The best home office setup ideas for under $200

Working from home has plenty of perks and being allowed to design your own space is certainly one of them. Being on a budget can feel limiting, but these home office setup ideas will keep your balance in check while upgrading your workspace.

The best home office setup ideas for under $200
Home office setup ideas for under $200
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Working from home gives you all the freedom you don’t get from a traditional office. You can choose all your furniture, where to sit, when to sit, and how you want to sit. While the big-ticket items are essential, details down to your gadgets and technology can make or break your home office.

And, sticking to a budget when revamping your space is even trickier. We scoured the internet for all the best home office setup ideas for under $200 so you can be as productive as possible without spending too much.

Twelve South Fermata Wireless Headphone Charging Stand

A great home office setup is all about combining functions into sleek designs. The Fermata Headphone stand lifts your headphones clean off your desk for safe and secure storage. But, it also has a built-in charging system with an internal power cord. You can even plug in your USB cable to use it to also charge your smartphone.
Price: $79.99

Proper iPhone Desk Stand Elegant Smartphone Holder

Style, meet function. Function, meet style. Elegant doesn’t even begin to describe the Proper iPhone Desk Stand. It’s exceptionally sleek and modern, all while elevating your iPhone to the perfect height and angle. You can charge, view notifications, and even video chat without having to fiddle with your device.
Price: $70

UPERGO Standing Desk Converter

Is a standing desk outside your budget? Rather than shell out hundreds, the UPERGO Standing Desk Converter comes in at a cool $99.99. It’s designed to sit on top of your existing desk and transform into a standing desk as and when you need. It extends upwards from 2.2 inches to 16.9 inches and can hold up to 25 lbs. on its 20×30-inch worktop.
Price: $99.99

Henge Docks Stone USB-C Tethered Docking Station

With a fully kitted-out home office comes the need for ports. The Henge Docks Stone USB-C tethered docking station lets you connect everything you require. With eight different ports, there’s nothing you can’t connect. It also comes in a beautiful color to fit in with your Apple products.
Price: $199

Creative Pebble Plus USB-Connected Desktop Speakers

Do you still use those archaic desktop speakers from college? Or worse, do you rely on the speakers in your laptop? It’s way past time to upgrade, my friend. The Creative Pebble Plus offer superior sound in a compact footprint, all at an exceptionally reasonable price.
Price: $51

Grovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad

You may already have the essentials, but what makes a home office great is the fact that it’s home-y. With the Wool Felt Desk Pad, you can add some sophistication and style to your space. Featuring wool and leather, it provides a safe spot for your laptop, mouse, keyboard, and anything else you want within arm’s reach. It also comes in plenty of varying sizes to fit your desk perfectly.
Price: $120

Grovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad

A perfect desk setup with the Grovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad

NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi 6 Router

What can you possibly get done with internet that lags? Nothing. Instead, go for the NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi 6. This modern router distributes its signal far and wide so you can get work done anywhere in your home. You get reliable gigabit internet everywhere from your home office to your bedroom to your basement.
Price: $198.99

BenQ WiT e-Reading Desk Lamp

One great perk of working from home is never having to deal with harsh overhead fluorescent lighting. But, you still need to find a suitable light source (grabbing the lamp from your bedroom won’t cut it). The WiT e-Reading Desk Lamp is designed to the finest detail for working in front of screens. Plus, it’s lengthy design means it illuminates your entire desk at once, giving you the full picture.
Price: $149

Workhow Decade Planner Calendar

Have you figured out your five-year plan? What about your ten-year plan? With the Workhow Decade Planner, you can. This impressively compact calendar shows a full decade all in one place. Organized by year and month, it has as scroll design, displaying two full years at once. You can add in goals, tasks, dreams, and anything else to keep you motivated.
Price: $99.99

Workhow Decade Planner Calendar

The Workhow Decade Planner Calendar displays a ten-year planning slot

NightFox Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Desk space is valuable real estate so you need to choose how you outfit it wisely. The NightFox is a compact keyboard that gives you everything you need in less space. It’s also totally programmable, so you can create the ideal layout of keys, ensuring you’re as productive as possible. It’s lightweight and comes with a long cable so you can put it where you need it.
Price: $189.99

Revolution Focus Standing Desk Balance Board

You already know a standing desk has it’s benefits, but how you stand at your desk is just as important. The Revolution Focus is a balance board that engages your entire body. It works by activating your core muscles as you balance. And, its base is an air cushion that you can adjust to continue to challenge yourself.
Price: $149.95

What are some must-haves in your home office? Let us know in the comments!

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