Sprint Crowdfunders are here to help your campaign get funded

With world-class marketing and expertise, Sprint Crowdfunders provide financial support to help you raise more money during your campaign.

Sprint Crowdfunders are here to help your campaign get funded
  • What is the success rate of crowdfunding campaigns? With thousands of campaigns going live each year, only about 36% of them achieve full funding.
  • How can your crowdfunding page stand out? Using the right tools and resources will help you immensely. Check out our blog for plenty of tips.
  • Is there a company that can help fund campaigns? Yes! Sprint Crowdfunders has recently launched worldwide operations to help project creators all over the globe.

You have a great product, it solves an everyday issue, and your friends have expressed interest – yet you don’t have enough backers. Sound familiar? Navigating the world of crowdfunding isn’t just exciting; it’s also daunting. Enter Sprint Crowdfunders. As a specialized investment vehicle, their crowdfunding experts take regular projects and transform them into incredibly successful campaigns by providing financial resources and access to the right people.

Sprint Crowdfunders - a specialized investment vehicle

Sprint Crowdfunders – a specialized investment vehicle

Global reach

Based in Armenia, Sprint isn’t just agency in the crowdfunding world. Instead, they’re a fund that provides actual financial support for campaign creators. And, they apply that funding in the best possible way by connecting you to knowledgeable agencies. Sprint has made their mark on the industry with hugely successful campaigns. With the launch of their worldwide operations, they’re now in everyone’s reach.

On their team of experienced partners is our own CEO Evan Varsamis. In addition, John Vaskis, VP of Sales at Indiegogo, and Jesus Lozano, founder of Business Angel Network of Madrid, are all part of the team to take campaigns to the next level.

Upon approval, Sprint bridges the gap between your marketing fund and experts including The Crowdfunding Formula, Cory Group, Dayonefunding, and, of course, Gadget Flow. Through these expert agencies, Sprint offers an ROI of 5-10x.

What they do

In short, Sprint gives you money to make your campaign more successful. They provide this financing through specialized marketing agencies, bringing you only the best of the best. They invest in both pre-launch stage campaigns as well as those that are already in progress.

Campaign creators have the option of either an equity investment or campaign funding, or a mix of the two. With a budget of up to $100k, the investment goes towards marketing and, in return, the campaigns will pay back the budget along with interest. The amount of interest depends on the type of investment. With world-class experts and a large marketing fund, your campaign is sure to see success.

Tangible results

Of course, results say it all and Sprint has plenty. In fact, you’ve probably already seen some of their success with Bristly – the dog toothbrush stick. Thanks to Sprint and The Crowdfunding Formula, a partner agency, this campaign reached 2,500% of its crowdfunding goal to bring in over $400k.

How to get started

With worldwide operations, you can access the expertise of Sprint anywhere. Applying from their website is easy and you’ll get a decision in just three to seven days.

Check out their website for more details and follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with tips and announcements.

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