This electromagnetic guitar pick lets you strum without touching the strings

Want to give your fans an unbelievable musical performance? Add the X Pick to your collection of stage gadgets. This pick's not magic, though; it's science.

This electromagnetic guitar pick lets you strum without touching the strings
X Pick plays your guitar via an electromagnetic field

Play your guitar in a new way with the X Pick multi-effect guitar & bass pick. Relying on magnetism that’s been calibrated to the extreme, this electromagnetic guitar pick lets you play without touching the strings.

As a musician, you’re always looking for new ways to captivate your audience, whether it’s an outrageous hairdo, trendsetting outfit, or inventive move. Well, the X Pick multi-effect guitar & bass pick certainly helps with the latter.

Its magnetic fields let you play your instrument without touching its strings—yes, really. It seems like magic, but it’s just science. Let’s check out this pick!

What is the X Pick guitar & bass pick?

Made from neodymium, the X Pick can perform some pretty cool tricks on your guitar, like playing it from afar. Yes, you won’t even have to touch the strings when you have this pick; simply strum about 5 inches away from the strings.

How does this electromagnetic guitar pick work?

According to the creators, the X Pick uses the same mechanics that make electric instruments work: magnetism and electromagnetism. So the pick gives you more ways for the sound to travel, which is more natural for an electric instrument.

X Pick in a YouTube video

What is this futuristic guitar pick made of?

We already mentioned the neodymium material. But the X Pick also has a coating called Ni-Cu-Ni or Ni-CU-Ni Epoxy, or Ni-Cu-Ni Gold. So it’s a nickel-copper-nickel composition with a final layer of either epoxy resin or gold, giving your fingers more grip and protection from wear.

How does axial magnetization work?

Meanwhile, the pick has an axial magnetization, featuring 2 polarities above and below the magnet. This allows the pick to work on any type of pickup.

With the axial magnetization, you can interact with the pickup’s electromagnetic field using the tip of the pick, which has a neodymium magnet.

The company has posted a cool video on its Indiegogo page showing how this electromagnetic guitar pick’s magnetic fields work. Using iron powder, you can see them in action, dynamically and statically, which is worth checking out.

What techniques can you perform with this cool guitar pick?

And because of all the science, the X Pick performs a range of cool tricks. In fact, the creators divide them into 2 categories: techniques on the strings and distance techniques. The distance techniques can be divided into 2 additional categories: slap techniques on magnetic fields and modulation techniques on magnetic fields.

Techniques on the strings

The strings techniques include E. Violin, Sustainer, Slide, Tappick, Octaver, Powerful, and Pick Attack. They’re different ways of manipulating the guitar’s strings via the magnetic field.

So if you use the Octaver technique, for instance, you can create a rich, full-bodied sound by sliding the pick over the strings. This allows you to play off-scale notes with power.

Or, if you use the Electric Violin technique, you rub on the string super gently—because the more you press, the less the string will play. A gentle technique attracts the string more and allows it to vibrate automatically.

Distance techniques

With the magnetic fields created by this electromagnetic guitar pick, you can play a note or a cord without touching the guitar. All you have to do is slap the pickup’s electromagnetic fields with the pick’s magnetic fields, which causes them to vibrate. So let’s meet some of these amazing techniques.

As mentioned above, these techniques can be divided into 2 additional groups: slapping and modulating. According to the creators, slap techniques are ones to use if you want to leave your audience speechless.

So, in this group of techniques, the X Pick acts as an electromagnetic switch for the pickup’s frequencies. You can hit notes in the air at the speed of light. It’ll feel like you’re hitting your guitar or bass with a pick, but you’re just slapping the electromagnetic field.

It’s the same deal for Chords, Trills, Scratches, etc.

Modulation techniques on magnetic fields require you to manipulate the magnetic fields from within. In the Tremolo technique, for example, you can position the pick near your desired pickup. At this point, you can plug the cord or single note and it’ll begin to move or tremble.

This is how you create the Tremolo, simulating a guitar lever which is especially useful for guitars that don’t have a lever.

This group of techniques also includes Reverse, Whistle Control, and Brushes Effect, making it possible to create many guitar effects.

Read our final thoughts

The X Pick is the way to go if you want to leave your audience in awe. Using electromagnetic fields combined with a magnetic pick, it creates some seriously dramatic effects. Use it for a creative performance your fans won’t believe.

Want to help bring the X Pick to life? Preorder it for $38.09 on Indiegogo.

What music gadgets and accessories do you use and love? Let us know about them in the comment section below.

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