VisualSonic Is the Most Artistic Speaker You Will Ever See

VisualSonic Is the Most Artistic Speaker You Will Ever See

Along with improved sound quality, the visual appeal of audio equipment has increased markedly over time. The bland, featureless boxes that once played host to our music collections have blossomed into sleek sculptures. Although members of this new breed are individually very beautiful, many look much the same. You can’t level this criticism at VisualSonic. This device appears to be modern wall art, until you fire up the audio technology hidden within. Suddenly, that handsome illustration becomes the life of the party.

– Wall-mounted speaker measures less than one inch thick; three designs to choose from

– Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless streaming from your phone or PC

– Rechargeable battery offers six hours of playback

A Very Artistic Speaker

Under normal circumstances, wall art is more decorative than affective. It is something that contributes to your home environment, rather than being the focal point. At most, you might use it as the backdrop for a moment of contemplation.

In contrast, music can reach out and grab your soul. Dance tracks will make you move, while ballads can cause the tears to flow.

The VisualSonic speaker brings these two very different media together. Despite measuring less than one inch thick, each music device offers impressive sound quality. You can hang this speaker anywhere, streaming tunes from your phone for six hours at a time. There aren’t even any wires to spoil the visuals.

artistic speaker 05

Discreet Sound

Not everyone has room for a seven-speaker audio multiplex. But even the smallest apartment can spare a few inches of vertical wall space. VisualSonic makes the most of this real estate.

artistic speaker 03

Beneath the frame of this slim canvas, stereo sound vibrators work in unison with a sound resonance panel. Together with the pretty front panel, this arrangement delivers impressive sound quality from an incredibly tight space. In fact, the folks behind VisualSonic reckon their product is the world’s thinnest wall-mounted speaker.

[tweet_box] You can hang this speaker on your wall and listen to your favorite playlist for six hours straight[/tweet_box]

Furthermore, this wall art offers the equivalent volume of two 10W speakers put together. This kind of power projects soaring trebles, balanced mid tones and earthy bass lines across the room.

Thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology, you can also make multiple VisualSonic speakers work together. As a result, you can fill your walls with art and enjoy an incredible multi-speaker sound experience.

artistic speaker 03

Different Designs

At launch, there will be three different VisualSonic artworks available. After the current Kickstarter campaign, backers will be able to vote for the designs they want to see.

artistic speaker 04

The shortlist includes the vibrant pop art of Irina Levitskaya, and fascinating 3D illustration from Visual Studio. You could alternatively welcome the watercolor toucans of Gribanessa, or study the verdant illustration of Irtsya. In addition, there are three abstract patterns to pick from. Each picture measures 19.6 inches square, with a frame made from lightweight MDF wood board.

“Using Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) codec technology, the patented resonance panel speaker disperses high fidelity stereo audio into the room. It measures just 25mm thick (world’s thinnest wall mount music device), resting seamlessly against your wall…Inside is a powerful rechargeable battery to give you up to 6 hours of non-stop music playback.” — VisualSonic on Kickstarter

artistic speaker 07

What We ❤️

Making your walls sing is pretty cool, and we love the choice of artwork.

Future Designs

The folks behind VisualSonic are already working on making more designs available. Watch this space!


– Kickstarter: Until September 15th

– Pledge: $97 USD

– Delivery: January 2018

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