TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND review: an 8-in-1 adjustable laptop stand

Say goodbye to neck and shoulder pain during laptop work with the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND. It has flexible height and angle adjustment, and it comes with an awesome 8-in-1 hub.

TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND review: an 8-in-1 adjustable laptop stand
TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND works with laptops and tablets

Set yourself up for success with the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND 8-in-1 multitasking laptop stand. Far from an ordinary laptop stand, it has a built-in hub, adjustable angles, and compatibility with other devices.

Tired of hunching over your laptop everyday? I know I am. And, since I sometimes leave my home office to work in a different environment, I’m always on the lookout for a good portable stand.

Over the years, I’ve tried pretty much everything, from compact folding stands to static ones made of bamboo. And they’ve all had their good points. But I have yet to find one that offers both portability and true ergonomics.

Well, I may have stumbled on what I’m looking for with the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND. It folds into a slim shape, has just about the most adjustable height I’ve ever seen, and—to cap it all off—an 8-in-1 detachable hub.

Love the sound of it? Then stay with me as I explore this new laptop stand.


Stay connected with the 8-in-1 detachable hub

Even when I set up shop in a café for the day, I want to connect to all my peripherals. So my laptop bag is usually full of wires and other devices I think I may need.

And that’s where the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND’s 8-in-1 detachable hub comes in handy. Arguably the stand’s most important feature, it comes with SD and TF slots, a 3.5 mm audio jack, an HDMI port based on the USB Type-C interface, a PD port, 2 USB 3.0 Type-A ports, and 1 USB Type-C port.

So it has all of the ports the typical professional or student needs to get their work done. You can say goodbye to carrying around multiple cords and external hubs for your laptop because this stand already has what you need.

But that’s not all. This hub actually sits in the stand portion of the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND, keeping your cords and smaller devices out of the way while you work. Imagine working without all the wire clutter!

Even better, the entire hub detaches from the back of the stand and can travel separately with you and your laptop, if need be. It’s a great option if you want to take your laptop to a friend’s workstation to compare ideas quickly.

Work in comfort with this portable laptop stand

Now, moving on to my favorite feature of this stand, the ergonomics! I love my laptop, but working on it without a stand causes me to slouch, unfortunately resulting in a cramped neck. Ouch!

The only good solution is a stand, but most portable stands adjust to just one angle. Thankfully, this multitasking laptop stand is different.

It not only offers ergonomic positioning, but it also has flexible height and angle adjustment. Yes, you can adjust it to the best position for you, no matter your height or work style.

Oh yeah, and you can use the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND on a standing desk since it can raise your laptop up to 340 cm off the desk. How cool is that!

Take this compact laptop stand anywhere

If you take workations, travel for business, or go to school, you’ll appreciate the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND’S highly portable design. Folding to a compact shape that’s just an inch thick, it’s ideal for stowing in laptop bags, backpacks, and even slimmer carry solutions like document bags.

It solves the hassle of trying to work comfortably in study rooms, offices, shared workspaces, and schools because it easily goes anywhere with you and your laptop.

And, while we’re talking about ease-of-use features, you’ll also be happy to know that you can use this stand with your tablet. That way, you don’t have to take a stand for it too.


Use this premium laptop stand with computers over 5 kg

Got a beast of a laptop? As long as it doesn’t top 5 kg, this multitasking laptop stand can handle it. That’s thanks to its unique and easily adjustable joint structure, which allows it to support heavier computers.

Meanwhile, the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND also keeps your computer’s health in mind. The open window rear design allows air to circulate behind the laptop, creating a natural cooling system.

Say goodbye to bulky fan-integrated stands for good. And welcome intelligent simplicity into your life.

TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND has flexible adjustment

Enjoy a 4K@60 Hz HDMI display and 100W PD charging

Want to connect to a monitor? This multitasking laptop stand helps you do so with its HDMI connection.

Just connect the monitor’s cable to the adapter, and you can enjoy your work on ultra-sharp 4K at up to 60 Hz.

Then, to power your connected devices, simply connect a PD charger to the Power Delivery port on the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND. From there, it supplies up to 100W of power to your connected smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other devices.

Treat yourself to Apple-style premium aluminum & more

If you work from an Apple laptop, you’ll appreciate this stand’s high-quality aluminum alloy material. It blends seamlessly with the rest of your Apple products, making it look like it’s just part of the pack.

And, of course, the material itself is super durable, owing to an advanced processing technology. It not only makes this desk accessory sturdy, but it also adds a stylish look.

To top it all off, the stand has a nonslip pad, keeping it stable atop any surface, even in the face of minor bumps and shakes. And an anti-glare surface treatment keeps the surface dazzling yet gentle on the eyes.

Elevate your work with the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND

Whether you’re a student, a work-from-homer, or an on-the-go professional, this multitasking laptop stand can make your work more comfortable and convenient.

I personally love the smooth height and angle adjustments, which keep my laptop in the best position for me and my style of work. I’m also crazy about the high-quality materials and folding mechanism—nothing feels cheap here!

And, of course, multitaskers will love the detachable 8-in-1 hub with its useful ports and magnetic design. Who wouldn’t want a stand with so many capabilities?

Are you ready to work more comfortably on your laptop? Then head on over to Kickstarter and preorder the TIKTAALIK HUBSTAND today for $94. It’ll take your work setup to new heights!

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