctor and potentially get a diagnosis.

Where can you get this high-tech otoscope?

You can preorder a Bebird X17 for $69 on Indiegogo.

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