8 Cutting-edge AI gadgets you need to know about

See the latest AI gadgets that can supercharge your daily routine. We're highlighting tech from Samsung, Google, and Insta360 that make your every day a breeze.

8 Cutting-edge AI gadgets you need to know about
See the latest gadgets with AI tech

The AI technologies behind your favorite chatbots are entering the physical world. What does this mean for you? From a robot that cleans windows to an AI espresso machine that streamlines coffee making, these cutting-edge AI gadgets are taking the hassle out of daily routines.

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Meanwhile, the tech products you rely on now use artificial intelligence to offer enhanced productivity and unique experiences. So, keep reading to stay current on the latest AI trends. Or, even better, discover helpful gadgets for home and office.

1. A powerful Laptop


Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge in a video

Windows laptops are entering a new era. In our recent Copilot+ review, we told you that Microsoft adopts Qualcomm’s X-series CPUs for power and efficiency. And here’s Samsung, waving goodbye to Intel, too—with its Galaxy Book4 Edge.

Featuring built-in AI, Galaxy Book4 Edge combines its Snapdragon X Elite processor’s capabilities with artificial intelligence to optimize your productivity. Plus, thanks to Wi-Fi 7² and on-device processing, you’ll benefit from all your favorite AI features, even offline.

It comes in 2 sizes: a portable 14″ model weighing 1.16kg and measuring 10.9 mm and a 16″ model weighing 1.55 kg and measuring 12.3 mm with a bigger screen. With battery capacities of 55.9 Wh and 61.8 Wh, respectively, both options offer all-day battery life.

While sales kick off on June 18, it’s the perfect time to preorder Galaxy Book4 Edge to ensure you get your laptop when it hits the shelves.

2. A Smartphone with AI photo features

Google Pixel 8a Smartphone
Google Pixel 8a in use

Here’s another mobile computing system, Google Pixel 8a, which made it onto our list thanks to its top-notch camera and advanced AI. It’s also affordable!

This mid-range smartphone features almost all of Google’s impressive AI photography tools that usually come with the tech giant’s high-end phones.

Here is what you get:

  • Astrophotography mode – press the shutter to get 16 16-second photos. Merge all of them together, automatically.
  • Photo Unblur – take advantage of the 10-edit limit to fix blurry photos.
  • Magic Eraser – detect and remove distractions in the background.
  • Magic Editor – move objects, change backgrounds, and adjust the lighting.

However, the icing on the cake comes when you need to take that important group photo, but the output is anything but perfect.

The “Best Take” feature helps you find the optimal combination of everyone’s faces. No more closed eyes or frowning, ta-da!

What’s more? The 64-megapixel camera, premium chip, and excellent screen easily place Google Pixel 8a at the very top among mid-range smartphones.

3. Espresso machine/grinder with AI settings

nunc AI Powered Espresso Making System
nunc. in a lifestyle image

Moving on to the kitchen, if you’re a coffee person like me, you probably plan your morning brew the night before. Making coffee can be complicated, but not if you have the right gear.

Luckily, the nunc. AI-powered espresso-making system streamlines the process.

All you need to do is pick your favorite coffee type from various descriptors. Next, a circular display shows where your coffee falls on the flavor spectrum (from strong to mild and fruity to roasty), which you can modify. From there, the espresso machine takes charge.

If you instead go with the default settings, the on-device AI assigns grind size, dosing quantity, and other preferences.

Whether you’re a beginner or a coffeeholic, preorder nunc. today to enjoy your favorite coffee every time. It’s one of my favorite cutting-edge AI gadgets.

4. A Slide-in Induction range with AI diagnostic alerts

8 Cutting-edge AI gadgets you need to know about
Samsung Bespoke Slide-in Induction Range in a kitchen

If you’re looking for AI gadgets for smart home to help you with household chores, you’re not alone. OnePoll, in partnership with Maid Brigade, found that Americans spend nearly 300 hours per year cleaning their homes.

That’s a huge chunk of time you probably want to reduce. The Samsung Bespoke Slide-In Induction Range with AI Home can help. It boasts a 4.3kW induction cooktop with a 7″ sync burner, ideal for sautéing and searing meat and cooking food fast. Isn’t that ideal for a busy kitchen?

Additionally, the SmartThings app lets you keep tabs on and control your gas or electric range on the go.

5. A dynamic robotic window washer

8 Cutting-edge AI gadgets you need to know about
Ecovacs W2 Omni washing an apartment window

With AI cleaning, you’re a step away from freeing yourself from the never-ending cycle of scrubbing and wiping.

Meet Ecovacs W2 Omni, the robotic window washer that uses WIN-SLAM 3.0 technology for full coverage. Besides, it performs its duties safely and securely via the 10-tier protection system.

6. An exercise bike with AI features

8 Cutting-edge AI gadgets you need to know about
CAROL Bike in a home

Are you looking to improve your overall fitness but lack time? Check out the CAROL Bike, another of my favorite cutting AI gadgets. It requires 90% less time to deliver the same benefits as hitting the gym!

Additionally, the smart metrics offer a performance breakdown after each session so that you know how close you are to reaching your fitness goals. Say hello to a healthier lifestyle and goodbye to expensive gym memberships you don’t use.

7. A wearable AI device

Limitless Pendant in a video

Did you know that just one distraction can consume 4.8% of your workday? Be it a notification or a quick chat, every little thing takes a toll on productivity.

Limitless Pendant wearable AI device features a web, Windows, and Mac app to keep your online and real-life conversations in one place. Plus, stay in the know with post-meeting summaries and accurate transcriptions.

8. An AI action cam with gesture control

8 Cutting-edge AI gadgets you need to know about
Insta360 X4 on a car

Before parting ways, let’s explore a gadget for influencers that will help you differentiate your content.

A major trend in influencer advertising is the increasing popularity of micro-influencers, people with a small but active following.

And this can be your best time to level up your content creation game with the Insta360 X4 8K 360° action cam.

Boasting 8K 360° video, 5.7K60fps, and 4K100fps, the action cam enables the “shoot first, point later” feature. It will help you capture moments without worrying about angles.

Besides, you’ll gain a competitive advantage over others by becoming an early user of 360 video technology. Most creators today still share 2D videos, which typically doesn’t make them go viral.

A promising year for AI gadgets: can you make it count for you?

From computing to health devices, these cutting-edge AI gadgets are tailored to various needs and wants. However, what unites them is their sheer AI power.

Still haven’t found that particular gadget? Head to Gadget Flow’s meticulously assembled catalog to discover the best AI gadgets.

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