This gaming app will help you make more friends

Social media connects us with others in ways we never dreamed possible twenty or even ten years ago. Who could have thought that you'd be able to stay in touch with your best friend from elementary school-the, one who moved across the world- and see his photos and videos every day? But this connectivity also brought us data breaches from large companies and toxic social interactions online. It's enough to make you throw your hands up and go off the grid entirely. But you know you can't deny reality.

This gaming app will help you make more friends
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Wouldn’t it be great if technology could help solve its own problems? What if there was an app that could bring people closer together instead of farther apart? The makers of GameTree Gaming Match App, an app dedicated to helping gamers find friends, is just the answer.

Picture moving to a new city for your first job, not knowing anyone. You’re surrounded by so many people all the time, but making friends is hard when you’re alone. How can you quickly find people with similar interests that are also looking to meet someone new? This app can help you find nearby gamers with similar gaming styles and interests in just a few minutes.

How does GameTree work?

First, you’ll need to create a profile on the app and complete personality and gamer-motivation tests. The tests are optional, though, so if the thought of taking a test makes you break out in hives, it’s all good. Your answers will help the app find friend matches based on your personality, gaming motivation, location, personal values, and more. It’s sort of like online dating, but for friends who like to game. When the app has found you a match, you’ll meet your new friend in a chat where you can get to know each other. You’ll be able to read each other’s profile and see why you were matched. It’s a way to make gaming friends in this digital age.

What exactly is a match?

Like a dating app, a GameTree match is a screen where you get friend recommendations based on your interests and gaming style. You can then message matches or choose to pass over them. Filters like age and distance can help you narrow your search. So if you want to host a gaming party, you can invite people who live nearby and are interested in the same games you are.  Or you could try to set up a regular chess night with other interested players. It’s never been so easy to find someone to play your favorite games with.

GameTree helps you make lifelong friends

People enjoy games more when they play with someone they care about. And everyone wants a friend who is going to stick around for a while. GameTree understands this. That’s why the personality test provides psychological matchmaking. It helps you find friends that are the best match for your character, interests, and style. This makes it more likely for you’ll stay friends even once the game has ended. The goal is to find a friend you’d be comfortable meeting with for say, a coffee or beer, not just gaming.

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GameTree helps you build a social reputation

Just like at school, when everyone knew who you were from what you did or said, you’ll build yourself a reputation on GameTree Gaming Match App. Using the app will increase your levels and show others that you are a non-toxic player. When other users know they can trust you for a positive social experience, you’ll gain more friends. It’s an app that can make you popular, the traditional way.

The app adapts to you

People and their preferences change. The games you liked when you were a child are probably not the same ones you’re enthusiastic about today. This gaming matchmaker understands that, and its machine-learning helps pair you with matches on-the-go. So if one of your preferences has changed, you won’t need to update your profile or test answers, though, it does help if you update those preferences from time to time.

This gaming app will help you make more friends GameTree 0

A Board Game Night on Display

Discover games you never knew existed

Other people are wells of information, and that’s the beauty of friendship.  So you’re sure to discover new games you’ve never even heard of on the GameTree Gaming Match App. Users can recommend games across all platforms like video games on a PC, mobile, or console. They can even suggest tabletop games. The company says that if you love playing it, the app will support it. The GameTree app also has a game rating system that can match how well your gaming personality fits with a particular game before you buy it. It also curates game reviews written by authors who share your gaming style. So finding games that you like is practically a given.

Create your own gaming sessions

With this gaming match app, organizing gaming sessions is easy and can unlock rewards. Want to plan a board game get-together over the weekend? The app makes it simple to invite interested gamers, pick a location, and decide on a time. And the more you play, the more points and achievements you’ll earn, which can give you access to hidden features on GameTree. The app also syncs with Facebook, Steam, and others so that you can easily import your friends and games from other platforms.

This gaming app will help you make more friends GameTree

Board Game Session with GameTree

This app has your best interests in mind

Wary of tech corporations and how they use your information? Well, GameTree is a public benefit corporation. So, in addition to making a profit for shareholders, providing a public benefit is one of the company’s chartered goals. It’s their mission to create a product that will make life better for you, the user. GameTree wants to help you discover the best things for you right now.

What we love about this app

A streamlined way to make gaming friends in this digital age? Sign us up, because making new friends is hard work! We love that this app helps users be more social and find friends with similar interests. We also love that the app’s focus isn’t just remote games but tabletop ones as well. This encourages more real-time interaction. Another great feature is the personalized game ratings and reviews from authors with similar interests.

What we would love to see

This app has some solid fans but it would be great to see it develop a larger following. That way, users would have a larger pool of potential matches. Maybe this might mean making the app more attractive to more age groups and gaming interests.

Where can you get the GameTree App?

Ready to meet your new gaming friends? The GameTree Gaming Match App is available for download on Google Play, the App Store and as a web app.

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