The 20:16 MoonWalker Shoes Don’t Let You Touch the Ground

The 20:16 MoonWalker Shoes Don’t Let You Touch the Ground

Have you ever wanted to explore the universe like an astronaut? Did you ever wonder what zero G feels like? Do you have a burning desire to walk on the moon? Well, now you can with the 20:16 MoonWalker Gravity Defying Shoes.

These urban shoes are specially designed to give the experience of walking on the moon. Using some incredible science and beautiful design, you’ll never want to take the 20:16 MoonWalker shoes off. Strong magnets have been carefully imbedded into the design of the shoes, creating a repelling force that mimics the weightlessness experience you’d get on the moon.

2016 MoonWalker jump

Each shoe in the pair has two layers of super powerful N45 magnets. These magnets have traditionally been used to move cars through the air or even pick up barbells – they’re pretty strong. Larger N45 magnets are strategically placed in areas of the shoe that bear more weight, such as the heel and ball of your foot. Smaller N45 magnets fill the rest of the space in the shoe. Each magnet has a sister magnet placed directly below it in the lower layer. Because the magnets are facing each other with their North poles, they never attract to each other. With each step, the powerful magnets repel against each other, allowing you to remain suspended in the air. This repellent force equates to the weightlessness feeling you’d expect on the moon.

MoonWalker prototype

On the outside, you certainly wouldn’t expect this shoe to be made up of magnets. Encased in a breathable, synthetic fabric, the 20:16 MoonWalker shoes are comfortable and stylish enough to be worn every day. Above the layers of magnets is a layer of durable yet soft memory foam. In addition to feeling like you’re defying gravity, each step is totally cushioned and soft. In true astronaut fashion, the 20:16 MoonWalker shoes feature a gray and white gradient design and no laces to retain its minimalistic style.

MoonWalker lifestyle

Now live on Indiegogo, the 20:16 MoonWalker shoes have raised over $4,500 of their $20k goal. With the funding, the team expect to offer these gravity defying shoes in a range of colors all at an affordable price. They plan to ship the shoes in August 2016. You have until February 1st to secure your own pair for just $89.

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