10 Smart devices for your friends who are creating a smart home

Give the gift of smarter living this year. Whether it’s a smart doorbell, a clever clock, or a speaker with a smart assistant, smart home devices are more popular than ever and make the perfect gift this season. For the friends who already have it all, go for a smart home hub to make their home even smarter.

10 Smart devices for your friends who are creating a smart home
  • Which futuristic smart home gadgets are a must-see? Given the current pace of change, some new products feel like old hat. But these futuristic smart home gadgets should impress even early adopters.
  • How can Alexa make your life easier? Life with Amazon Alexa is great. By integrating your voice with technology, you have unprecedented control to manage everything around you. Here are the latest Alexa-compatible devices you need at home.
  • Which gadgets will improve your home Wi-Fi? While a wireless internet connection at home is standard, simply having a router doesn’t guarantee you the consistency you need. But, these gadgets pair with your router so you can get a fast, secure, and reliable home Wi-Fi connection.

One of the biggest trends in technology has been the smart home. From smart locks to smart alarm clocks to smart home hubs to control it all, there are infinite ways to take your home to the future.

Of course, not all smart home devices are created equal. Some people like Alexa while other prefer Google Assistant. Some want their devices to work in the background while others like total control. Our list of smart devices has something for everyone and every budget.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

When it comes to smart home automation, the first thing you need to consider is security and there’s no better way to start than with Nest. The Nest Cam IQ incorporates Google Assistant so you can ask the camera virtually anything and get answers instantly. The Nest Cam IQ is also complete with a 1/2.5-inch, 8MP color sensor and has a 12x digital zoom as well as close up tracking.

Price: $299

TP-Link Kasa Cam Smart Outdoor Security Camera

Have a huge backyard? Consider getting an outdoor security camera. The Kasa Cam pairs with an app so you can access up to two days of crystal clear 1080p video for no additional cost. Likewise, the wide-angle video ensures you can easily see everything that is happening just outside your door.

Price: $139.99

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

For those who travel often, a smart lock can be a total game-changer. The Smart Lock Pro eliminates the need for physical keys so you can come and go as you please without lugging around your keys. Likewise, you can grant access to your friends, family, and anyone else from anywhere. Totally advanced for your modern home, the lock comes with the August Connect Bridge. Using Wi-Fi, the entire system is accessible from your iOS or Android device.

Price: $279

Amazon Echo Show 2nd Gen Smart Home Display

Along with home security, the one other device every smart home can’t do without is a smart home display. From giving you details on the weather or the latest news, these displays make it easy for you to get all the information you need in one place. Featuring a large 10.1-inch HD touchscreen, the Echo Show gives you total access to all of your smart home devices with just a touch. Or, if you prefer, you can use your voice.

Price: $229.99

Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation Smart Home Hub

If you think smart home displays are a bit too much for home automation, go for the Echo Plus. With this, you can effortlessly set up and control all of your smart home devices. In addition, the upgraded speaker also delivers improved music streaming audio. And, thanks to the Dolby speakers, a full 360-degree projection of audio fills your room in every direction.

Price: $149.99

Amazon Echo Plus 2nd Generation Smart Home Hub - Holiday gift guide - 10 Smart devices for your friends who are creating a smart home

Get your smart home information + a powerful speaker in one

Philips Hue Go Portable Smart Light

No smart home is complete without a proper lighting system. And, when it comes to smart lighting, Philips Hue is the top choice. This portable smart light is incredibly intelligent. It uses an app to give you total control with access to millions of colors as well as shades of white light. You can also sync the light to your music, movies, and even games to add in another dimension to your entertainment.

Price: $79.99

Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Next up is a smart robotic vacuum cleaner. This one will save you loads of time with your day-to-day cleaning. Working on its own in the background, you can use all your free time to connect even more smart home devices.

Price: $259

Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Holiday gift guide - 10 Smart devices for your friends who are creating a smart home

Save time with your day-to-day home cleaning

Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack

The Hive Heating and Cooling Pack includes the Hive Active Thermostat and Hive Hub for the perfect living temperatures. The Hive Active Thermostat helps you achieve the right temperature at home with its simple to use design. Additionally, adding a Hive Hub enables you to control your thermostat from your smartphone.

Price: $148.99

Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack - Holiday gift guide - 10 Smart devices for your friends who are creating a smart home

Achieve the perfect temperature at home with the simple-to-use design

CUJO Smart Home Firewall Device

A truly smart home relies on a safe and reliable connection. CUJO is a smart home firewall device that protects devices such as your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and smart devices against online threats. CUJO even works with gaming consoles. Complete with a cute face, CUJO offers business-level internet security so hackers don’t stand a chance.

Price: $199

Loop Personal Photo Display

Intelligent functionality doesn’t mean boring exterior. The Loop Personal Photo Display is an easy way to stay connected to the people you love. From sharing photos and videos or doing video calls, this little smart home device can handle it all from a beautiful display.

Price: $249

For those still searching for even more smart home devices, check out our dedicated smart home category.

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