Jamstik 12 is an exciting new MIDI instrument for guitar heroes

On most days, carrying around a full-size electric guitar is not practical. But with Jamstik’s new MIDI instrument, you can easily shred on the subway.

Jamstik 12 is an exciting new MIDI instrument for guitar heroes
  • What is a MIDI instrument? MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. In the same way that USB allows devices to talk to one another, MIDI allows musical instruments to communicate.
  • What can I do with a MIDI guitar? Along with audio, a MIDI guitar actually records the strings you play. This means you can add different voices and change the notes after the performance.
  • Which MIDI guitar should I buy? If you’re already a skilled player, you’ll love the new Jamstik 12.

For some people, music is like a life-enhancing drug. You can spot these souls on the subway. They are the ones absentmindedly drumming on their thighs or practicing chords on an imaginary fretboard.

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Time for something different

For all the frustrated guitar heroes out there, Jamstik 12 is a dream come true. This portable MIDI instrument plays just like a full-size guitar, but it’s small enough to fit in your backpack. It also has a touch-sensitive fingerboard, and pickups with optical sensors for incredible precision. This really is the ultimate tool for music making on the go.

How to practice guitar anywhere

When your first love is music, the days can feel very long. While your colleagues are content to spend their lunch breaks scrolling through Facebook, you’re yearning for your six-string baby.

The new Jamstik 12 is the ideal instrument for practicing at work and home. This beauty measures just 24.5 inches long, but you can shred it like a Fender. While your fingers dance on the 12 frets, your plectrum finds physical feedback in the six D’Addario strings. The new Jamstik also utilizes FretTouch Finger Sensing Technology and Infrasense Optical String Pickups to keep up with your riffs.

[tweet_box]With Jamstik’s new MIDI instrument, you can easily shred on the subway. It also has USB and MIDI outputs, making this smart guitar very useful in the studio.[/tweet_box]

Just as importantly, it has USB and MIDI outputs, making this smart guitar very useful in the studio.

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Essential studio equipment

Why do I need a MIDI instrument?

A MIDI connection allows your instrument to talk to your computer or mobile device. Rather than simply recording the audio, you now have a record of every note. Using your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of choice, you can then experiment with different voices and even adjust the timing.

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Make music at home

Versatile frets

You don’t actually need to be an expert player to benefit from owning the new Jamstik. In fact, previous versions of the smart guitar were specifically designed for this purpose.

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Learn from scratch

After you download the companion app, you can connect the Jamstik 12 to your phone via Bluetooth to access great lessons. That super-sensitive fingerboard provides awesome feedback for new players, and the app has loads of tunes to try.

“The Jamstik 12 is designed as a no-compromise MIDI controller that simply, “works” with the studios and production software producer-guitarists are used to. Finally, a way for guitarists to express themselves the way keyboardists and drummers have been able to for years.” — Zivix on IndieGoGo

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Sweet music

What we ❤

This MIDI instrument is an awesome tool for any budding musician or music producer. It’s also very compact, with wireless connectivity for total freedom of movement.

Worth the upgrade?

If you’re a complete beginner, you might prefer the smaller Jamstik 7. You sacrifice five frets, but it’s smaller for carrying around and only half the price.


– IndieGoGo: Until June 2nd

– Pledge: $349 USD

– Delivery: August 2018

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