INNERBOTTLE is the smarter way to store cosmetics

While plastic bottles are cheap, they are really bad for the environment. If you want to cause less damage to our planet, use INNERBOTTLE to store cosmetics — it creates zero waste.

INNERBOTTLE is the smarter way to store cosmetics
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  • Can plastic cosmetics bottles be recycled? Sometimes. The problem is, the plastic needs to be clean to be truly useful for a second life.
  • What is the best alternative to disposable plastic bottles? INNERBOTTLE is a new, flexible kind of packaging that keeps cosmetics in perfect shape and saves your bottle for re-use.

We live in a society that embraces a throwaway culture. Tired of these jeans? Throw them in the trash; buy some new ones. Worse still, we throw away the packaging with every new item we buy. It’s no wonder our planet is suffering. Plastic bottles are some of the worst offenders. Thankfully, there is now a better way to store cosmetics.

INNERBOTTLE is a special balloon-like insert that can hold any liquid. As you use your product, the insert gradually deflates. This ensures your cosmetics stay fresh, and you are left with a clean bottle — ready to be reused or recycled.

Is there a smarter way to store cosmetics?

Although it now has a bad name, plastic is very useful stuff. It’s lighter than metal and wood, yet relatively strong and flexible. In fact, the problem with plastic is that it’s too durable. Instead of breaking down over time, it gradually crumbles over decades.

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INNERBOTTLE makes zero waste

INNERBOTTLE allows us to get full value for the plastic we create. This innovative liner allows you to use your cosmetics bottles for longer, and recycle them more easily. Aimed at businesses rather than consumers, this startup aims to reduce landfill without costing the earth.

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How does a bottle liner work?

INNERBOTTLE comes in two parts: the liner and a bottle. The liner looks a bit like a deflated balloon, and the opening attaches to the top of the bottle. This flexible container can hold any liquid or viscous product. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will receive a bottle filled with high-quality hand and body lotion.

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You can store cosmetics of all kinds with INNERBOTTLE

Having filled the INNERBOTTLE liner, you simply use your cosmetics as normal. A double silicone skin holds the product securely, and the liner will naturally shrink as the liquid level decreases. This pushes the remaining product up to the surface, meaning you can use every last drop.

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Place the liner inside your bottle

Once you have emptied the liner, you can remove and dispose of it. The silicone can be safely incinerated or recycled into silicone oil, meaning there’s nothing to bury in landfill.

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Simply remove the liner and start again

In addition, the plastic bottle remains clean and ready to re-use. When it finally starts to wear, the plastic will be in perfect shape for recycling.

“INNERBOTTLE leaves no residue, nothing but a clean empty bottle after use, and we provide a recycle and re-use friendly packaging.”

“Innerbottle solution leaves less than 2% of residue. This not only provides satisfied user experience but also contributes to environmental protection.” — INNERBOTTLE

Zero waste

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Don’t let you moisturizer go to waste

Anything that can keep Earth clean is good in our book. Better still, INNERBOTTLE helps you use up every last drop of your expensive moisturizer.

Future designs

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We’re interested to see how the technology develops

At the moment, INNERBOTTLE is mostly aimed at businesses wanting to package cosmetics. But in time, we hope the same technology will become more useful for consumers.


– Kickstarter: Until August 11th

– Pledge: $15 USD

– Delivery: November 2019

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