This folding suitcase saves you space with a sustainable design

Looking for a suitcase that cuts down on taking up space but not capacity? You're in luck! Today we look at a new Kickstarter campaign from LITO CASE and explore its new Foldable Suitcase. What's it all about? Read on to learn more!

This folding suitcase saves you space with a sustainable design
LITO CASE Foldable Suitcase has a sustainable design

Chances are, even if you don’t travel much, you have a suitcase. Because it makes traveling much easier. Yet it can also be a point of headaches and irritation. While there are many reasons for those headaches and frustration, the most obvious one that comes to mind is the space they take up while empty. That’s what a new Kickstarter campaign has sought out to solve. Introducing the LITO CASE Foldable Suitcase, which is designed to help travelers save space.

This folding suitcase saves you space with a sustainable design
Folding suitcase includes high-quality YKK zippers

There are 2 different sizes to choose from

Not everyone travels the same way. While some need to take a lot with them, others prefer to pack light. The LITO CASE comes in 2 different sizes so that you can choose which suits you better.

There’s a carry-on version with a 40-liter capacity, which stands at about 21 inches tall and 9.8 inches thick when expanded. When folded, it’s about 5.9 inches thick. The check-in version has a 70-liter capacity that’s 25.2 inches tall and 11 inches expanded (also 5.9 inches compacted).

The folding system is effective and durable

The luggage’s folding suitcase system makes it incredibly easy to save space when not being used. In fact, it can actually save you 2.5-times the storage space. The folding system also features pressure resistance and internal panels. It’s durable and lightweight, with a mix of hard- and soft-shell materials. There’s even a reinforced wheelbase to bump the quality up a notch, not to mention waterproof YKK zippers.

LITO CASE Foldable Suitcase in action

It comes with a 110% Lifetime Warranty

If you’re concerned about putting money into a new suitcase like this one, LITO has you covered. The company has enough faith in its product that it’s offering a 110% lifetime warranty. This includes cracks or breaks in the shell, wheels, handles, zippers, and fabric tears. It’ll even throw in a 10% discount for your next purchase. That’s pretty legit, if you ask us!

It’s airplane- and TSA-friendly for easy travel

Boarding processes at airports can be stressful as it is, so you don’t need any additional headaches. That’s why LITO designed the case to be airplane- and TSA-friendly. There’s a 1-click TSA lock for easier access, and it fits properly within airplane cabin size limitations. Specifically, the carry-on version is 14.6 inches long, 9.3 inches wide, and 21.5 inches tall. It weighs just 7.7 pounds.

This folding suitcase saves you space with a sustainable design
Foldable Suitcase is perfect for simple travel and storage

Is it the perfect minimalist luggage?

If you like keeping things simple, LITO created the perfect luggage for you. It’s got just the right amount of high-quality features you need from a suitcase, with minimalistic simplicity in mind.

Not only is this folding suitcase great for just about anyone who travels, but it’s especially good for those who live in apartments with limited storage space. If you’re on the fence about contributing to this campaign, remember that there’s a great warranty offer as well. So you’ve got nothing to lose by checking it out. Plus, it’s made to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. That’s a win-win.

You can find more information about the LITO CASE Foldable Suitcase on the official Kickstarter campaign page here. You can preorder one with pledges starting at about $299.

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