How to charge all of your devices with one charger

We all want more time, more efficiency, and more stuff done. Our laptops and smart devices help us get there, with one caveat—they run out of batteries. And they each use a different cord or charger. With all the stuff you need to do each day, batteries should be the least of your worries. You need one charger you can rely on for all of your devices, wired and wireless.

How to charge all of your devices with one charger
POWME All in One USB C Hub Charger with Watch

While Macs and other devices help you get your work done, their chargers and cables are inconvenient. The POWME USB-C hub charger is the answer. It’s a power hub with ports and wireless charging designed to power all of your Apple devices and then some. So tangled cords and the stress of looking for a lost charger five minutes before you have to leave are things of the past.

Your Mac power adaptor falls out of its socket constantly. And now the laptop you thought had been charging all night is completely dead. You’re tethered to a power outlet for the rest of the morning while you work. What’s more, your smartwatch and phone also need more juice, but you have no idea where you left their chargers and cables. Sound familiar?

POWME USB C Hub Charger

POWME USB C Hub Charger Color Options

POWME is a convenient Type-C laptop charger

The POWME is a small, convenient Type-C laptop charger that gives you power from a socket or a power bank. So it can charge your MacBook, Dell XPS 15 and 13, HP Spectrex 360 15t, or any USB-Type C laptop. Its small, compact size makes it ideal for on-the-go users and avoids the clumsiness of larger Type-C chargers that often fall out of wall sockets. The POWME, however, sits nicely on your work desk. It gives you one less thing to worry about.

POWME USB C Hub Charger

POWME USB C Hub Charger Basic Color Options

This charging hub features wireless charging

Isn’t wireless charging a beautiful thing? That’s why today’s hub chargers need to be more than just a port for plugging in wires. The POWME has you covered. It features a QI charger and a wireless Apple watch charger. So it’ll charge your Apple Watch, smartphone, and AirPods wirelessly and at the same time. With the POWME USB-C hub charger, you can head to that coffee shop work session confident you’ll be able to charge any of your devices if they run out of batteries. You can leave that mountain of cables and chargers at home.

POWME USB C Hub Charger

POWME USB C Hub Charger with Laptop and Phone

The POWME Type-C charger lets you share power

Did your friend’s laptop run out of batteries in the middle of your coffee shop work session? The POWME lets you help them out. Connect your friend’s drained laptop to your charged Mac or laptop PC through one of the hub’s extra USB-C ports. Empty batteries happen. This all-in-one charging hub will keep you prepared for it so that you can collaborate longer. Gone are the days where your friend would have to run home. This all-in-one hub charger keeps you both working and enjoying your coffee.

POWME USB C Hub Charger

POWME USB C Hub Charger With Desktop Monitor

The 4K HDMI port gives you crystal clear images

Want to connect your device to a larger screen or TV monitor? The POWME’s 4K HDMI port allows you to connect to any HDMI port for amazing images. So showing those photos from your smartphone with a group on a TV screen is entirely possible. You can also connect your laptop to a larger monitor for a smoother workflow. We all know it’s more comfortable to work with bigger images. This charging hub helps you do that with a 4K connection for the best quality colors.

The POWME includes USB–A 3.1, USB QC 3.0, SD, and MicroSD port

Need to charge your devices quickly? The POWME has a green USB QC for fast charging. So your dead smartphone can be up and running again in minutes. A blue USB port provides super-fast file transfers, and the SD and MicroSD ports will let you read extra memory or camera cards wherever you are. This power hub lets you do everything while you’re on the go. The all-in-one features let you get more stuff done when you’re at your desk. So no more interrupting your work to search for cables, adaptors, and dangles. You can sit and do your work without jumping up and down.

PowMe USB C Hub Charger

POWME USB C Hub Charger Black

What we love about the POWME

We love that this hub lets you charge all of your devices—both wired and wireless—in one place. We also love that you can charge a couple of devices at the same time and share power between laptops. It keeps you prepared for empty batteries in a compact, convenient way.

What we would love to see:

The current POWME is not a power bank but needs an external source of power like a wall socket, laptop, or power bank. In future models, it would be interesting if the makers could create a hub that is also a power bank. This will allow customers even greater flexibility if they are working on-the-go.

Where to buy the POWME

You can pre-order the POWME USB-C hub charger on Kickstarter for $88 with an estimated delivery date of May 2020. It ships anywhere in the world.

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