CaddyDaddy golf gloves are the most durable we’ve ever seen

Traditional golf gloves are made from leather that provides excellent grip, but quickly starts to wear down. In contrast, CaddyDaddy gloves are made to last. They might be the most durable golf gloves ever made.

CaddyDaddy golf gloves are the most durable we’ve ever seen


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  • What is the best new technology in golf? CaddyDaddy is revolutionizing golf gloves with a uniquely durable design. This brand lasts two or three times longer than most.

Aside from clubs, balls and spikes, the most important thing in a golfer’s bag is a good glove. The leather acts as a second skin, protecting the palm of your hand while also providing a better grip. Very few golfers are seen playing without at least one gloved hand nowadays.

Finding the right gloves isn’t always straightforward. When you discover that perfect match, it can be disappointing to see the leather disintegrate in months. CaddyDaddy is a new brand that aims to make golf gloves last longer. Thanks to a special design and synthetic materials, these gloves should outlast other brands by some distance.

What’s so special about synthetic golf gloves?

Leather is a remarkable material. It’s durable, resistant to water, and fairly soft when treated with care. However, leather can only take so much abuse. After a few months of being squeezed against abrasive grips, most leather golfing gloves start to crack, shrivel and stain.

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In contrast, CaddyDaddy Claw gloves will stay looking fresh throughout their considerable lifespan. This is because they are made from silicone and microfiber—two synthetic materials that are pretty tough.

CaddyDaddy golf gloves are the most durable we've ever seen

CaddyDaddy golf gloves will be with you for years

But CaddyDaddy isn’t just about endurance. These golf gloves are more breathable than the traditional competition, and they can be machine washed. They will also make the grips on your clubs last longer.

CaddyDaddy golf gloves are the most durable we've ever seen

The Claw will make your grips last longer, too

Furthermore, the Claw glove could even improve your game. Those silicone palms offer excellent grip in all weathers.

Better design

Aside from materials, the Claw glove has been very skillfully designed.

CaddyDaddy golf gloves are the most durable we've ever seen

The Claw glove offers a great fit

While the palm is made from silicone, the back is made from mesh fabric, which allows good breathability. An adjustable tab ensures you get the perfect fit, and the built-in ball marker is useful on the greens.

CaddyDaddy golf gloves are the most durable we've ever seen

Improve your game with the Claw

The Claw glove comes in six different sizes, and there are no animal products used in the manufacturing process.

“Our company, CaddyDaddy, has been designing and manufacturing various golf accessories and travel bags for over 17 years. We’re a company built by golfers who love developing products the big companies ignore. Our latest invention is a 100% synthetic glove that offers remarkable comfort, amazing durability and an extraordinary grip.” — CaddyDaddy

The most durable glove

CaddyDaddy golf gloves are the most durable we've ever seen

Get a better grip

If you’re looking for a glove that lasts longer, stop right here. The Claw is incredibly durable and effective on the course. You’ll be glad that it is machine washable after the summer season, too.

One hand only

Currently, the CaddyDaddy Claw is available only as a left-hand glove for right-handed golfers. But the company expects to produce right-handed gloves in 2020. Folks who tee off facing in the other direction will need to wait for the next iteration.


These innovative, long-lasting golf gloves are available on the CaddyDaddy website for just $19.99.

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