Turn your phone into a portable 3D laser color scanner with ASCAND 3D

Want to take your 3D scans to the next level? Then check out the ASCAND 3D laser printer. It uses your phone and the cloud for high-quality 3D scans.

Turn your phone into a portable 3D laser color scanner with ASCAND 3D
ASCAND 3D scans 3D images using your smartphone

Scan 3D objects with your phone when you have the ASCAND 3D laser scanner. This innovative 3D scanner turns your phone into a professional-caliber 3D laser color scanner and is portable.

Need a 3D scanner for your work or school projects? While a 3D scanner helps, the initial investment may set you back upwards of $1,000. And then you’re stuck with whatever the latest tech was at the time of production.

Your projects deserve better, and that’s where the ASCAND 3D laser scanner comes in. Developed by a group of data scientists, software engineers, 3D modeling experts, and 3D printing enthusiasts, the ASCAND 3D works with your phone, and its technology improves with every upgrade.

Let’s check it out!

How does the ASCAND 3D work?

The ASCAND 3D comprises 3 main components—a laser-cut 3D scanner structure with a Turn Table, your phone/internet connection, and your account on the ASCAND Platform.

The 3D scanner structure has a turn table, a laser module, a block code sleeve, and a battery case. Everything that comes with your order is portable.

According to the company, this innovative 3D scanner uses laser triangulation technology and AI and computer vision algorithms that run on a scalable server network in the cloud. This grid is more powerful than what you find on traditional scanners or even chips that power the best smartphones.

To use it, simply record a video of an object on the Turn Table using your phone. When the video is complete, you’ll upload the file to your ASCAND user account. That’s it!

Once the processing is complete, you’ll get an email with a link to download your 3D model. The file also goes to your ASCAND user account. There, you can download the files or opt for further processing.

ASCAND 3D and a smartphone

Does this gadget get better over time?

The ASCAND 3D absolutely gets better over time. The company says that its capabilities increase with every phone upgrade, every improvement in cloud computing power, and each company upgrade.

So, with this innovative 3D scanner, you aren’t stuck with the technology that came in the box.

ASCAND 3D close up

What plans are available for this 3D laser scanner?

The company says its Kickstarter backers are entitled to an exclusive perpetual license for its community, standard, and advanced plans.

The Community Plan is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about 3D scanning. The 1 mm resolution is satisfactory for creating STL files and meshes for 3D printing.

Moreover, the Standard Plan is good for 3D-print fans who want to use this innovative 3D laser scanner to create 3D printable meshes and generate STL files.

Then, the Advanced Plan is best for advanced users who need high-quality 0.2 mm resolution. This plan lets users auto-merge multiple 3D scans for a complete 3-axis model showing all sides of the object.

ASCAND 3D informational video

Does the scanner come with special features?

The large Turn Table with a 200 mm diameter is pretty unique. It offers a large useable scan area of 150 x 150 x 150 mm. This gives you plenty of space to capture your object.

What’s more, the Oversampling feature combines several turns for improved resolution and vivid, detailed colors. Additionally, the Auto-Center feature lets you stop micro-measuring the center of your table and the object you want to scan.

Will this 3D scanner work with my devices?

This innovative 3D scanner is compatible with iOS, Android, desktop computers, and tablets. So it works with nearly all your devices.

Why get a 3D scanner?

3D scanning is useful in many fields. Students can 3D print clay models using 3D scanners to learn fundamental curriculum principles.

The technology has also proved its worth in Art and History professions, as it allows professionals to carry accurate, true-to-scale copies of sculptures without the risk of damaging priceless works of art.

3D scanners can also be used in medicine, engineering, design, science, VR and animation, and more. Really, if you have something you want to copy, this gadget helps.

Should you buy the ASCAND 3D?

If you’re in the market for a 3D scanner for work or school, the ASCAND 3D is a great choice. Highly portable and easy to use, this gadget makes 3D scanning as easy as taking a video.

Even better, the technology improves with every upgrade and increase in cloud power. Preorder it for about $145 on Kickstarter. What 3D scanner do you use? Tell us about your user experience!

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