Is working remotely easier than going to an office?

Working remotely certainly has its perks. You can work from anywhere or even in your pyjamas. However, some think that this style of work can heavily reduce productivity. We're here to prove otherwise.

Is working remotely easier than going to an office?
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Being a part of a remote team with people from over eight countries in the world, we can vouch for the fact that you can be extremely productive while working remotely. Although this form of working sounds quite aloof from the usual cacophony of a day-job, 34% of U.S. workers want the flexibility of working from home sometime in their life. Again, there are people who can’t believe how this form of work can actually be effective for a large corporation. They are never convinced enough to believe that communication and productivity are irrelevant to the way you work. Even if you live miles apart, the internet has made it pretty easy for you to stay in touch as well as sync your workflow with the rest of the team.

Only 3% U.S. workers have remote jobs

Only 3% U.S. workers have remote jobs

We agree with Brain de Haaff who wrote on the Aha! blog:

If you have never been a part of an all-remote team, it might seem hard to imagine that any company with 50 or more people could work this way.

Remote vs. in-house office workers

Less than 3% of the working population in the U.S. is engaged in a remote job. Naturally, it seems obvious to not expect too much productivity from this way of work. But, we disagree because:

– It boosts your creative skills since you get to work from anywhere that inspires you. Usually, this is an area in the house or outdoors where you feel the most productive. Compared to some cubicle in an office, this seems like a far better option for our minds.

– A remote job usually allows you to schedule your work day based on your preferences. Whether it’s because you have to run errands or simply want to sleep an hour more, it gives you the liberty to work at your own pace.

– Since remote workers are working from home most of the time, their expenses on travel are far less than those who head to an office every day.

– Remote workers are always working by themselves. This means less distraction from fellow colleagues and more productivity at work.

– Since remote teams mostly hire around the world, it’s more like working in a multi-cultural atmosphere. Although, we won’t deny that is the case in many offices of big corporations these days.

How do you stay on the same page with others in a remote job?

One of the biggest challenges remote teams face is staying in sync with each other. Thanks to our smart devices, the internet, and loads of online tools, managing a remote team has now become a lot easier. Here are some apps and tools we use to communicate and sync our tasks every day:

  1. Slack – The go-to place for communication, sharing quick docs, or having virtual coffees with your teammates.
  2. Trello – The common board in the team where we put our ideas or check the progress of tasks across team members.
  3. Intercom – To ensure our globally-spread customer support team is always in touch with each other as well as our customers.
  4. Podio – More like a task-management platform for each team member as well a statistical data analyzer for our company’s growth.
  5. Google Drive – Well, no team can run without using one of Google’s amazing tools, can they?

Gadgets for Remote Workers

TP-Link 4K Wi-Fi Range Extender
Plugging into your outlet, this extender is complete with three different external antennas. These all work together to bring a strong connection to every corner of the house.

Funxim Wireless Apple Charging Mat
Sleek and minimalist, this charging station offers you a spot for your iPhone/iPod as well as your Apple Watch. The Funxim Charging Mat uses super-fast Qi charging capability. As soon as you put your smartphone in place, it instantly begins to charge.

Minimalist charging station

Minimalist charging station

Grovemade Cork and Aluminum Desk Tray
Sleek and minimalist, this is the perfect addition to your desk without adding to the clutter. Within the tray are multiple pockets for even more organization. The main compartment is 7.8 inches wide and 4.25 inches long.

Keep your desk organized

Keep your desk organized

TimeFlip Time-Tracking Device
Fun and easy to use, this clever system gives you a physical interaction with time. TimeFlip is a dodecahedron; it has ten different sides. Throughout your day, you flip the device over to keep track of the task at hand.

Working remotely is slowly expanding its way in the global workforce. We won’t deny the fact that in-office jobs help you bond with your colleagues. Nevertheless, team retreats and video-calls aren’t that bad a substitution!

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