The Copenhagen Wheel Brings Smart Electrical Magic to Your Bicycle

The Copenhagen Wheel Brings Smart Electrical Magic to Your Bicycle

There’s nothing like spending a relaxing day bicycling around the countryside. It not only helps you be at par with your fitness regime but also keeps your mind fresh and sound after undergoing a busy schedule throughout the week. I always envy those who get to experience this kind of mental freshness on their bicycles every now and then which, am afraid, is so unlikely to expect in a busy metropolitan city! In fact, every time I come across the bicycling culture of Denmark, I feel as if this is what transportation should be like. No offense to those who prefer automobiles but you’ve got to agree that sometimes a simple bicycle is all you need to move from one location to another.

Specifically, with the new range of bike accessories we have today, bicycling is a lot more fun than it was before. To top it all up is the use of smart technology that has made a bike lover’s life as easy as it could be. For example, you have efficient rear-view trackers, smart bike locks, saddle and bike locks and The Copenhagen Wheel. The latter, you see, is nothing short of a bike revolution on the streets. Coming with an an exclusive license from MIT, the team behind Superpedestrian is here to transform the concept of bicycling forever! One look will tell you that this wheel isn’t just an ordinary one.

The Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian review

Ride Like a Smart Hero

The Copenhagen Wheel is capable of turning your ordinary bicycle into a smart electric hybrid. By smart I mean that this wheel will learn how you pedal and integrate seamlessly with your motion. That way, you’ll be able to multiply your pedal power from 3X-10X. Bicycling with this wheel is going to be a stunning experience altogether.

The Copenhagen Wheel smart electric hybrid for your bike

It contains a set of motors, batteries, multiple sensors, wireless connectivity, and an embedded control system which is what gives you the boost as you pedal. As quoted on The Guardian, “The Copenhagen Wheel could help get more people on their bikes, while also giving urban planners the data they need to make cities more bicycle friendly.”

bike wheel

Excellent Biking Features On Your Way

Riders will experience a faster and easier mode of biking on The Copenhagen Wheel because instead of using a throttle, this wheel boosts riders by measuring their effort. When braking or going down hill, the energy is stored in the integrated lithium battery pack. By using the Superpedestrian app on your smartphone, you’ll be able to vary the level of power assistance depending on your requirements.

The Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian mobile app

The design is completely wireless and very eye-catching which is not only going to electrically empower your bikes and your riding but also look great at the same time. You have to twist two nuts, install the wheel, download the app and that’s about it. You and your Copenhagen Wheel experience starts there on!

The Copenhagen Wheel by Superpedestrian

The app comes with an array of interesting features. This includes locking/unlocking your wheel, choosing amongst a menu of customizable rides, and tracking personal usage statistics including time, distance, calories burned, elevation climbed and more, all of which can be compared and shared with friends. The Copenhagen Wheel SDK will also enable developers to come up with a number of interesting applications in order to enhance your riding experience altogether.

The Copenhagen Wheel bike wheel

You can’t call the Copenhagen Wheel just another electric bike invention. The fact that it can be accommodated in your daily lifestyle so easily is what makes this bike wheel a must-have for every rider. We know that wheels have evolved with us and it’s time it should go smart and take us on a more technologically sound ride every day. Available for pre-order at $949 (wheel or SDK), you should make your city’s bicycle culture worth admiring right now! Happy Gadgeting!

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