A visual weather device that helps you get dressed in the morning

Mornings can be hectic. If you’ve got a family with kids, are a busy student, or time-strapped professional, it’s likely you’re in a rush to get out of the door every morning. And sometimes you don’t even have time to check the weather. The problem is, the weather can impact your whole day, especially if you’ve dressed for the wrong type.

A visual weather device that helps you get dressed in the morning
Weathery Visual Weather Device in White with an e-Paper Display

It happens to everyone. You look out your window in the morning and see a blue sky and lots of sunshine. Looks like another beautiful day, just like yesterday, and you dress appropriately. But the moment you step outside, you realize the temperature has dropped by ten degrees. You head back inside to grab a sweater. Luckily, with the Weathery visual weather device, you’ll never be under or overdressed for the weather again. A glance at this lightweight weather device will tell you exactly how you should dress for the day.

Images of clothes will help you tell the weather

Most of us check our to-do lists in the morning, scan the headlines, and glance at the weather for the day’s high and low temperatures. But how do those numbers translate into what clothing you should wear? This visual weather device takes the guesswork out of deciding what to wear in the morning. Instead of only displaying a number, Weatherly shows images of clothing appropriate for the weather. The pictures range from a tank top for hot summer weather to a parka with its furry hood up.

Weathery Visual Weather Device

Weathery Visual Weather Device Screen

Weatherly also shows predicted items

The makers of Weatherly know that the weather can change throughout the day. For this reason, the device will also show you items that are necessary for the day. So if Weatherly predicts rain at 2:00 p.m, the screen will show you an image of an umbrella so that you know to take one in the morning before you head out. You’ll also see images for what to wear depending on the ultraviolet light and probability of fine dust. So no more searching for the day’s extended forecast on your phone. Weatherly will show you precisely what items you’ll need throughout the day.

You can adjust settings based on your sensitivities

You can customize Weatherly’s temperature settings based on your sensitivities. Everyone has a different temperature they feel comfortable in. Some people are naturally warm all the time. Others are more sensitive to cold. Keeping this in mind, the makers of Weatherly allow you to choose how sensitive you are to heat and cold. This will affect the clothing the screen displays for you.

Change your location when you travel

Planning a trip to another region or country? Depending on where you’re traveling, the weather could be drastically different from what you experience at home. Therefore, you’ll need to pack appropriately. This weather forecasting device can help you in this situation, too. Weatherly lets you set your location so that you can receive clothing suggestions no matter where you are. This can help you plan your trip and tell you exactly how to pack your suitcase. A weather-telling gadget that makes packing for travel easier? Sign us up!

Weathery Visual Weather Device

Weathery Visual Weather Device on a Table

This weather forecasting device attaches anywhere

The Weatherly device is easy to incorporate into your life because of its convenient design. This is due to it’s small and compact size. With its included stand, you can prop it on any flat surface like the bathroom sink, your bedside table, even your bookshelf. You can also stick it to walls for weather that’s easy to glance at in the kitchen or any space that you pass first thing in the morning.

Choose a customized theme

Additionally, you’ll have your choice of images with weatherly’s diverse display themes. The options include cute, simple and more. It’s nice to have an option of what sort of clothing you’ll see. In total, this visual weather device has 600 images that will show you weather changes according to temperature, humidity, fine dust, and ultraviolet index. You know the temperature can feel differently depending on the humidity. Weatherly accounts for this.

Weathery Visual Weather Device

Weathery Visual Weather Device Design

How are the specs?

Weatherly is lightweight at 50 grams. It features wireless connectivity and includes the Weatherly app, which is free. Also, the screen is an e-ink display, and its battery can last for a year without needing to be replaced.

What we love about Weatherly

We love that this device can quickly show you the weather and suggest appropriate clothing with images. Leaving the house can be enough of a hassle without having to guess about what to wear for the weather. So a visual weather device that helps you pick out your clothes so you can get out the door faster is definitely a win.

Weathery Visual Weather Device

Weathery Visual Weather Device Screen Display

What we would love to see

To conserve battery power, Weatherly does not display the date and time. However, for a device that can be placed anywhere or stuck on a wall, including this feature would increase the device’s practicality.

Where can you buy Weatherly?

You can pre-order this visual weather device for $20 on Kickstarter.com.

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