6 Social Commerce Apps That Can Help You Make More Sales

6 Social Commerce Apps That Can Help You Make More Sales

Social commerce is not worth neglecting anymore. Those of you who have already started using it for enhancing their product sales are going to agree with me on this. It will be foolish not to consider this side of online sales and lead generation when statistics say that those who read product reviews on social media channels show a higher conversion rate – as much as 133% higher than others. It is also said that about 33% of shoppers have acted on a promotion that have been shared on the brand’s social media page. If you still don’t use your social media channels for ecommerce, then my friend, I think you need to rescale your plan once again.

Here are six useful social commerce apps that are designed to help your sales graph take a rapid rise.


Rewarding your customers for their efforts to spread your brand awareness among others is definitely a great idea. Chirpify helps you by converting social actions into rewards to drive member acquisition, engagement and life time value. From Oreo to Adidas, big brands have already started making the most out of this amazing social media loyalty platform. When are you trying your hands on it?

Best social commerce apps


This is a really cool application for those who are trying to sell through their Facebook store. ShopTab is simple to install and optimized for fast growing mobile buyers. You can easily add your products manually or by using a product feed. Not only this, you can also use free and simple promotion tools to drive more sales.


Contests and sweepstakes are always considered to be a good option for drawing more future customers. But creating a campaign on Facebook isn’t that smooth after all. That’s where Heyo comes in place with a drag-and-drop campaign builder that anyone can use.

Best social commerce apps


Starting an ecommerce business is as easy as posting on Instagram. That’s what the motto behind inSelly is which is a marketplace for Instagram sellers. As said by the company itself, “Our mission is to enable every person to create own personal online shop in just a few minutes and few clicks using only a smartphone and Instagram App. No registration and set-up required. Takes less than a minute to start!”

Best social commerce apps


Word-of-mouth marketing is possibly one of the biggest reasons why social commerce is a successful approach to growing your sales in the first place. ShopSocially only ensures you get to take the advantage of this form of marketing and spread your brand awareness that way. Marketers use the ShopSocially platform to enable referral marketing, customer loyalty, visual commerce, social gamification, social proof and social login on their sites.


13 million shoppers use Shopkick for keeping a check on deals and offers from their favorite brands. You surely can’t ignore that number of people who could be your brand’s influencer in the long run. Once you install the shopBeacon at your store, you can empower your brand to effectively engage customers in-store with aisle-contextual content.

Best social commerce apps

With such efficient apps and platforms out there, selling to a socially active audience will surely be easy and super fun. Have more to add to the list? Reach out to us in the comments below.

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