7 Instagram apps to use for more meaningful social media engagement

Posting on Instagram can be a challenging task for your product or crowdfunding campaign. But with the right tools and apps, you can boost your Instagram presence with proper feedback and analysis.

7 Instagram apps to use for more meaningful social media engagement
Best Instagram apps
  • How can I enhance my crowdfunding exposure with social media? Instagram is the app where you can build up your brand. Yes, we know that Facebook ads are very important for maximum crowdfunding exposure but, with the recent surge in Instagram traffic, you can’t neglect this platform either.
  • What are the best social media hacks for crowdfunding campaigns? Whether it’s the latest highlights feature from Instagram or the continuous development of the Facebook Ads manager, you need to keep up with the pace of these continuous changes, primarily because social media marketing is one of the top marketing channels for crowdfunding. By knowing and using the latest trends, you can increase engagement (and find backers).
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Around 80% of Instagram users have a Business account. Having said that, it’s clear that if you want your e-commerce store or crowdfunding campaign to stand out among the masses, you need to level up your Instagram game. With one billion monthly active users, this platform is a must for all those of you who are looking to spread the word about your campaign or store. However, keeping up with the content on Instagram is always tricky.

Over the years, the platform has been releasing a lot of updates and new features. This makes it challenging for marketers to keep up with content exposure. Therefore, it’s important for you to look for apps that can not only help you keep up with your consistency but enhance your posts and make them more Instagram-friendly.

But, posting on social media with expertise requires more than just having a presence on the most popular platforms. You need the correct apps to help you make the most of every post, ensuring you get the best reach with minimum effort. Here are seven Instagram apps that can truly enhance your Instagram exposure.

7 Instagram apps to boost your social media game

Instagram apps for online promotion


Available on both iOS and Android, Snapseed is one of the top photo-editing apps to make your images look more Instagram-friendly. From enhancing photos to applying filters, this app is super easy to use and is a perfect tool for beginners.


If you are looking for a tool that can help you achieve great Instagram stories and posts with exclusive designs, Canva is the platform for you. With their web platform and iPad app, they help you create Instagram content with pre-designed templates. We’ve been using them for Gadget Flow promotions and the designs are simply amazing.


Social media is all about how you promote your posts. Successful Instagram promotion will never be complete without hashtags, and that’s where you can put Hashtagify to use. This platform shows you all the trending hashtags as well as trending results based on varying factors so you can better put all 30 to use.


In addition to doing Instagram posts, you also need to keep up with your Instagram Stories. They add a fun element to your overall social media and that’s where you can use Boomerang. This app is already embedded in your Instagram app so you can use it without even adding extra to your existing apps. A Boomerang creates a visually pleasing GIF that loops forward and in reverse.


If you are more into promoting videos on Instagram, InShot is the app for you. From merging clips to trimming the video length to adjusting the speed of your video, this app can do it all. Videos are a great way to promote your campaign, but you have to take into consideration the format and design, including the correct length for social media which is approximately somewhere between 25-30 seconds.


Having discussed a few apps that help you create better posts, let’s now talk about an app that will help you track your traffic results accurately from Instagram. Although Instagram offers its own analytics feature for business profiles, Iconosquare will help you manage your profile with proper scheduling along with offering analytics.


Just like the name suggests, Plann is all about strategizing your Instagram content. This app includes scheduling along with basic image editing features so if you are looking for the ultimate tool for beginners, this is the one.

We’d love to know if you have more suggestions to add to our list. Which app has helped you promote your product better on Instagram? Share with us in the comments below.

Madhurima Nag is the Head of Social Media at Gadget Flow. She side-hustles as a digital marketing lecturer/speaker and loves to voice her opinion on marketing, crowdfunding and gadgets (of course!) in general.
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