9 Gadgets to make your home Wi-Fi connection even better

While a wireless internet connection at home is standard, simply having a router doesn't guarantee you the consistency you need. But, these gadgets pair with your router so you can get a fast, secure, and reliable home Wi-Fi connection.

9 Gadgets to make your home Wi-Fi connection even better
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Everything we own seems to be connected. While this is helpful in our lives, it wreaks havoc on our internet connection. From gaming consoles to smartphones to smart everything, a router alone can’t handle it all. You need to pair it with the right devices to maintain a strong, stable, and fast connection. Whether it’s an extender or an internet security device, there are countless gadgets on the market that claim to help your home Wi-Fi connection. We’ve narrowed it down to our 9 favorites.

Make your Wi-Fi more secure

Dojo Internet Security Device

Dojo provides a layer between your devices and the network to protect you from any threats or risks to your security and even privacy. Because it’s super smart and sophisticated, Dojo learns your internet patterns to better determine a threat before it’s too late.

Why we love it: This device doesn’t just secure your network but it also looks beautiful as a home gadget. In fact, it’s completely different from the usual router-themed design and has a touch of sophistication making it fit right in with your decor.

CUJO Smart Home Firewall Device

This flawless system creates a personal firewall right at home. When in use, CUJO protects devices such as your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and more against online threats. CUJO even works with gaming consoles. Complete with a cute face, CUJO offers business-level internet security and hackers don’t stand a chance.


Why we love it: Even though it’s powerful, this device doesn’t slow down your Wi-Fi speed at all. Additionally, it also comes with a corresponding app to make it easy for you to easily track data and analyze your internet connection.

Faster and reliable speeds

Plume Self-Optimizing Wi-Fi

By getting to know your family members and their internet habits, this clever device adapts to your needs in real time. It can even predict when everyone will be home and on their devices at the same time and instantly prepares itself to deliver high speeds. Coming in the form of pods and a cloud-based router, you get incredible speeds all over your home.

They provide all-over access wirelessly

Now everyone can have fast internet

Why we love it: The most crucial aspect of having a stable internet connection begins by learning the habits of all its users. This device does exactly that. By learning each day, it’s like having customized internet at home. 

eero WiFi with Alexa Integration

Partnering with the Alexa team at Amazon, this device reimagines how you can control and use Wi-Fi throughout your home using just your voice. If you own an Echo, eero’s custom Alexa skill lets you find your phone (or any other device) based on the eero it’s connected to. You can also pause the internet for dinner or turn off eero’s LED light at bedtime all with a simple voice command.


Why we love it: The Alexa-integration makes the entire process of controlling Wi-Fi access to different devices in and around the house easy and hassle-free.

Getting the best QoS (Quality of Service)

Fingbox Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Device

Entirely controllable with the Fing app, this device gives you total peace of mind. Any abnormalities with your home network are instantly flagged. These include new devices wanting to connect, changes in internet performance, and even unidentified devices. In addition to alerting you, Fingbox lets you to see who’s at home, block devices, and customize your Wi-Fi.

Why we love it: It’s absolutely essential to track your Wi-Fi usage and ensure you’re doing it the right way. This device makes the process super easy with the app. 

Starry Station Ambient Touchscreen Wi-Fi Station

Understanding the reliance we have on a wireless and smooth internet connection, this device allows you to customize your connection for a faster, more enjoyable experience. Using the large touchscreen interface, you can view which devices in your home are connected to your home Wi-Fi network and even choose to disconnect them. While this is great for parents, it also lets you direct a more powerful connection to the devices that need it.


Why we love it: The unique screen is extremely user-friendly. It simplifies the process of accessing the content easily and intuitively control your Wi-Fi. 

Increase the range even more

Orbi Wi-Fi System by Netgear

More than just a router, this system also includes a range extender and unique software to bring all the hardware together. Incredibly, Orbi can provide super-fast Wi-Fi to an area of 4,000 square feet without a single dead spot.

Why we love it: It’s an all-in-one solution in the world of routers for your home Wi-Fi connection.

Keewifi Kisslink – Wi-Fi Range Extender

This easy to use router has a plug and play setup and is ready to be used in just 30 seconds. Simply bring your device close to Kisslink and, using KISS technology, it will automatically connect to your secure Wi-Fi network without requiring a password, Bluetooth, or NFC technology.

Why we love it: This solution is ideal for guests who come to visit, so you don’t have to remember lengthy and confusing passwords.

Xfinity xFi Wireless Wi-Fi Extender Pods

These unique pods solve internet connectivity issues in homes with multiple stories and up to four bedrooms. Combining the xFi pods with Xfinity Internet eliminates dead spots, offering more consistent coverage in your home. Likewise, it creates a mesh Wi-Fi network by working seamlessly with your xFi Gateway.

Unique pods solve internet connectivity issues

Unique pods solve internet connectivity issues

Why we love it: They’re so simple to set up yet they offer exceptional coverage.

Want to explore more useful products for your home? Check out our entire category here.

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