10 road trip essentials that you need to pack

With the summer in full swing, many of us will soon be embarking on a grand adventure. These road trip essentials should help you make the most of your epic tour.

10 road trip essentials that you need to pack
  • Why should I go on a road trip? In many parts of the world, it’s the best (and most inexpensive) way to see lots of places in a short time frame.
  • How should you prepare for a road trip? Plan out all the places you want to see, and then work out a route.
  • How can I make my road trip more comfortable? Have a look at our car gadgets section for some inspiration.

One of the best ways to whittle down your overgrown bucket list is to embark on a road trip. Instead of seeing just one place, you get to experience multiple destinations, one after the other. Of course, life on the road isn’t always easy. But with these road trip essentials in your car or van, your adventures should be truly epic.

Zendure A8 Portable External Battery

road trip essentials 09

Zendure A8 battery

Keeping all your gadgets charged can be a battle on the road. The Zendure A8 makes things easier, with a capacity of 26,800mAh and QuickCharge 3.0 technology.

(Price: $89.95 USD)

Powerleaf+ Outdoor Solar Panel Charger

road trip essentials 04

Powerleaf+ solar charger

Another option is to capture free, natural power. The Powerleaf+ lets you do that anywhere, with a special ETFE film coating for better efficiency.

(Price: $52 USD)

VAVA Smart Dash Cam

road trip essentials 07

VAVA dash cam

Although dash cams are usually associated with safety, VAVA is actually a great way to capture your travels. This camera takes beautiful 1080p footage at 60fps, with built-in GPS.

(Price: $119.99 USD)

Camperbox Car Travel Kit

road trip essentials 08

Camperbox car kit

If you don’t own a campervan, this clever kit helps you make the most of your car. It provides a flat bed for two people, while leaving space underneath for storage. (Price: $286.82 USD)

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Inflatable Car Travel Mattress

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If you’re only spending a few nights on the road, this inflatable mattress might be enough on its own. It turns the back seat of your car into a comfy crash pad. (Price: $99.99 USD)

iKamper Skycamp 4-Person Car Rooftop Tent

road trip essentials 010

iKamper rooftop tent

So, you’re planning on spending a month touring the wilderness. The Skycamp tent allows four of you to camp in comfort, well above any surface flooding and local wildlife. (Price: $3599 USD)

> Leef iBridge Storage Device for iOS

road trip essentials 06

Leef iBridge storage device

This pocket-sized device lets you offload thousands of photos from your iPhone or iPad. Alternatively, you could use it to bring along some movies or extra music. (Price: $54.50)

goTenna Mesh Off-Grid Communication Device

road trip essentials 05

goTenna Mesh

In some parts of the world, network coverage is pretty poor. This device solves the problem by passing SMS messages along a mesh network of other users.(Price: $179 USD)

Geyser Portable Hot Shower System

road trip essentials 012

Geyser portable shower

At some point on your travels, you’re going to want to freshen up or wash out your dishes. This portable shower provides 20 minutes of continuous hot water, powered by your car. (Price: $195 USD)

CookStove USB Stove by BioLite

road trip essentials 02

BioLite CookStove

This innovative stove is perfect for whipping up a quick meal by the roadside. Using pellets or twigs for fuel, you can get 30 hours of fanned flames on a single charge.

(Price: $79.95 USD)

Your road trip essentials

And with that, it’s time to pack the trunk and get on the open road. We hope these gadgets will enhance your adventures!

We would also love to hear about your road trips. Share your best moments in the comments!

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