5 Ways to get valuable feedback for your crowdfunding campaign

Based on the crowdfunding campaigns we've reviewed so far, we can say that nearly one out of three campaigns fail because of several reasons. But, with proper feedback, your crowdfunding campaign can actually get the success it deserves.

5 Ways to get valuable feedback for your crowdfunding campaign
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Becoming a crowdfunding success doesn’t happen overnight although it might seem like it for some. To achieve success, you’ll need to focus on all the details of your campaign well before the launch. When it comes to planning a campaign, feedback is key and it can do wonders for any form of work. But, you need to be able to filter out quality feedback over others. It might sound tedious and difficult because it often is. Rest assured we’ve compiled some great ways to help you get it right.

How to get valuable feedback for your crowdfunding campaign

How to get valuable feedback for your crowdfunding campaign

As a part of the industry ourselves, we can vouch for the fact that having feedback for your campaign can definitely help you plan better. Here are 5 ways to get valuable feedback from reliable sources.


After working with over 6000 crowdfunding campaigns, we launched Crowdinsight to help project creators get genuine feedback for their crowdfunding campaign. Crowdinsight is a community of people who frequently back crowdfunding projects and help by providing honest feedback for projects such as the design of the page, pricing, structure, video, and more. It’s the perfect way to get genuine feedback from those who are well versed in the crowdfunding industry.


If you’re launching your campaign on Kickstarter, Hyperstarter is the tool for you. It allows you to improve your campaign page and find backers as well as influencers based on your niche. All you have to do is enter your Kickstarter URL on the website and get an instant analysis with actionable tips on what to improve. And, if you are willing to get more help with your project, you can also use their services for a more detailed approach.


For those of who enjoy online discussion forums, Quora is a great place to get valuable feedback. In fact, this platform isn’t just for feedback but also a genuine hub for great tips. You can easily browse Quora to find crowdfunding-related threads for more information. If you feel you need to learn more about a specific niche, you can post a question yourself.


Seasoned web users definitely know the power of Reddit threads and how insightful they can be. There are specific sub-Reddits on crowdfunding and even on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Participate in those discussions to receive feedback directly from the internet experts.


Finally, KickstarterForum is a great place for submitting your queries related to your campaign. It has a wide array of articles and discussion threads already listed and you can also submit new queries as and when required. The purpose of this forum is to make crowdfunding as easy to decipher as possible. Taking part can definitely help get the necessary yet highly detailed information you need.

What type of feedback would you want to know before launching a campaign? Share with us in the comments below.

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