How this e-commerce partner agency can help you increase your crowdfunding sales

It's time to kick start your Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. Whether you're short on skills or time, there's an expert e-commerce agency that can help to boost sales, increase online traffic, and much more. Keep reading to unfold the recommended services they offer.

How this e-commerce partner agency can help you increase your crowdfunding sales
Growth Turbine to boost your crowdfunding sales

If you’re launching an unprecedented product, you’re likely utilizing Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns to increase brand awareness and generate qualified leads. But the execution shouldn’t stop there, yet, can’t expect yourself to be a polymath. And, if you are a novice with crowdfunding marketing, you might not be utilizing all of the many approaches on offer to increase your sales. Fortunately, Growth Turbine is an e-commerce partner agency that specializes in crowdfunding campaigns to help you breathe a little easier. Their ethos? To help draw in sales for your online store and achieve your goals.

And, Growth Turbine can authenticate their promise; they’ve worked on 100+ campaigns and raised over $12 million for startups around the globe. These certainly aren’t figures to shrug your shoulders at. So, in today’s article, we’re exploring some of their top marketing strategies and how they can help you succeed. 

Growth Turbine has worked on 100+ campaigns and raised over $12 million for startups around the globe

Growth Turbine has worked on 100+ crowdfunding campaigns and raised over $12 million for startups around the globe

The top services Growth Turbine offers

Aside from a high success rate, one of the best features of this agency is that they offer an abundance of services you can pick and choose from. Below is a handful of our top favorites that focus on increasing brand awareness and showcasing your product to the world.

Business plan and proposal writing

If you’re at the beginning stages of your crowdfunding campaign, i.e., you have an idea that you want to explore with no tangible strategy, this e-commerce agency can offer a helping hand. In a nutshell, they’ll help you turn your idea into an actionable business plan. Growth Turbine boasts to serve unique content that’s specific to your entrepreneurial journey. And they’ll even allow for unlimited revisions until it’s perfect in your eyes.

With a track record of a high success rate mastering business plans, you can’t say no to their offerings. The business plan is specific to your goals, and therefore, written completely from scratch. And it’s the experts behind Growth Turbine that make this service work: two MBA’s, a market researcher, and content writers will work tirelessly researching and collaborating ideas to create a successful business plan.

Growth Turbine services for crowdfunding

Growth Turbine services for crowdfunding

Strategic consulting

With a business plan under your belt, it’s time to create an entire brand and not just a product. So the world that you’re more than just a person with a great product. Growth Turbine aims to help you find the true voice of your brand through various methods, because having a good product isn’t enough. You need to have a brand that people trust and understand, and your messages need to be expressed clearly. The first step is research. This consists of project objectives, market analysis, user research, and workshops to collate.

With a fully-fledged product in mind, it’s time to bring it to life on paper. This includes idea generation, sketching, drafting moodboards, prototyping, and more. It’s a tiresome journey by yourself. For aspiring tycoons, this can be the most exciting (yet intimidating) stage whereas an expert’s guidance will help your brand to flourish.

The strategic journey continues with defining the look and feel, core elements, guidelines, and deliverables of your product. They’ll tarnish any poor ideas and replace them with improvements until you’re satisfied with the results. Only then will the production of touchpoints and the launch begin. The product needs to be viable, and it’s extremely helpful to have experts guide you in the right direction.

Growth Turbine for your crowdfunding campaign

Growth Turbine for your crowdfunding campaign

Social media marketing

Growth Turbine’s social media marketing mantra is to reduce your workload and increase your revenue. Easier said than done. But for social media specialists, they can identify your target customer, and most importantly, lure them into your online store and keep them coming back for more. And creating irresistible marketing strategies leads to inevitable sales.

Their team of graphic designers, content writers, and motion graphics experts will deliver a constant stream of regular content for your social media platforms to keep it fresh and evolving. And followers don’t come from anywhere. Growth Turbine uses advanced targeting to place ads in front of the audience you’re looking for. Regarding crowdfunding campaigns, a large online following means little if they’re not your target audience. Once the followership grows, the community management experts step in. They’ll develop personal relationships with your followers to give your brand a persona that captivates people and keeps them refreshing their feed for more.

All the while, the team will utilize advanced targeting to place ads in front of your target audience. These ads include a combination of creative copy, unique videos, and strategic placements to obtain the best results possible. Most significantly, they’ll continually test and refine the ads for improvements.

Landing page creation

At the very core of your groundbreaking product is a landing page that can make or break your brand’s success. Growth Turbine ultimately follows an online strategy that’s worked for over 100 campaigns so far. First, they’ll check that it’s search-engine friendly, and adjust any mishaps along the way. This is critical to ensuring that your brand shows up on Google for people to notice you time and time again.

Your landing page will be revolutionized to look appealing for scrollers. Otherwise, they’ll dismiss you in a heartbeat. But, not only that, the website will function properly on all browsers across devices to maximize your brand’s exposure. These small details will make a huge impact on sales. And of course, images are key to drawing people in. Though, they won’t look like typical stock images that every other competitor has.

Furthermore, it’s important that your landing page includes integrated form submissions and phone call tracking that connects to your existing marketing app. Therefore, potential buyers can contact you with ease directly from your website. All of this may sound basic, but Growth Turbine works hard behind the scenes with A/B testing to continuously look for new approaches to land you leads.

Growth Turbine review

Growth Turbine review

Professional product photographer

We mentioned earlier about avoiding stock images. Bear in mind that people don’t know anything about your product at this present time, so the message your images portray is important. The right lighting, positioning, and environment can impact how it’s perceived to strangers. And you want your product to be seen in the best light possible. So, send your product to Growth Turbine and they’ll photograph your product—highlighting its key features and using in-house retouching to perfect your product’s visuals before it’s uploading to any online platform.

PR and media relations

As the landing page and social media platforms continue to blossom, Growth Turbine will further expand your reach—something every entrepreneur wants to hear. They’ll write and publish an article about your product’s launch to over 100 authority news websites with guaranteed publishing affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today.

Many of these websites receive over five million visitors per month. And with access to this demographic, you’ll improve your brand’s visibility and gain backlinks to your website. Not to mention gaining newfound trust from your customers. Plus, you’ll also get bragging rights to say that your product was “featured on NBC, FOX, etc.,” with a PDF of all the live links. for proof.

This PR strategy is a requisite for your success. It’ll open doors to more customers and improve your SEO with 100+ trustworthy links being directed to your website. Plus, a typical article will receive over 1000 visits over time; that’s free organic traffic to your website without you doing anything extra.

Copywriting and content strategy

Content is key to driving sales and putting your message out into the online world, but not everyone has a way with words. Fortunately, for those who don’t, the copywriting and content strategy focuses on producing search-optimized content. This includes long-form guides to e-mails to web copy.

SEO is key to reaching a wider audience, and if you’re not knowledgeable in this field, the agency’s copywriters can take the weight off of your shoulders. All of the published content is optimized to drive more traffic to your site—and organically, too. And the more diverse and frequent the content, the better. But let’s face it, you might not have the time (or skills) to deliver brochures, blog posts, white paper, press releases, or anything else content-related.

Furthermore, the dedicated team of writers and editors will use their experience while working to your specifications, so you always have a say in the final draft. And the content will be unique compared to other companies.

Boost your sales the easy way

The key to any crowdfunding campaign is focusing on results and modifying the implementations to aid its success. With an e-commerce agency you can trust to deliver results, there’s no other question to ask than… what are you waiting for? Contact Growth Turbine today, and drop a comment below to share some of your thoughts on their services.

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