13 Apps and gadgets to improve your digital well-being

For any problem in the world, there seems to be an answer through technology. But, while we’re applying the latest innovation to all our daily tasks, it’s forcing us to interact with technology more than ever before.

13 Apps and gadgets to improve your digital well-being
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  • What is digital well-being? Digital well-being refers to a healthy relationship with technology, meaning you get the most out of your devices without spending too much time using them.
  • Are there glasses to help with blue light? Beyond eyewear, there are also devices that can help you limit your blue light exposure.
  • How can I limit my time on my smartphone? If you’re truly dedicated to the cause, be diligent about your usage. Check the app on your device to track how much you’re using it, actively place your device across the room to manage the urge to pick it up, and tell others about your goals to keep you accountable.

From smartphones to tablets to TVs to smart home hubs to smart alarm clocks — we have more than our fair share of technology in our lives. Even gas stations have screens with engaging content so we don’t get bored while we pump.

It seems that every task of our day can somehow incorporate technology. While this is helpful when we don’t want to vacuum (call in the robots!), too much of a good thing can be bad. In an effort to save us from boredom, all these screens may have an opposite effect. They may be harming our mental health.

These apps and gadgets are all designed to help you improve your digital well-being so you can use technology to its fullest while still feeling your best. While it seems counter-intuitive to use technology in this way, there is a method to the madness and it all has to do with building better habits. Each one helps you get the most out of technology without letting it overrun your life.

Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband

Part of achieving both mental, physical, and digital well-being is tackling great sleeping habits. Helping you do so is the SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband from Philips. Worn around the head as you rest, it pairs with an app for clinically proven results. Thanks to 30 adhesive sensors, it actually helps you achieve deeper sleep so you can wake up feeling your best.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote X All-in-One Controller

If you feel overwhelmed by all the technology around you, limiting your access usually means going without. But with the Sevenhugs Smart Remote X, you can achieve fewer interactions with technology without compromising on control. This single remote can operate all of your smart devices, leaving you to only deal with one.

RESPIO Accurate Biometric Sleep Coach

Wondering what’s keeping you up at night? While RESPIO can’t exactly tell you, this biometric sleep coach will help you tackle the issue. Unassuming and slim, it remains under you while you sleep and tracks your slumber. It’s impressively accurate and provides all the metrics and data in the app so you can review, make adjustments, and finally get some sleep.

Focals by North Custom-Made Smart Glasses

Some of the finest technology is that which we can’t see. Focals are custom-made smart glasses, although they look anything but. They look exceptionally stylish yet they display text and emoji, Google Fit data, Google Slides, screentime, digital health, and more. You can also use the voice-to-text function to avoid picking up your smartphone. We promise we won’t tell your boss you’re wearing them during the next big meeting.

Casper Glow Smart Sleeping Light

While many smart devices are made to keep our attention, the Casper Glow Light is the opposite. It’s a smart sleeping light that slowly dims at night to help your body retain its circadian rhythm. As it dims, your body prepares for rest. Plus, you can use it as a nightlight for late-night bathroom trips. In the morning, it slowly brightens, helping you wake up as naturally as possible.

Kindle Oasis Warm Light E-reader

When you need a break from the blue light, check out the Kindle Oasis. With no blue light in sight, this fantastic e-reader delivers a warm light. As a result, it’s easy on the eyes (literally). If you needed more reasons to use it, it’s also waterproof so you can truly take it anywhere, including the pool or bath.

Spire Health Tag Body & Mind Health Tracker

Worn on your clothing, the Spire Health Tag has one purpose: to track your body and mind. Using all-over metrics like fitness and sleep, it also tracks your stress levels. Using the app, you can review your data to figure out the most stressful parts of your day and mitigate anything that’s causing you to worry.

FOCI Focus Enhancing Wearable

If you’ve ever wondered about your cognitive states throughout the day, we present to you FOCI. It’s a smart wearable that shows you color-coded results about your well-being. Easy to use and understand, you’ll see the Mind Orb in the app change colors if you lose focus. With a visual notification, you’re more likely to get back on track and complete your work.

TouchPoints x BGCA Kids Stress Relief Wearables

It might not seem like it, but kids have plenty of stress, too. The TouchPoints x BGCA Stress Relief Wearable helps them cope. When the wearer is stressed out, it sends super gentle vibrations to the wrist. These calming sensations are capable of reducing 70% of stress in just 30 minutes. Along with this, kids will learn to recognize signs of stress so they can better manage it in the future.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker

With no screen in sight, the Echo Dot is a fantastic addition to any home. Alexa works with just your voice so you can request information, command your smart devices, make calls, and listen to music. Unlike every other device around you, you don’t have to pick it up nor do you have to be blinded by blue light.

Apps to help you feel more centered

Along with the countless gadgets and devices, researchers are putting the latest research and tried and proven methods into apps. Living on our smartphones, we have access to these apps whenever we need, meaning we can always take a moment to relax and reduce our stress.


You’ve probably seen the ads all over social media; the video shows a highly tranquil scene and there’s a timer that slowly ticks away, encouraging you to stop everything and just focus on breathing. Sounds calming, right? It is. Calm is a meditation app that helps you reduce stress throughout the day along with forming better sleeping habits. There are two plans to choose from; it’s either $60 a year or $400 for lifetime access.


Headspace is all about using meditation to start your day (and end it) in a great place. Users follow along with the audio, drifting into a meditative state. It’s best when used daily or at least every other day. A monthly subscription costs $12.99 per month or you can pay for an entire year for $95.


Helping users battle against negative thoughts, Happify uses evidence-based and science-backed approaches to mental health and well-being. By showing users how to form better habits and thoughts, Happify helps you track, log, and understand each and every emotion you have throughout the day.


What types of gadgets and apps do you use for improving your digital well-being? Let us know in the comments!

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