The best iPad keyboards and accessories for working on the go

Like working on the go but hate typing on your tablet? We’ve got just the thing: an iPad keyboard. They attach seamlessly, giving you full access to all the keys you need without cramping your space with all the keys you don’t.

The best iPad keyboards and accessories for working on the go
Best iPad Keyboards & Accessories
  • Where can I find more iPad accessories? We’ve curated the best iPad accessories you can get for your iPad from our category here.
  • Where I can find more accessories for digital nomads? Work comfortably from anywhere in the world with these accessories for digital nomads curated by the Gadget Flow team.
  • How can I be more productive at work? They say short breaks more often can help you be more productive at work. But, that isn’t all it takes. No matter your job, it sometimes requires a bit more motivation to stay on task at work. Don’t worry – technology is here to help.

Thanks to technology, more of us are able to work beyond just at our desks. From working on the train on your commute home to working on the plane before you set off on vacation — the world is our office.

While working remotely is loaded with benefits (hello, working in pajamas!), a laptop can sometimes be too cumbersome. For those of you who work on your iPad, you’ll know the struggles of typing emails and proposals on the screen.

We’ve got all the best iPad keyboards to help you work more efficiently on the go, wherever you go.

And, beyond keyboards, there are plenty of other iPad accessories that can take your tablet to all-new levels of productivity. From the Apple Pencil to finding just the right sleeve, we’ve got it all.

Logitech Slim Folio Pro iPad Pro Keyboard Case

The first of quite a few of Logitech devices on this list, Slim Folio Pro is the ultimate keyboard for the iPad Pro. Not only does it provide you with all the keys you need, but it also gives you all the space you need without being cumbersome. In fact, you can type efficiently and easily, and just as fast as you would on your laptop. Even with the perfectly spaced keys, the Slim Folio Pro doesn’t compromise on its small footprint. Instead, it maximizes the space for the keys and remains impressively slim. Likewise, it also features a case design so it protects your iPad Pro display when you’re off the clock.

Logitech CREATE Case and Keyboard for iPad Pro

With a plug-and-play design, the Logitech CREATE seamlessly connects to your iPad Pro thanks to the Apple Smart Connector. Once in place, you get effortless connectivity that doesn’t require Bluetooth or charging. Great for creatives, CREATE is complete with full-sized keys as well as adjustable backlighting. You can fine-tune the lighting to suit your needs whether you’re working in the dark or in the full morning sun. Likewise, the backlighting instantly illuminates once the iPad Pro and the CREATE Keyboard connect. Plus, there’s a small ridge for using the case-keyboard combo as a built-in stand.

Zagg iPad Keyboard Cases

Featuring three different options, the Zagg iPad Keyboard Cases have something for everyone whether you’re a student, professional, creative, or work solely while you’re on the move. The Slim Book Go offers all-over protection and is great for casual users. The Rugged Book Go, on the other hand, has plenty of protection. It’s even been tested to withstand the impact of a 6.6-foot drop. Both of these models have detachable keyboards so you can use your iPad without it if you’re tight on space. With a built-in stand, these two cases provide just the right angle. Finally, the Messenger Folio has an all-in-one design with laptop-style keys. This also pairs with a built-in stand design for easy viewing.

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio Full-Size iPad Pro Keyboard

If you’re already a fan of Apple products, you might as well stick to what you love. The Smart Keyboard Folio provides a full-sized keyboard to your iPad Pro. Unlike other iPad keyboards, this one defies the standard of miniature keys and goes for full size. Connecting seamlessly, the exceptionally thin keyboard measures the same thickness as the iPad Pro. Effectively, it simply doubles the size of your tablet and nothing more. Also helping retain the slim design is the sleek attachment. Of course, it sports the iconic deep gray to fit right in with the rest of your work accessories whether they’re from Apple or a 3rd party. Coming in 15 different language options, it’s a truly global keyboard.

Brydge 9.7 Modular iPad Keyboard

You may have opted for the compact 9.7-inch iPad, but that doesn’t mean your fingers enjoy typing on it. The Brydge 9.7 is a modular keyboard that gives your fingers all the space they need to get the job done. The full QWERTY keyboard takes on a traditional Apple-inspired design. The keys even come with backlighting to help guide you no matter the lighting conditions around you. If that wasn’t enough, this spiffy keyboard sports a 180-degree rotation, giving you the right angle right when you need it. Weighing only 18 ounces, it’s a great and simple addition to your everyday carry for when you’re working on the go.

Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro

For those with the 11-inch iPad Pro, Apple also has a Smart Keyboard Folio version for you. The iconically slim design is easy to attach and detach as you need. Yet when in place, it remains sleek and slim while offering all-over protection. The keys on this keyboard folio are a bit smaller than what you’re used to. However, this helps the folio achieve its exceptionally slim figure. The Smart Keyboard Folio is easy to prop up so you can see your iPad Pro at the best angle. Plus, when propped up, the case provides a steady base so you can rest your iPad Pro on your desk, table, bed, lap, or anywhere else you see fit to work.

Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case for Apple iPad Pro

If you find yourself working from home quite a bit, you might also find yourself opting for working on the couch. There’s no shame in seeking comfort when completing tasks. If that’s the case, check out the Mechanical Keyboard Case from Razer. Designed for the iPad Pro, this full-sized keyboard case gives you everything you love about typing on your laptop or computer. The mechanical switches provide tactical and audible feedback with every keystroke, improving your efficiency and accuracy. Even so, the keyboard is surprisingly slim. Plus, built into the back is a kickstand for keeping your iPad at the right angle. Coming from Razer, you already know this keyboard is using the highest quality materials and switches. There are even 20 different brightness levels to choose from to cater to the ever-changing lighting of your day.

Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard and Case for iPad

There’s compact and then there’s the Belkin QODE iPad Keyboard and Case. Enhancing your work on a tablet, the keyboard as just they keys you need to make light of everything from research to emails to paper-writing. With a wireless connection, it syncs instantly with your iPad, giving you immediate access. Plus, this also means that you could technically remove it from your iPad entirely and work separately. Of course, we do recommend keeping them intact. The reason is that the QODE Keyboard also functions as a protective case. When it’s time to hit the road, simply fold up the case and you’re on your way.

Penna Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

Looking to stand out with your iPad? Look no further than the Penna Retro Bluetooth Keyboard. Complete with all the QWERTY keys you need (and then some), this vintage-inspired keyboard is unlike any other you’ve seen. It’s totally wireless as it connects via Bluetooth. It also looks just like a traditional typewriter. Although, you’ll notice one major difference: in place of a lever is a slot for your iPad. Featuring mechanical keys, you’ll love the tactile feedback each one provides. Incredibly, it also has a retro-inspired lever on the side that can save your favorite key commands. A simple press is just like a shortcut on a regular keyboard. Pairing with up to three devices at once, the Penna Keyboard requires just two AA batteries to function for an entire six months.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

If all you need is the set of QWERTY keys, the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard does just the trick. As the name implies, this keyboard has a universal design. In addition to using it with your iPad, you can use it with just about any other Bluetooth device including your smartphone, laptop, and desktop. As a great all-around keyboard, it provides a quick and seamless Bluetooth connection. It’s impressively thin at just 5mm thick. And, the rechargeable battery will last you up to three months on a single charge, offering you total peace of mind. When your work is done for the day, the Universal Keyboard simply folds away. Complete with a durable hinge system, the 10mm thick folded device can easily fit into your pocket or bag.

The best iPad accessories

Of course, a great keyboard isn’t the only thing that can improve your remote work. The iPad is rife with compatible accessories, all designed to make you more productive whether you’re working on the train, on a plane, or on the couch. Here are our top picks.

Swiftpoint GT Ergonomic iPad Travel Mouse

Made with the human hand in mind, the Swiftpiont GT is an ergonomic travel mouse designed specifically for your iPad. It allows you to hold the mouse just like you would a pencil, giving you an ergonomic and comfortable grip. Likewise, it gives you instant full access to your iPad, all without having to touch the screen. You can swipe through applications, photos, and click around with ease. It even supports touch gestures for a totally intuitive experience. Perfect for digital nomads, the Swiftpoint GT has rapid charge technology. In just 30 seconds, you get 1 full hour of use. With two hours of charging, this clever mouse will last you weeks.

PurePort Cleaning Multi-Tool for iPhone and iPad

Have you ever looked in the charging port of your iPad? If you haven’t, you probably should. Unless you’re experiencing charging issues, you probably don’t even know just how dirty it can be. PurePort is a multi-tool that cleans out the multiple ports and small areas of your iPad. There are seven different tools in one, all providing a different job. From your Lightning port to your 3.5mm jack to your speakers and switches, gunk buildup can happen anywhere. Simply remove the cap of the tool you need and use it to clear away any buildup. Thanks to the exceptionally small design, these nifty little tools can get into every nook and cranny. And, even with seven tools in one, the PurePort remains superbly compact meaning you can take it everywhere.

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

Ultimately, there’s no better tool to have with your iPad than the Apple Pencil. This mighty stylus gets better with every new release. It sports a cylindrical touch sensor which means you get unprecedented control. Along with that, it responds to gestures for simplicity with any task. The Apple Pencil conveniently sticks right to the side of your iPad when it’s not in use, meaning it’ll always be right where you left it. This handy storage system also charges the Apple Pencil.

Alto Leather Clutch Elegant iPad Pro Case

What would an iPad accessories list be without a beautiful case? The Leather Clutch from Alto ticks all the boxes when it comes to style and ability. Available in stunningly modern colors, this case works with the 9.7″, 10.5″, and the 11″ iPads. What’s more, the case also doubles as a clutch so you can carry your iPad with total confidence. There’s a wrist strap to keep things secure which you can also fold out of the way for convenience. With a clutch as inspiration, there’s also space inside for your cash, cards, and accessories.

Do you have any gadgets or accessories that help you while working on the go? Let us know in the comments!

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