WooBloo introduces SMASH at CES 2021—a portable 300 lumens smart home projector

Introducing WooBloo SMASH—a convenient way to watch movies from your phone at home. Boasting voice recognition and 300 ANSI lumens of brightness, this smart projector makes a great companion to a social gathering or romantic evening at home. Continue reading to explore more of its features.

WooBloo introduces SMASH at CES 2021—a portable 300 lumens smart home projector
WooBloo introduces SMASH at CES 2021

Watch movies and TV shows indoors and outdoors with WooBloo SMASH—a portable smart projector that has Alexa built-in, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for seamless operation, and a wireless design. Created with a display of 30–120 inches, you can project your favorite movies on a blank wall or fabric screen.

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Best of all, you can use SMASH in a variety of places, including the living room, bedroom, and even outdoors.

Become immersed with an LED display and 300 ANSI lumens of brightness

SMASH is anything but a flimsy gimmick: it features a four-inch LED display that’s powered by DLP technology to deliver bright colors and vibrant contrasts. So not only do you have access to your favorite shows on a large display, but they’re high quality and blur-free. In fact, it boasts 300 ANSI lumens for a bright display—which is around three times brighter than the average mini projector.

If that’s not impressive enough, SMASH comes with an Auto Focus mode that automatically adjusts the focus of an image within a few seconds. Therefore, you won’t have to tolerate pixelated footage. This is great for watching movies, but can also be an excellent addition to presenting work in an office environment.


WooBloo SMASH on a table

Experience surround system for movies and music

Furthermore, WooBloo SMASH‘s visuals are complemented by a 360-degree surround system, passive radiators, and 10W of sound. This produces a rich sound that feels like you’re in the heart of the action. Plus, echo-noise cancelation optimizes the voice and audio quality, so you can become engulfed in movies with no audio distortion. You can even use WooBloo SMASH to play music to accompany a party or for chilling at home listening to your favorite tracks.

The projector’s secondary screen can display song details when you connect it to your smartphone. This can share the album title, song track, and more—providing a backdrop to your parties.


WooBloo SMASH in a living room

Use Amazon Alexa to control the smart projector

Use AirPlay or Chromecast from your iOS or Android phone to play content on the projector. And thanks to Alexa compatibility, it’s easy to operate, too. In fact, this is the world’s first smart projector to come with Alexa built-in. What does this feature offer? You can use voice command to skip a track, play a song, pause the movie, and more. This technology allows you to sit back and relax without searching for the remote to make adjustments. Plus, with far-field voice recognition, you don’t have to be up close to the gadget to say your commands.


WooBloo SMASH with a dad and daughter

Overall, this smart projector boasts an extensive 30-hour battery life for music streaming and three hours for video streaming. Therefore, you can avoid a sudden low battery during a curveball in a movie. When the battery runs low, connect to a 12V power socket for super-fast charging. And after use, keep it on display in your living room as it presents a wallpaper showing the date and time.

Preorder WooBloo SMASH for an introductory price of $399. Is this something you’d love to use with the family? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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