This flying disc and boomerang duo will change the way you play flying games with LEDs

Love Ultimate and other flying games? The Boomerang and Flying Disc duo boast super bright LEDs and are ideal for professional and casual play.

This flying disc and boomerang duo will change the way you play flying games with LEDs
TOSY Flying Duo Boomerang and Flying Disc combo

Transform the way you play your flying games with the TOSY Flying Duo Boomerang and Flying Disc. This boomerang and flying disk duo have built-in LEDs, are rechargeable, and allow for diverse gaming styles. It’s ideal for professional-level playing and summertime fun with the family.

Are you an avid Ultimate or boomerang player? Then you’ll want to have a look at this boomerang and flying disc duo. Both boast impressively bright LEDs for eye-catching play. Meanwhile, the Disc boasts timer modes while the boomerang’s return feature ensures it comes right back to you. Yes, really.

So, without any further ado, let’s inspect these cool games.

TOSY Flying Duo Boomerang and Flying Disc in a video

Check out the TOSY Flying Disc

The TOSY Flying Disc is one incredible flying game, and it’s packed with features. Here are some of our favorites.

This flying disc and boomerang duo will change the way you play flying games with LEDs
TOSY Flying Duo Flying Disc illuminated

360 LEDs illuminate this flying disc

Without a doubt, the TOSY Flying Disc’s most impressive feature is its 360 ultrabright LEDs. They’re integrated right into the disc. And when you illuminate them, this disc dominates the playing field. Whether you play in a dark basement or a dark field, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

2 professional timer modes add to the challenge

The Professional Ultimate 10″ or Ultimate 7″ modes up the ante of your play. In these modes, once you pick up or catch your Disc, the light blinks 9 or 6 times. This means the disc is counting the seconds. At the 10 or 7 second mark, the lights flash to signal that it’s time to toss the disc to another player. This way, players don’t have to waste time arguing about stalls.

4 other timer modes provide flexibility

Not everyone wants the pressure of a professional mode, and that’s fine. With this Flying Disc, modes 3,4, and 5 let you decide how long the light stays on after someone throws it—anywhere from 0 seconds to 10 minutes. This is ideal for families who might want to play slowly for young learners.

6 levels of brightness let you customize your game

Sometimes you want to play on a lit court while other times you want to play on the neighborhood football field after sundown. No matter what environment you want to play in, the Flying Disc rises to the occasion with its 6 levels of brightness. They can match any environment you choose. Just be forewarned that the Extreme level is quite a game changer.

A 175-gram weight is ideal for Ultimate

Want to add the TOSY Flying Disc to your Ultimate games? Weighing 175 grams, it’s the ideal weight. You can also expect it to be well-balanced during a proper throw and to fly straight. Moreover, it’s heavy enough to gain momentum and complete long-distance throws.

Have a look at the TOSY Boomerang

The second part of this flying disc and boomerang duo is, of course, the TOSY Boomerang. It’s quite a bit different from the boomerangs you probably owned as a child. This one’s curved and actually returns to you. Here are some of its best features.

The exact return feels so satisfying

Your childhood boomerangs probably didn’t return so easily. Actually, tossing a boomerang requires some skill, but the TOSY Boomerang’s included launcher helps you master the throw in no time. Soon, you and your friends will see how satisfying it is to launch a boomerang and watch it return to you.

The LEDs light up automatically

Throwing this boomerang creates an impressive light show that even passersby will want to stop and watch. That’s because when you throw the Boomerang portion of this flying disc and boomerang duo, it lights up automatically. That’s right. there are no settings to fiddle with. Simply toss this boomerang in the air and enjoy the lights.

The circular shape is safe and easy to catch

Another problem with the traditional boomerang is its shape. Those two wings can easily injure your hand if you don’t catch it in just the right way. For that reason, this duo’s creators developed a circular boomerang. It’s easy to catch. That way, the whole family can play without any safety concerns.

Take this flying game gear anywhere

You’ll appreciate the fact that this flying disc and boomerang duo fit easily inside each other for storage and portability. In fact, you can take the Boomerang, Launcher, and Flying Disc pretty much anywhere you want to play.

Choose game equipment with rechargeable batteries

The TOSY Flying Duo Boomerang and Flying Disc are easy to own. Both recharge via USB-Type C, so you don’t have to worry about replacing any batteries. Depending on your timer mode and brightness level, the Flying Disc fully recharges in about 30 minutes and lasts for hours. Meanwhile, the Boomerang also charges in 30 minutes and lasts for 45 minutes of play.

Play with this duo next to water

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, the waterproof rating for both game gear pieces is currently being tested. However, their materials are buoyant, allowing them to float if they happened to land in a pool or the sea. Finally, the Disc withstands high impacts, and the LEDs won’t break while you play.

Are you ready to take your flying games to a whole new level? This Flying Disc and Boomerang duo support play that’s anything but boring. With their LEDs and top-quality features, you’ll have hours of professional or old-fashioned fun.

Typically, the TOSY Flying Duo Boomerang and Flying Disc cost $120; you can preorder them for $96 on Kickstarter. What are your favorite outdoor games? Tell us about them in the comments.

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